Inside the Courtroom: Robert De Niro’s Former Assistant Reveals ‘He Yelled at Me Two Days Ago’

In the midst of a high-profile civil trial involving renowned actor Robert De Niro, startling revelations emerged as his former assistant, Graham Chase Robinson, took the stand. The trial, encompassing two lawsuits, revolves around allegations of discriminatory behavior and misappropriation of company resources. The courtroom drama unfolded with De Niro vehemently denying the claims, exclaiming, “This is all nonsense!”

A Hostile Work Environment Unveiled

Actor Robert De Niro

Robinson’s testimony shed light on her tumultuous tenure working for De Niro. Addressing her experiences, she recounted a consistent pattern of verbal abuse. When asked how frequently she endured De Niro’s outbursts, Robinson stated, “He yelled at me two days ago,” highlighting the persistent hostility she faced. Such instances, she revealed, were deeply hurtful and demeaning, leaving a lasting impact.

Degrading Comments and Uncomfortable Requests

What is a Hostile Work Environment? | WNT Legal Resources

During her time as De Niro’s assistant and later as Canal’s vice president of finance and production, Robinson found herself subjected to derogatory language. She testified that De Niro had called her a “bitch” on two occasions, an experience she described as profoundly distressing. Moreover, she expressed her discomfort with De Niro’s inappropriate requests, recalling instances where he asked her to scratch his back, leaving her feeling unsettled and offended.

The Trial Unfolds

The trial proceedings took a surreal turn when De Niro openly admitted to making unusual requests, prompting Robinson’s dismay. This revelation further fueled the courtroom narrative, underlining the uncomfortable dynamics between the actor and his former assistant. The trial, marked by these startling testimonies, is expected to continue for another week, delving deeper into the allegations against De Niro.

In the face of this legal battle, the world watches as the truth behind “He Yelled at Me Two Days Ago”: Robert De Niro’s Former Assistant Takes the Stand continues to unfold, casting a spotlight on workplace harassment and the importance of addressing toxic work environments.

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Navigating the Legal Terrain: Insights from Graham Chase Robinson’s Testimony

Who is Robert De Niro Suing?

Robert De Niro, the 80-year-old actor, finds himself embroiled in legal battles at a New York courthouse as of October 31, 2023. His former assistant, Graham Chase Robinson, has filed a lawsuit against him, alleging discrimination and a hostile work environment. Simultaneously, De Niro is counter-suing Robinson, accusing her of charging personal expenses to his company, Canal Productions. This legal clash has brought to light a complex web of accusations and disputes between the actor and his former employee, showcasing the intensity of their legal confrontation.

Did Robert De Niro Ask Chase Robinson to Scratch His Back?

In a New York courtroom, Robert De Niro’s former assistant, Chase Robinson, expressed her profound discomfort when De Niro asked her to scratch his back, saying, “I like it when you do it.” Robinson, 41, who has filed a $12 million gender discrimination lawsuit against De Niro, revealed this unsettling encounter. During her testimony, she even pointed out a back scratcher he could use, highlighting the inappropriateness of his request. This incident adds a troubling layer to the ongoing legal battle, underscoring the contentious nature of their professional relationship.

Did De Niro Call Her If He Was Not Available?

During the trial, it was revealed that Robert De Niro, despite being informed of her unavailability, would consistently call his former assistant, Robinson. She recounted instances when she was dealing with personal emergencies, such as accompanying her mother to the emergency room or attending her grandmother’s funeral. Despite these circumstances, De Niro would persistently reach out to her, illustrating the demanding nature of her role and the challenges she faced in balancing her personal life with her professional obligations.

Did Robert De Niro Steal 5 Million Air Miles?

In a legal dispute, Robert De Niro accused his former assistant of breaching loyalty and fiduciary duty. He filed a lawsuit seeking $6 million, alleging that she stole 5 million air mile points from an account used by his children. De Niro’s claim was based on the expectation that she would take only 1 million or 2 million miles. The accusations of misappropriated air miles have further intensified the ongoing courtroom drama, shedding light on the intricacies of the case.

What Were the Allegations Against Robert De Niro in the Trial?

In the courtroom, the allegations against Robert De Niro unfolded as his former employee accused him of gender discrimination and retaliation. Simultaneously, De Niro’s company accused her of improper spending and abusing her work privileges. This legal clash centers around a complex interplay of claims, revealing a contentious workplace dynamic that has led to a high-stakes legal battle.

How Long Did Robert De Niro’s Former Assistant Work for Him Before the Incident?

Graham Chase Robinson, the former assistant of actor Robert De Niro, testified after the actor accused her of misconduct. Robinson, who had worked with De Niro for 11 years, resigned in 2019 amid accusations of stealing airline miles and misusing her company spending account. Her lengthy tenure with the actor adds context to the allegations, emphasizing the duration of their professional relationship before the incident came to light.

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