Kangana Ranaut: A Heartfelt Tribute to Indian Air Force – Tejas Special Screening in Delhi

In a heartwarming gesture, Bollywood star Kangana Ranaut organized an exclusive screening of her upcoming film, Tejas, for the esteemed Defence Minister, Rajnath Singh, and a gathering of Indian Air Force officers in Delhi. This event marked a unique tribute to our nation’s defenders and garnered immense appreciation from the attendees.

A Grateful Gesture

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Kangana Ranaut took to Instagram to express her gratitude, stating, "Team Tejas held a special screening for Respected Defence Minister @rajnathsinghbjp ji and many dignitaries from the Indian Air Force at the Indian Airforce auditorium today evening." She shared her awe at witnessing a film dedicated to the defense forces, surrounded by soldiers and the Honourable Defence Minister himself.

An Emotional Moment

What made this occasion truly special was a heartfelt gesture from Chief of Defence Staff General Anil Chauhan PVSM, UYSM, AVSM, SM, VSM. After the screening, he removed his fighter jet-shaped brooch from his jacket and gifted it to the film’s director, Sarvesh Mewara. Kangana Ranaut described this gesture as deeply moving, feeling that their mission had been accomplished.

About the Film Tejas

Tejas, directed by Sarvesh Mewara, portrays the remarkable journey of Tejas Gill, an Air Force pilot. Scheduled to hit the theatres on October 27, the movie aims to inspire and instill pride in every Indian. It showcases the relentless efforts of Indian Air Force pilots who defend our nation, facing numerous challenges with unwavering determination.

Anticipation and Gratitude

Kangana Ranaut and the entire Tejas team are thrilled about bringing this compelling story to the audience. The film’s dedication to our armed forces resonates deeply, capturing the essence of their sacrifices and bravery. As the release date approaches, the anticipation among fans and patriots alike is palpable.


This unique screening, attended by Defence Minister Rajnath Singh and Indian Air Force officers, exemplified Kangana Ranaut’s respect and gratitude for the armed forces. Tejas stands not only as a cinematic endeavor but also as a tribute to the undying spirit and courage of our soldiers. As the nation eagerly awaits the film’s release, the heartfelt connection between the film and its audience, especially the defenders of our skies, remains at the core of this cinematic masterpiece.

Tejas is more than a movie; it is a salute to our heroes in uniform.

Kangana Ranaut expresses heartfelt gratitude to Rajnath Singh and Indian Air Force officers for watching Tejas at a special screening in Delhi.

Tejas Special Screening: Kangana’s Heartfelt Appreciation

Who is Kangana Ranaut?

Kangana Ranaut, the acclaimed Bollywood actress, is not only a versatile performer but also a symbol of empowerment in the Indian film industry. In her upcoming film, Tejas, she embodies the character of a courageous Air Force pilot dedicated to combating terrorism. This role showcases her exceptional acting prowess and dedication to portraying strong, inspiring characters on screen. Recently, she made headlines for meeting the Defence Minister, Rajnath Singh, in New Delhi, a testament to her commitment to acknowledging and honoring the real-life heroes who serve our nation. Through her roles and actions, Kangana Ranaut continues to leave a lasting impact on audiences, both on and off the screen.

Did Kangana Ranaut Meet Defence Minister Rajnath Singh?

Yes, Kangana Ranaut indeed met Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on Saturday, October 21, in New Delhi. Taking to her Instagram handle, the actress shared a glimpse of their meeting through a series of pictures. What made this encounter even more significant was the special screening of her upcoming movie, Tejas, which she organized. This exclusive event was graced not only by Rajnath Singh but also by high-ranking Air Force officials, highlighting the movie’s resonance within the defense community.

How Long Did Kangana Devote to Training?

Reportedly, Kangana dedicated four months to intensive training, immersing herself in mastering the specialized combat techniques employed by the Indian forces for her film. This rigorous preparation underscored her commitment to authenticity in portraying the role. Tejas, produced by RSVP, features a talented ensemble cast, including Anshul Chauhan, Varun Mitra, Ashish Vidyarthi, and Vishak Nair, who contribute significantly to the film’s depth and impact.

Is Kangana Fascinated by Queen Character?

Indeed, Kangana Ranaut has been fascinated by the character of Queen, a fact widely reported by media outlets including India Today. This fascination was archived and acknowledged on March 10, 2014. Kangana’s intrigue with the character underscores her ability to deeply connect with the roles she portrays, showcasing her passion and dedication to her craft.

How Did Kangana Ranaut Express Gratitude to Rajnath Singh and IAF Officers?

In a heartfelt gesture, Kangana Ranaut organized an exclusive screening of her upcoming film Tejas for Defence Minister Rajnath Singh and numerous Indian Air Force Officers in Delhi. Taking to Instagram, she shared a series of pictures from the screening event, expressing her sincere gratitude to the esteemed dignitaries who graced the occasion. This thoughtful act not only showcased her appreciation for their presence but also highlighted the significance of the film to the defense community.

What Is the Significance of Tejas Film for the Indian Armed Forces?

Tejas, a riveting cinematic tale, holds immense significance for the Indian Armed Forces. The film chronicles the journey of a daring and fierce fighter pilot, drawing inspiration from a pivotal moment in the history of the Indian Air Force. In 2016, the Indian Air Force achieved a landmark by inducting women into combat roles, marking a historic event that reflected the nation’s progressive outlook. Tejas pays tribute to this achievement, celebrating the courage and determination of the women who shattered stereotypes and soared into combat, symbolizing the spirit of equality and empowerment within the Indian Armed Forces.

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