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Laugh Therapy: 12 Must-Follow Instagram Comedy Accounts in 2023

As the winter chill sets in and the allure of glamorous skiing trips and romantic rendezvous flood your Instagram feed, it’s essential to counter the potential onset of Seasonal Affective Disorder and FOMO. What better way to lift your spirits than with a dose of humor from Instagram’s funniest and most inventive accounts?

1. Betches Media – @betches

19 Funny Instagram Accounts to Follow Today

If you haven’t jumped on the Betches bandwagon yet, you’re missing out on some serious Instagram hilarity. The irreverent and witty content from Betches Media is a constant source of laughter, making it a must-follow for anyone in need of a good chuckle.

2. Recess Therapy – @recess_therapy

Recess Therapy on Instagram: "I went to pride to talk to kids about love! Watch the full episode at the link in bio ❤️🧡💛💚💙"

Experience priceless wisdom from the unfiltered minds of little ones who seem to have life all figured out. Recess Therapy delivers a dose of joy and innocence that will leave you smiling and perhaps questioning your adulting choices.

3. Overheard New York – @overheardnewyork

Eavesdrop on random conversations with Overheard New York, a gem for those who find humor in snippets of strangers’ dialogue. Similar accounts like @OverheardLA, @OverheardLondon, and @OverheardSanFrancisco offer a global twist to the laughter-inducing experience.

4. Miserable Men – @miserable_men


For a unique take on internet content, Miserable Men offers a compilation of patient partners enduring the shopping escapades of their significant others. It’s a humorous take on the universal experience of waiting while shopping.

5. Anna Macfarlane – @kidsaretheworst

Anna Macfarlane (@annaistheworst) • Instagram photos and videos

Navigating the chaos of parenting can be challenging, but Anna Macfarlane finds the laughter in the midst of it all. Her account, @kidsaretheworst, reassures parents that it’s okay to laugh and reminisce about being the worst once too.

6. Sabrina Brier – @sabrinabrier

Sabrina Brier on Instagram: "Hey girls"

Step into the shoes of that friend who never seems to prioritize your feelings with Sabrina Brier’s hilarious impersonations. Whether on Instagram or TikTok, Brier’s knack for embodying characters we love to hate is spot-on.

7. DM Drama – @dmdrama

If you’ve ever engaged in online buying and selling, DM Drama will resonate with the odd and amusing messages we receive. These screenshots might not be intentionally funny, but many can’t help but elicit a chuckle.

8. Lola Tash, Nicole Argiris, Nora Tash, and Gina Tash – @mytherapistsays

Escape the influencer culture with My Therapist Says, a collective account catering to every sense of humor. Lola Tash, Nicole Argiris, Nora Tash, and Gina Tash deliver a much-needed comedic relief from the ubiquitous influencer content.

9. Animals Doing Things – @animalsdoingthings

Animals Doing Things (@animalsdoingthings) • Instagram photos and videos

While cats are known for their comedic antics, Animals Doing Things broadens the horizon, proving that hedgehogs, koalas, and raccoons can be just as entertaining. Get ready for a daily dose of adorable animal hilarity.

10. Freddie Smithson – @freddiemade

Fashion and pop-culture aficionados, rejoice! Freddie Smithson’s meme account is a laugh-out-loud destination tailored to your interests. Dive into the world of relatable and humorous memes that bridge the gap between fashion and everyday life.

11. Caroline Goldfarb and Taylor Farish – @officialseanpenn

The Funniest Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following Now | Vogue

Explore the somewhat psychedelic world of awkward celebrity photos with Caroline Goldfarb and Taylor Farish’s account, @officialseanpenn. Despite the name, there’s no affiliation with the Hollywood actor, just a hilarious collection of celebrity awkwardness.

12. Texts From Your EX – @textsfromyourex

Instagram account with messages from exes goes viral for its funny texts that we can ALL relate to | Daily Mail Online

Round off your Instagram comedy tour with Texts From Your EX, an account that compiles the awkward, funny, and sometimes cringe-worthy messages from past relationships. It’s a relatable journey into the world of post-breakup hilarity.

In conclusion, these Instagram accounts promise a laughter-filled escape from the ordinary. Whether you’re into witty commentary, adorable animal antics, or relatable memes, these accounts have got you covered. So, go ahead, hit that follow button, and let the comedy therapy begin!

Remember, in the world of Instagram, laughter is the best medicine, and these accounts are the prescription you didn’t know you needed.

Happy scrolling!

Unveiling the Humor Universe: Key Questions about Must-Follow Instagram Comedy

What are the Funniest Instagram Accounts?

Discovering humor on Instagram is a joyous journey, and a few standout accounts are worth your follow. Here are some gems:

  • Brown Cardigan: Unleashing irreverent and hilarious content.
  • No Chaser: Serving up humor with a direct and unfiltered approach.
  • Dr. Fakenstein: Your prescription for laughter with a touch of satire.
  • Bogan Plates: A unique blend of humor and creativity.

But what about the best meme page on Instagram?

The crown goes to:

Epic Funny Page (Funny):
With a whopping 17.2 million followers, this meme haven is the go-to for a daily dose of laughs.

Embark on a laughter-filled Instagram journey with these accounts – your daily remedy for the blues!

Which Instagram Accounts Make You Laugh a Lot?

From every corner of the globe, these Instagram accounts redefine the art of compact comedy. Mastering the challenge of evoking laughter in mere seconds or a single photo, these accounts consistently deliver the funny. Here’s a laughter-packed lineup:

  1. Fashion Dads – @fashiondads_: Redefining style with a comedic twist.
  2. Brown Cardigan – @browncardigan: Unleashing irreverent humor in small doses.
  3. No Chaser – @nochaser: Direct and unfiltered hilarity at its finest.

Embark on a global laughter journey with these Instagram maestros who prove that big laughs can indeed come from the smallest spaces!

Are Babies Funny on Instagram?

Admit it, babies and toddlers may not fit the conventional definition of "fun," but their antics are undoubtedly hilarious. A testament to this is Anna Macfarlane, who has devoted an entire Instagram page to capture the humor in the world of tiny humans. So, are babies funny on Instagram? Absolutely. For a hearty dose of laughter, delve into the whimsical universe of little ones with Anna Macfarlane’s dedicated page.

Who are the Funniest Plann’rs You Should Follow on Instagram?

Discover the humor-packed side of the planning world with these 8 Plann’rs that deserve a spot in your Instagram feed:

  1. @sharayrayShana Bull: The witty writer, author, and marketing educator who consistently brings laughter with relatable wine memes, hilarious stories, and behind-the-scenes bloopers from her Reels. Shana Bull keeps it real, making her an absolute must-follow for a daily dose of humor.

Embark on a journey of laughter and planning insights with these delightful Plann’rs. Your Instagram feed will thank you!

Who Should I Be Following on Instagram for a Good Laugh?

When it comes to cultivating laughter on Instagram, diversity is the key. Consider following a mix of:

  • Companies, Brands, Celebrities: They often share humorous and entertaining content.
  • Photographers, Artists: Visual humor is a unique delight; seek it from creative minds.
  • Cute Animals: Because who can resist a chuckle at adorable creatures?
  • Hobbyists: Find laughter in the passions and quirks of fellow hobby enthusiasts.

Don’t forget to follow:

  • Friends and Family: Stay connected with those closest to you through shared laughs.
  • People You’ve Met: If they’ve left a positive impression, keep the connection alive with a follow.

In essence, follow those who bring joy to your feed, making every scroll a source of laughter and connection.

Are Instagram Lives a Good Idea in 2023?

In 2023, leveraging Instagram Lives continues to be a smart strategy for content creators. The introduction of scheduled Instagram Lives adds an extra layer, enabling creators to build anticipation and enhance viewership. Memes, once confined to joke accounts, have evolved into a crucial tool for community connection and heightened engagement. Consider integrating Instagram Lives into your content strategy for a dynamic and interactive approach to audience interaction.

Are There Funny Instagram Accounts?

Beyond the comedic prowess of The Fat Jewish and Fuck Jerry, a plethora of uproarious Instagram accounts competes for your attention. In the vast landscape of Instagram humor, these accounts are giving the established giants a run for their money. Here are our top picks for funny Instagram accounts that should be on your follow list—consider this your invitation to a laughter-filled journey. For a continuous stream of the best Instagram finds, don’t forget to hit that subscribe button now.

What are the Most Followed Instagram Accounts?

Delving into the realm of Instagram stardom, we find that the most followed accounts often belong to young artists who rose to fame at an early age. Notable examples include Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, and Selena Gomez. These artists garnered widespread admiration not just for their singing careers but also for the unfolding narrative of their personal lives. As they grew, so did their audience, forming a connection that transcends music and extends into the intricacies of their private worlds.

What is Instagram’s ‘funnymemes’?

Self-proclaimed as "Instagram’s Funniest Video Account," @funnymemes boasts a collection of "funny, crazy, insane, and outrageous videos." The sole unifying factor across this account’s memes is their humor, attracting a diverse audience. If considering collaboration for influencer marketing, keep in mind the broad appeal and comedic variety that @funnymemes brings to its followers.

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