Is Palm Desert California a good place to retire to?

Portland, Seattle, and Boise are all charming cities in the Pacific Northwest. Yet, if you’re ready to retire and want to escape the cold, Palm Springs is the greatest option. Palm Springs, California, has a lot to offer retirees. From beautiful weather all year to exciting leisure options! Continue reading if you need further convincing. These are the top seven reasons why you should consider retiring to Palm Springs!

1. The Climate in Palm Springs, CA, is Superb

If getting your daily dose of vitamin D is essential, Palm Springs is perfect for you. Every year, Southern California receives almost 300 days of sunlight! Palm Springs, unlike tropical towns, has dry air due to our position in the Colorado Desert. Dry heat provides several advantages, including speedier healing and decreased arthritic symptoms. It is thus great for retirees!

Palm Springs’ warm, dry days allow for a variety of outdoor activities. You name it: golf, tennis, strolling, riding. In Palm Springs, such interests and activities are more accessible. The greatest benefit for many retirees, though, is never having to pick up a snow shovel. Driving is also considerably safer when there is no ice, snow, or sleet on the roads. In other words, the weather is one of the top reasons to consider retirement in Palm Springs.

consider retiring in palm springs ca

2. Consider a Healthy Retirement in Palm Springs

The ordinary retiree need access to high-quality healthcare. In Palm Springs, you’ll have the Eisenhower Medical Center, one of the best hospitals in the United States. Also, veterans have access to the Loma Linda Hospital System in Palm Desert. There are also great clinics and medical facilities with a wide range of experts. Another incentive to consider retiring in Palm Springs, CA is the world-class healthcare.

3. Recreational Opportunities Abound in Palm Springs

Unlike other communities, Palm Springs has a surprising number of leisure opportunities. Of course, there’s golf, and at some of the top courses in the nation. Joshua Tree National Park and San Jacinto State Park offer stunning desert landscapes. If staying indoors is more your style, thrift shopping, antiquing, and casinos will keep you busy

As previously said, hiking, biking, and walking activities abound in Palm Springs, CA. It’s quite easy to find something that meets your skill and energy level. Tennis is also quite popular, and because of the dry air, it is more enjoyable and less sweaty. And, again, with over 300 sunny days a year, you can enjoy your favorite outdoor activity more often.

consider retiring in palm springs ca

4. Palm Springs is an Affordable California City

California is one of the country’s most costly states. Although Palm Springs does not have a cheap cost of living, it is less expensive than other California communities. Even more, it is less expensive without sacrificing facilities and attractions.

Palm Springs, for example, has a cost of living that is 31% more than the national average at 131/100. Compare that to Los Angeles at 173/100 or San Diego at 160/100, and you immediately see the difference. What about San Francisco? The cost of living is 270/100, which is more than twice that of Palm Springs, California! After all, it’s beginning to seem reasonable now!

Housing expenses are one of the primary reasons why living in Palm Springs is less expensive in comparison. Palm Springs’ median property price is $542,000, which isn’t inexpensive by any measure of the imagination. Yet, the median house price in Los Angeles is $883.000, while in San Diego it is $812.000. San Francisco, as you would expect, is substantially higher at $1,471,000! (Groceries, transportation, and miscellaneous costs are also higher in those cities.)

In fact, one of the most compelling reasons to consider retirement in Palm Springs is its cost. You’ll enjoy the best of the California lifestyle at a fraction of the price! You can also go to both Los Angeles and San Diego in about 2.5 hours!

5. Consider a Golf-Filled, Palm Springs Retirement

Golf has previously been covered, but it merits its own area! One of the best reasons to consider a Palm Springs retirement is if you’re a devoted fan of golf. With the most of the year being dry and pleasant, visiting the links will be a weekly occurrence. The courses here are world-class and among the best in California. The vistas are also spectacular, with both the Indian and Tahquitz Canyons close. As a result, Palm Springs, California is one of the best golf destinations in the United States!

consider retiring in palm springs ca

6. Desert Living is Very Appealing in Palm Springs

It’s something everyone should do if they’ve never lived in the desert. The days are sunny, hot, and dry, while the nights are cool and comfortable. It never snows or rains, and the humidity is refreshingly mild. Natural mineral spas and hot springs are also available near Palm Springs. Additionally, the view is breathtaking wherever you look!

7. Palm Springs is a Thriving Arts and Dining Destination

In a region with so much natural beauty, Palm Springs also has a lot of man-made beauty. Modern art and artists thrive here, and galleries can be found all around the city. The Palm Springs Art Museum, as well as the yearly Palm Springs Fine Art Show, are among the greatest. The beautiful Annenberg Retreat at Sunnlylands is also nearby in Rancho Mirage.

In terms of eating, several of California’s greatest chefs have relocated to Palm Springs, CA! The variety of cuisines available here is astounding, and there are superb restaurants in all price categories. There’s something for everyone, from 4-star restaurants to hamburger eateries and everything in between.

consider retiring in palm springs ca

Consider a Palm Springs, CA Retirement

We think you’ll agree that Palm Springs offers many excellent reasons to retire here. Fantastic weather, reasonable living expenses, and enough to see and do top the list!
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Have a question about self-storage in Palm Springs, California? If so, please come to our local location or contact us online at any time! Until then, we hope you enjoy Palm Springs, California, our desert paradise!

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  • Is Palm Desert a nice place to live?

    Palm Desert is a fantastic neighborhood with several outdoor activities, golf courses, hiking trails, shopping, restaurants, and pubs (for a city its size).

  • What’s it like to live in the Palm Desert?

    Living in Palm Desert offers residents a dense suburban feel and most residents own their homes. There are several restaurants, coffee shops, and parks in Palm Desert. Many retirees live in Palm Desert and residents tend to have moderate political views. Palm Desert’s public schools are well regarded.

  • Where is the best place for retirees in Southern California?

    Palm Springs is often chosen by retirees as a more economical alternative to Los Angeles, resulting in a higher-than-average population of older individuals, making it one of the greatest retirement towns in Southern California.

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