Legal Battle Unveiled: How Soulja Boy’s Ex-Girlfriend Secured the Seizure of His Cars and Cash

Soulja Boy’s legal troubles take an expensive turn as his ex-girlfriend secures a court order to seize his assets.

In a recent development, court documents have unveiled that a judge has granted the request of Soulja Boy’s ex-girlfriend, Kayla Myers, to seize the rapper’s property, including a substantial amount of cash and luxury vehicles. This significant legal decision comes after an earlier verdict in which Soulja Boy, whose real name is DeAndre Cortez Way, was ordered to pay a staggering $471,800 in damages to Kayla Myers for an assault incident.

What Led to the Seizure Order?

Judge Signs Off on Soulja Boy

The legal saga began when Kayla Myers filed a lawsuit in January 2021, alleging that the famous artist had kidnapped her and threatened her with a firearm at his Malibu residence following a party in February 2019. The court found Soulja Boy liable for the assault, leading to the hefty financial penalty imposed on him.

What Assets Are Subject to Seizure?

The court order, filed recently, authorizes the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department to enter Soulja Boy’s Bell Canyon home and seize his personal assets. These assets include:

  • A yellow Bentley
  • A red Lamborghini
  • A yellow Mercedes-Benz
  • A "diamond-studded" neck chain bearing the rapper’s stage name
  • All other jewelry and chains
  • All cash

The court documents even mention that Soulja Boy is known to possess substantial amounts of cash, typically kept in backpacks. This comprehensive list of seized items underscores the seriousness of the court’s decision.

Additional Allegations and Fallout

It’s worth noting that Kayla Myers is not the only woman who has accused Soulja Boy of assault. In 2021, model Nia Riley revealed that during their years-long relationship, Soulja Boy had allegedly pointed a gun at her when she attempted to leave him and had even kicked her in the stomach while she was pregnant, leading to a miscarriage.

Nia’s father, Teddy Riley, expressed his desire for an apology from Soulja Boy for his actions towards his daughter. He emphasized the need for maturity and non-violence in resolving conflicts, given Soulja Boy’s successful career.

Soulja Boy’s Response

As of now, Soulja Boy has not responded to these recent developments, and his comments on the matter remain elusive.

This legal battle serves as a stark reminder of the consequences individuals may face for their actions. Soulja Boy’s ex-girlfriend’s successful bid to seize his cars and cash underscores the importance of accountability in cases of alleged assault and misconduct.

Stay tuned for further updates as this story unfolds.

Times staff writer Christi Carras and researcher Cary Schneider contributed to this report.

Impact of Assault Allegations on Soulja Boy’s Reputation

“Why Did Soulja Boy’s Ex-Girlfriend Seek to Seize His Assets?”

Soulja Boy’s ex-girlfriend, Kayla Myers, pursued the seizure of his assets to enforce a substantial six-figure judgment awarded in a civil trial. A judge, as reported by Radar Online, authorized law enforcement officers to enter the rapper’s residence in the Los Angeles area. Their objective was to seize his luxury vehicles and a portion of his cash, all on behalf of Myers. This legal action was taken to fulfill the financial obligation resulting from the court’s verdict.

Why does Soulja Boy owe his ex?

Soulja Boy found himself obligated to pay a substantial $472,000 judgment to his ex-girlfriend, Kayla Myers. This legal financial obligation stems from a case dating back to February 2019, in which the rapper faced accusations of assault and kidnapping. Myers alleged that Soulja Boy had physically harmed her with a firearm during the incident, leading to the court’s verdict in her favor.

What is Soulja Boy’s net worth 2023?

Soulja Boy’s net worth for 2023 is an impressive $42 million. This substantial fortune comprises various income streams, including Spotify revenue totaling $850,000, an impressive $100,000 per show from concert income, substantial business profits of $2.8 million, and valuable assets amounting to $29 million.

Who is Soulja Boy ex?

Soulja Boy’s former girlfriend, Kayla Myers, is at the center of a legal dispute with the rapper. Myers has taken action to prevent Soulja Boy from attempting to dismiss a substantial six-figure debt he owes her. This legal matter has garnered attention and is being closely monitored, as reported by RadarOnline.com.

What is Soulja Boy doing now?

Soulja Boy has ventured into the world of acting, as he enthusiastically announced on camera. The "Crank That" singer revealed his upcoming TV show set to premiere on January 21, 2022, in collaboration with Revolt TV and P. Diddy. This new endeavor sees him embracing the role of "Draco" and promises to bring a positive energy boost as he steps into the world of television.

Which rapper has a negative net worth?

Soulja Boy’s

Soulja Boy has been declared to have a negative net worth by the judge, primarily because he did not furnish his financial records to the court. Despite this assessment, the court maintains confidence in the rapper’s ability to generate income to address his outstanding debt.

“What legal grounds allowed Soulja Boy’s ex-girlfriend to seize his assets?”

Soulja Boy’s ex-girlfriend, Kayla Myers, was granted $472,000 in damages in connection with her 2020 assault lawsuit against the rapper. Recently, Myers initiated legal proceedings to seize a portion of Soulja Boy’s assets, aiming to enforce the court-awarded damages resulting from the assault case. This legal action is rooted in the verdict that held Soulja Boy liable for the assault, providing legal grounds for asset seizure.

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