Ketan Anand’s Shock: IFFI’s Surprise Restoration of ‘Haqeeqat’ Leaves Anand Family Upset – Exclusive

The 54th International Film Festival of India (IFFI) is set to kick off in Goa later this month, bringing a splendid array of cinematic gems to the audience. However, a recent revelation regarding the restoration and screening of Chetan Anand’s classic, "Haqeeqat," has left the late filmmaker’s son, Ketan Anand, deeply perturbed.

IFFI 2023 Lineup: A Glimpse of Indian and Restored Cinema

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The IFFI organizers have unveiled a captivating lineup for their 54th edition, featuring 25 handpicked feature films and 20 non-feature films. This cinematic extravaganza is scheduled to run from November 20 to November 28, promising a diverse showcase of Indian talent and storytelling.

Amid the selection, there’s a special treat for film aficionados with the screening of both international and Indian restored films. The restored gems include Vijay Anand’s "Guide" and Chetan Anand’s "Haqeeqat," along with Mrinal Sen’s Marathi masterpiece, "Shyamchi Aai," and Biswajeet starrer "Bees Saal Baad."

Ketan Anand’s Discontent: Haqeeqat Restored Without His Knowledge

Chetan Anand

The revelation that caught everyone’s attention was the restoration of "Haqeeqat" and its premiere at IFFI 2023. However, Chetan Anand’s son, Ketan Anand, expressed his dismay upon learning about this development. He was taken aback that the festival organizers did not deem it necessary to inform the owners of the film.

Ketan Anand stated, "I was surprised to read the news that ‘Haqeeqat’ has been restored without my knowledge and was being screened at IFFI." When asked if he would attend the screening if invited by the Information and Broadcasting Minister, Anurag Thakur, he responded, "Of course, it’s an honor. I would love to have been invited for the event."

IFFI’s Inclusive Approach

While Ketan Anand expresses his concerns, IFFI 2023 continues its commitment to inclusivity. The festival features a special section, "Accessible India-Accessible Films," catering to the visually and hearing impaired. Films like "Shershaah" and "Sirf Ek Banda Kaafi Hai" will have embedded audio descriptions for the visually impaired. For the hearing impaired, Kabir Khan’s "83" and "Bhaag Milkha Bhaag" will incorporate sign language.

The 54th IFFI promises to be a cinematic celebration with its remarkable lineup, but the unexpected restoration and screening of "Haqeeqat" have stirred a wave of emotions, primarily from Chetan Anand’s son, Ketan Anand, who remains upset at the festival organizers’ actions.

Stay tuned for more updates and reactions from the film industry as IFFI 2023 approaches. We’ll keep you informed about the latest developments surrounding this intriguing cinematic event.

IFFI Controversy: Ketan Anand’s Concerns

Why is Ketan Anand upset about ‘Haqeeqat’ screening at IFFI?

Ketan Anand’s disappointment stems from the lack of communication and transparency regarding the restoration and screening of ‘Haqeeqat’ at IFFI. In an exclusive conversation with ETimes, Ketan expressed his surprise at learning that this iconic film had undergone restoration and was slated for a premiere without his knowledge. The absence of prior notification to the film’s owners left him disheartened, emphasizing the need for better communication between the festival organizers and the film’s stakeholders.

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While it’s a common misconception in the West to view Bollywood as a subset of Hollywood or a term for all Indian cinema, this is not the case. In reality, Bollywood stands as a powerhouse in its own right, churning out approximately 1,000 films annually. This output nearly doubles that of Hollywood, highlighting the significant scale and impact of the Indian film industry.

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