Legal Turmoil: Unveiling the Two New Sexual Assault Lawsuits Against Cuba Gooding Jr.

Cuba Gooding Jr. finds himself in legal turmoil once again, as two women have recently filed sexual assault lawsuits against the acclaimed "Freedom" actor. The incidents allegedly occurred in separate instances in New York City in 2018 and 2019, and the lawsuits were filed in the New York Supreme Court under the state’s Adult Survivors Act.

Allegations under the Adult Survivors Act

Cuba Gooding Jr faces new sexual assault lawsuits | Reuters

The Adult Survivors Act, which grants a temporary window for civil claims related to sexual offenses, is the legal avenue through which the plaintiffs have submitted their allegations. This window is set to expire this week, emphasizing the urgency of their legal action.

This is not the first legal challenge for Gooding. In June, he reached a last-minute settlement with a woman who accused him of rape dating back a decade, avoiding a trial.

2018 Lawsuit: LAVO Incident

In the 2018 lawsuit, a woman detailed an incident at LAVO restaurant and nightclub where she worked as a cocktail waitress. Gooding allegedly forced his tongue into her mouth without consent. Last year, Gooding pleaded guilty to a criminal forcible touching charge related to this incident.

The lawsuit filed this week includes a transcript of Gooding’s testimony, where he admitted to kissing the waitress on the lips without her permission.

2019 Lawsuit: Magic Hour Rooftop Bar & Lounge Incident

Magic Hour Rooftop Bar & Lounge Restaurant - New York, NY | OpenTable

In the 2019 filing, Kelsey Harbert claimed that she approached Gooding at Magic Hour Rooftop Bar & Lounge, hoping to meet the actor. She alleged that, after sitting next to Gooding’s girlfriend, the actor reached over and inappropriately touched her thigh and breast.

Harbert promptly filed a police report within a week of the incident. Gooding pleaded guilty once again, and the civil lawsuit includes his confirmation of "nonconsensual physical contact" during the hearing.

Both women are seeking unspecified damages, including compensation for assault and battery, lost wages, emotional, mental, and physical injuries, as well as attorneys’ fees.

A representative for Gooding has not yet responded to The Times’ request for comment on the recent lawsuits.

Gloria Allred’s Statement

Gloria Allred, representing the two plaintiffs, stated, "Our clients were deprived of the justice they sought in the criminal case. They are now seeking justice and accountability in their civil cases. We are proud of their courage and intend to vigorously fight for them until they win the justice that they deserve."

Cuba Gooding Jr. faces two new sexual assault lawsuits, adding to the legal challenges he has encountered in recent years. The plaintiffs, represented by Gloria Allred, are determined to seek justice through civil proceedings, highlighting the significance of the Adult Survivors Act in providing a legal avenue for survivors of sexual offenses.

Exploring Themes in Cuba Gooding Jr.’s Two New Sexual Assault Lawsuits

Cuba Gooding Jr. Sued for Sexual Assault, Battery in Two New Lawsuits

Cuba Gooding Jr., aged 55, is once again at the center of legal scrutiny as he confronts fresh accusations of sexual abuse. Jasmine Abbay and Kelsey Harbert, both of whom previously pursued criminal charges against the actor, have now filed separate lawsuits on Wednesday in the New York Supreme Court. According to court documents obtained by USA TODAY, the lawsuits allege sexual assault and battery. This legal development adds to the ongoing legal challenges faced by Gooding, amplifying concerns surrounding his conduct.

Who Sued Cuba Gooding Jr.?

On November 22, Oscar-winning actor Cuba Gooding Jr. faced legal action from two women who had previously brought sexual assault cases against him. The criminal prosecution, culminating in Gooding pleading guilty but avoiding jail time, forms the backdrop to the lawsuits. These new developments underscore the ongoing legal complexities surrounding the actor’s past behavior.

Who is Cuba Gooding Jr.?

Cuba Gooding Jr., recently in court in October for a prior case, is now grappling with two fresh sexual assault lawsuits under New York’s Adult Survivors Act, set to expire this week. The "Freedom" actor is back in legal scrutiny as two women have filed lawsuits accusing him of groping them in distinct incidents in New York City during 2018 and 2019.

Did Gooding Get Justice for His Alleged Sexual Misconduct?

Lawyers who have been involved in representing Cuba Gooding Jr. in both civil and criminal proceedings related to his alleged sexual misconduct have yet to respond to requests for comments. Gloria Allred, the lawyer representing the plaintiffs, expressed disappointment, stating, “Our clients were deprived of the justice they sought in the criminal case.” The lack of immediate legal response raises questions about the pursuit of justice in the aftermath of the alleged incidents.

Did Harbert and Gooding Plead Guilty?

Following the incident, Kelsey Harbert promptly filed a police report. In a legal turn, Cuba Gooding Jr. also entered a guilty plea. The lawsuit incorporates a statement from his hearing where he acknowledged the encounter as "non-consensual physical contact." For further details, the lawsuit against Gooding provides a comprehensive account of the legal proceedings.

In June 2023, Cuba Gooding Jr. reached a settlement in a sexual assault lawsuit with a woman who accused him of rape a decade prior in a New York City hotel, as indicated by court records. Throughout the legal proceedings, the actor maintained, through his lawyers, that the encounter with the woman was consensual, emphasizing their initial meeting at a nearby restaurant.

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