Kangana Ranaut’s Political Ambitions: A Divine Path to Lok Sabha Elections

Kangana Ranaut, the renowned Bollywood actress, has been making headlines recently, not just for her silver screen ventures but also for her intriguing statement about a potential entry into the world of Indian politics. The actress hinted at the prospect of contesting Lok Sabha elections in a recent interaction, saying, "Shri Krishna ki kripa rahi to ladenge (If Lord Krishna blesses, I will fight)."

Seeking Solace at Dwarkadhish Temple

If Lord Krishna blesses, I will contest Lok Sabha elections: Actor Kangana Ranaut

In the wake of her films facing box office setbacks, including her latest release, "Tejas," Kangana Ranaut decided to seek inner peace at the iconic Dwarkadhish temple. The temple, dedicated to Lord Krishna, holds profound spiritual significance for the actress. Her visit to the temple was part of a quest for serenity amid the turbulence in her professional life.

A Visionary Film on Indira Gandhi


Kangana Ranaut is currently engrossed in her upcoming project, "Emergency," where she is set to portray the role of India’s first female Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi. Notably, she is not just the lead actor but also the producer and director of this ambitious venture. To finance this project, the actress has taken the extraordinary step of mortgaging all her properties. "Emergency" is slated for release next year, and expectations are high for this biographical film.

Dwarka: A Divine City

During her visit to Dwarkadhish Temple, Kangana Ranaut shared her reverence for the holy city of Dwarka, proclaiming it as a divine place. She expressed her devotion, saying, "Dwarkadhish is present in every particle. I become blessed when we see Him." The actress regularly visits the temple to have the darshan of the Lord, and she holds a deep connection with the city.

A Unique Vision for Dwarka

In addition to her spiritual experience, Kangana Ranaut also had a unique suggestion for the government. She implored the authorities to establish a facility that allows pilgrims to visit the sunken city of Dwarka. The submerged city of Dwarka, known for its mythological significance, can be viewed from above. Kangana Ranaut proposed an underwater viewing facility to allow people to witness the remains of the ancient city. She described Dwarka as a place that is like "heaven" to her.

A Political Aspiration

Amidst her visit to the sacred city and discussions about her upcoming film, Kangana’s unexpected hint at entering politics has raised eyebrows. Her comment, "Shri Krishna ki kripa rahi to ladenge (If Lord Krishna blesses, I will fight)," has sparked speculation about her political aspirations.

In conclusion, Kangana Ranaut’s visit to Dwarkadhish Temple and her contemplation about joining politics reflect the multifaceted persona of this talented actress. While her journey from the silver screen to the political arena remains uncertain, her dedication to her spiritual beliefs and her visionary projects continue to captivate the public’s attention.

Kangana Ranaut hints at joining politics: "If Lord Krishna blesses, I will contest Lok Sabha elections," and this intriguing statement has left us pondering the future possibilities for this Bollywood icon.

Kangana’s Film ‘Emergency’ as a Window to Her Political Aspirations

Will Kangana Ranaut Contest Next Lok Sabha Elections?

Amid growing curiosity about her political aspirations, Kangana Ranaut has dropped a hint regarding her possible entry into electoral politics. When questioned by reporters about her candidacy in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, the Bollywood actor responded, "if Lord Krishna blesses me," she would consider contesting. Kangana Ranaut’s statement alludes to the prospect of her venturing into the political arena by seeking a seat in the next Lok Sabha elections.

Why Did Kangana Ranaut Choose Dwarka?

Kangana Ranaut’s choice of Dwarka as her spiritual retreat is driven by her deep reverence for the city’s divine aura. Dwarka, often referred to as the "divine city," holds a special place in Kangana’s heart. She believes that the presence of Dwarkadhish, Lord Krishna, is palpable in every particle of the city. This connection with the divine inspires Kangana to seek darshan (sight) of the Lord as frequently as possible, considering it a profound blessing. Her visits to Dwarka serve as a source of solace and spiritual rejuvenation, especially during challenging times, such as her recent series of film setbacks.

Does Kangana Have Any Plans to Enter Politics?

While the notion of Kangana Ranaut’s potential entry into politics has sparked intrigue, it’s worth noting that in the same year, she publicly declared that she had no immediate intentions to step into the political arena. Quoted by Mint, Kangana stated, "I don’t have any plans to enter politics. I am busy with the shooting of my upcoming films. I do have an interest in politics but as an artist only." This statement, made by the actress, underscores her commitment to her craft, with politics not being a priority at that time.

Who Are the Contestants of Kangana Ranaut’s Lock UPP?

In a recent development, Kangana Ranaut, the host of the show "Lock Upp" produced by Ekta Kapoor, unveiled the final roster of contestants. The first episode of the show, available on MX Player and AltBalaji, premiered yesterday. Among the notable participants are stars such as Nisha Rawal, Tehseen Poonawalla, Karanvir Bohra, Poonam Pandey, and several others, who are set to engage in the intriguing challenges and dynamics of the show.

Why Is Kangana Ranaut Considering Politics?

In the face of a challenging phase in her film career, marked by a series of box office setbacks, Kangana Ranaut turned to the Dwarkadhish temple in pursuit of inner peace. During her visit, the acclaimed actress not only sought solace but also hinted at a potential interest in entering the realm of Indian politics. With her films facing challenges, Kangana Ranaut’s contemplation about a foray into politics highlights her desire for a new path and a platform for her voice, beyond the silver screen.

Kangana Ranaut’s film ‘Emergency’ holds a significant connection to her contemplation of entering politics. Although the film is not a biopic but a period drama, it is centered around former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. Kangana, in a recent discussion with Times Now Navbharat, emphasized that her project does not favor any particular political party. Nevertheless, the choice to produce and act in a film that delves into a key figure in India’s political history adds depth to Kangana’s political aspirations, as it reflects her keen interest in political subjects and her intent to engage with this domain beyond the realms of cinema.

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