Jada Pinkett Smith’s ‘Worthy’ Memoir: Unveiling Intense Revelations That Will Leave You Speechless

In Jada Pinkett Smith’s upcoming memoir ‘Worthy,’ a rollercoaster of emotions and gripping life stories unfold. The memoir, set to be available on October 17, 2023, is a treasure trove of intense revelations that have left readers astounded. Here, we delve into the most noteworthy revelations from her deeply personal journey.

Intense revelations in Jada Pinkett Smith

The "Oscar Slap" Premonition

In a surreal moment, Jada Pinkett Smith reveals her premonition just before her husband, Will Smith, smacked Chris Rock on stage during the 94th Academy Awards. She shares, "It flashed through my mind as Chris Rock’s face came across the screen. … In fact, my stomach clenched." It wasn’t the first time Rock had taken swipes at her, dating back to the #OscarsSoWhite controversy in 2016.

Marriage Fears and a Proposal

Pinkett Smith’s memoir unveils her fear of marriage when Will Smith proposed. She recalls, "All I could do was cry during the proposal." The next day, she bought her own engagement ring to convince herself to commit. Their New Year’s Eve wedding in 1997 was a mix of emotions – happy, sad, triumphant, and uncertain.

Separated Lives

The memoir also reveals that Jada and Will Smith have been living separate lives for seven years, though still legally married. This separation sheds light on the reason behind Will’s violent reaction to Chris Rock’s joke. Pinkett Smith emphasizes, "We had been living separate lives and were there as family, not as husband and wife."

A Special Bond with Tupac

Jada Pinkett Smith shares the story of her "immediate connection" with Tupac Shakur when they met at the Baltimore School of the Arts. Though they realized they lacked romantic chemistry, their bond impacted her life forever.

Escaping an Explosive Relationship

Pinkett Smith opens up about escaping a volatile relationship with a former partner referred to as "Lance." She recalls a harrowing incident where he had an explosive reaction in a car, prompting her to jump out and flee to her safety with the help of a kitchen knife. This incident marks the end of their relationship.

Battling Suicidal Thoughts

The memoir takes a dark turn as Pinkett Smith shares her history of battling suicidal thoughts, starting at age 21 when her Hollywood career was booming. Therapy ultimately saved her life. However, at the age of 40, the thoughts resurfaced due to PTSD and marital unhappiness. Pinkett Smith contemplated staging an accident but found hope in an unexpected place.

Ayahuasca’s Transformative Power

Jada Pinkett Smith’s life took a transformative turn when she was introduced to the hallucinogenic drug ayahuasca. Her son Jaden and his friends played a pivotal role in this introduction. Despite initial doubts, her experience with ayahuasca led to a powerful epiphany, giving her the belief that she is worthy of love and life.


‘Worthy’ is a memoir filled with intense revelations, from premonitions to tumultuous relationships and battles with inner demons. Jada Pinkett Smith’s willingness to open up about her life’s highs and lows offers readers an intimate glimpse into the world of a remarkable woman. As the memoir becomes available on October 17, 2023, readers can expect an even deeper understanding of her journey and the intense revelations that have shaped her life.

Navigating Non-Monogamous Relationships: Jada and Will Smith’s Unique Journey

Why did Jada Pinkett Smith leave Will Smith?

In Jada Pinkett Smith’s memoir, ‘Worthy,’ released on October 17, 2023, the reasons behind her separation from Will Smith are unveiled. She candidly shared, "By the time we got to 2016, we were just exhausted with trying." This revelation underscores the challenges they faced, which ultimately led to their decision to part ways.

What did Will Smith say in his book about Jada?

In his book, Will Smith openly addressed the state of his marriage with Jada, stating, "Our marriage wasn’t working. We could no longer pretend. We were both miserable and clearly something had to change." He further confirmed in an interview with GQ that their marriage transitioned into a non-monogamous arrangement, highlighting, "Jada never believed in conventional marriage."

What are the intense revelations in ‘Worthy’ by Jada Pinkett Smith?

In the memoir ‘Worthy’ by Jada Pinkett Smith, intense revelations emerge. These revelations include the surprising revelation that she and Will Smith had been living separately for seven years. It sheds light on the true nature of their relationship, clarifying that she is no longer his wife, which adds depth to the context of the Oscars incident and Will’s passionate outburst.

Why does Jada Smith wear a turban?

Jada Pinkett Smith’s choice to wear a turban has raised questions, to which she responds, "I’ve been getting a lot of questions about why I’ve been wearing this turban." She explains that it’s a solution to address her struggles with hair loss, saying, "I’ve been having issues with hair loss." She goes on to share her initial fears when hair loss started, describing the emotional moment she discovered handfuls of hair in her hands while in the shower. Her choice to wear a turban is a response to this challenging experience.

Does Jada Pinkett Smith wear hijab?

Jada Pinkett Smith recently posted pictures of herself donning a hijab to mark the first day of Ramadan. The American actress and host of ‘Red Table Talk’ shared two selfies on her Instagram account, showcasing her wearing a light-colored veil resembling a hijab. This gesture was shared with her 10.7 million followers.

Why did Jada hair fall out?

Jada Pinkett Smith experienced hair loss due to an autoimmune condition known as alopecia areata. This condition triggers the immune system to attack hair follicles, resulting in hair loss.

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