is mumbai dangerous for tourists?

As most say, traveling to India can be an adventure . You’ve probably heard of horrible hygiene, floating dead corpses in Varanasi, or sexual harassment in India. So, is it safe to visit to India?

As a traveler, yes , with the right behavior , India is safe to travel in most tourist cities . This article contains some suggestions for making your travel safer and less stressful.

Is India Safe to Travel Right Now?

Yes, you may go securely to popular tourist destinations like New Delhi, Agra, and Goa. But northern borders or conflict areas like Kashmir and Jammu are currently not recommended due to occasional terrorist attacks.

Regarding COVID-19, India has opened its doors to all visitors, vaccinated or not.To be safe, it is recommended that you be vaccinated before the tour, wear a face mask, and maintain social distance throughout your vacation.

Muggings and kidnappings, Because these incidents are uncommon in tourist regions, you should be absolutely safe if you just visit the attractions. By carefully adhering to general safety rules , you can avoid pickpockets and tourist scammers .

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Is India Safe to Travel for Solo and Women Travelers?

Like any other country on the planet, India shares certain problems for women and solitary travelers. However, simple actions may assist to reduce the risk.

Plan Your Tour Well Before You Go

Uncertainty will increase the risks of being targeted During your journey. Preparation is also important for a successful trip. Less stressful : plan your travels carefully, look for reliable motels, and locate high-quality eateries.

Travel with a Local Guide

Escorted by our guide, our clients are celebrating the Holi happily in India. Our guests are enthusiastically celebrating Holi in India, escorted by our guide.

Booking a guide is another approach to keep yourself secure. Local guides understand how the local society operates, and can therefore be a great help in  avoiding potential troubles . An experienced guide can also offer  deep insights  into local culture, use the tricks of the trade to avoid crowds , and save you the hassle  of asking for directions and having difficulty communicating.

Avoid the Late Hours

Cities in India today enjoy a vibrant nightlife. Evening choices abound, with everything from concept restaurants and themed bars to a lineup of recognized arts events. However, a solo night out in India is with risks .

Besides, try to avoid late-night flights or trains . If your timetable is tight, you should arrange a private shuttle from your hotel or call us for worry-free transportation.

Don’t Go Too Far off the Beaten Path

Namgyal Tsemo Gompa in India Namgyal Tsemo Gompa in India

Exploratory expeditions might potentially put you in danger. In outlying locations, you would hardly find any help due to the language barrier. A phone signal It’s also possible that they’re not available. If you want to discover locations off the main path, go with trustworthy (local) friends or contact us for a bespoke trip.

Use Flights and Private Transfers as Much as Possible

Public bus in India Public bus in India

When travelling around India, booking a flight is the safest and most comfortable way to travel between cities.

You should be cautious while using alternative modes of public transportation. stay alert and protect your valuables. Local buses are not suggested even if you are an experienced traveler. Because there are no English signage or arrival announcements, it will be difficult for you to keep track of where you are.

Keep Yourself Covered Up

Indian women in saree Indian ladies dressed in traditional attire for a visit to the Taj Mahal

Women in India are conservative and are supposed to cover themselves. Wearing revealing attire or shorts might be considered sexual seduction. . Wear protective clothing to avoid any complications. ankle-length skirts and tops covering the shoulders. Wearing Indian clothing helps you to blend in and remain hidden.

Keep Your Distance from Men

The locals are kind and welcoming. Because you are foreigners, you will attract a lot of attention. curiosity .

To avoid misunderstandings or unwanted attention, you should  not be too friendly with men who approach you at tourist attractions or with hotel employees. Instead, start up a conversation with one of the ladies. Even on trains, it is uncommon to witness an Indian lady converse with a stranger unless she is accompanied by her husband.

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Is India Safe to Travel for Families and Kids?

Yes, India is a safe place to spend time with your family. Aside from properly arranging your trip, here are some more advice for you.

Carefully Select Where to Eat

India Kebabs India Kebabs

Food safety is a common issue while traveling in India, particularly for the elderly and youngsters with weaker stomachs, since cleanliness is not always as high as it is in wealthy nations.

You’re suggested to choose well-reviewed restaurants , try to eat hot freshly-cooked food , and drink bottled water with a sealed top Stick to salads and fruits that you have washed or peeled yourself.

Be Cautious about Stray Dogs and Wild Monkeys

Monkeys in India Monkeys in India

Stray dogs and wild monkeys are typical sights in India’s streets, attractions, and temples. Some of them might be aggressive or carry diseases . It is better to keep your kids away from them.

If your children are interested in animals, you may learn more about the greatest spots in India to see tigers.

Pack Some Common Medicine from Home

If you get sick or wounded in India, you may readily seek medical attention. major cities . Common drugs can be found in local pharmacies in the larger metropolises. Carrying some medication from home is also beneficial in dealing with some emergencies .

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The Safety of Popular Cities in India

Most prominent tourist cities, like as Delhi, Agra, Rajasthan, Kerala, Goa, and Mumbai, are quite safe to visit.

Is Delhi Safe to Travel?

Red Fort, Delhi Red Fort

Delhi, like most other densely populated cities throughout the globe, has a high crime rate. But it is safe to travel in most tourist areas .

Delhi, India’s capital, contains numerous key national government agencies, and hence It features tight security checks and a large police presence. You may move freely, but you must adhere to several safety procedures that are now standard in high-risk terrorist locations, such as avoiding leaving valuables unattended.

When visiting crowded train stations or bustling markets To avoid pickpockets, keep your valuables out of sight and out of easy reach in places like Chandni Chowk.

Local traffic is quite chaotic , so please take care when you cross the road.

Although Delhi boasts a busy nightlife that many visitors love, avoid walking around the city in the late hours  as much as possible. Staying in central Delhi and south Delhi is safer and more pleasant, and most visitors choose to stay in these regions. The backpacker areas like Paharganj, however, are not recommended .

Is Mumbai Safe to Travel?

Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus in Mumbai

Mumbai has a reputation for being one of India’s most dangerous cities. Petty crime In this heavily populated metropolis, is more common. However, the majority of Mumbai’s tourism sites are safe for foreign visitors assuming you follow the main safety rules discussed here.

During your stay, you should use care in congested areas and while crossing roadways. For first-timers South Mumbai’s Colaba, Churchgate Fort, and Marine Drive are much safer areas to stay.

Is Kerala Safe to Travel?

Being ‘God’s Own Country’, Kerala is one of the safest places in India. And Cochin is one of the most secure spots to visit in Kerala. The roads are well-kept, and the inhabitants are pleasant and well-educated. If you come, stay at Fort Kochi and  Wellington Island  for the best conditions.

As one of the cleanest states in India, Kerala has better hygiene. However, street food in a wet market and tap water Never give it a shot, particularly for elderly travelers, small children, or anybody with a sensitive stomach.

Is Goa Safe to Travel?

Goa is well-known for its nightlife and beaches. You may travel freely and securely, however it is not recommended that you stay out beyond midnight, particularly if you are a female tourist. Meanwhile, a one-piece or tankini  is better on public beaches due to the local culture.  Bikinis are more suitable on private beaches.

If you’re travelling with young kids, South Goa Because of calmer waves and quieter beaches, it is safer for beach activities.

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