Inside Robert De Niro’s Legal Battle: Girlfriend’s ‘Single White Female’ Reference Unveiled

The Drama Unfolds in De Niro’s Ongoing Civil Trial

The ongoing civil trial involving legendary actor Robert De Niro has been anything but ordinary. Filled with colorful one-liners and intriguing revelations, it has captured the attention of many. In a surprising twist, De Niro’s girlfriend, Tiffany Chen, took the stand on Thursday, shedding light on a text she sent to a former employee that described the situation as "very Single White Female."

The "Single White Female" Reference

Robert De Niro

Chen’s reference to "Single White Female" left many curious about its meaning. The 1992 erotic thriller is known for its portrayal of a woman who becomes obsessive, crazy, and dangerous. Chen used these words to describe De Niro’s former assistant, Graham Chase Robinson, who is currently suing him.

In her testimony, Chen elaborated on what she meant by the reference, suggesting that Robinson had an unhealthy fixation on De Niro. Chen even went as far as to say, "I believed she lived her whole life as a fantasy."

The trial, which commenced on Monday and is expected to last two weeks, is rooted in two lawsuits filed against each other by Robinson and De Niro.

In 2019, De Niro accused Robinson of using company resources for personal purposes, including the unauthorized use of over $125,000 in frequent flyer miles and a Netflix account during work hours. In a swift retaliation, Robinson filed her own suit, alleging that De Niro subjected her to sexist remarks and "gratuitous physical contact."

Chen’s Perspective

Tiffany Chen believes that at the heart of this legal battle lies a romantic dispute. She testified that Robinson had an "imaginary intimacy" with De Niro and claimed that she had urged him to sever ties with her. Chen’s opinion on Robinson was straightforward; she described her as "obsessive, psychotic, and dangerous."

Text Messages in Court

The court proceedings have brought to light a series of text messages exchanged between Chen and De Niro, where Chen described Robinson as a "straight-up Nasty B****" and expressed her discomfort with Robinson’s possessiveness over their home.

In response to questions about these messages, Chen did not hesitate to confirm authorship, stating, "Yeah, I wrote it."

The trial’s unfolding drama has kept audiences on the edge of their seats, and the involvement of Robert De Niro’s girlfriend adds a unique dimension to the case.

In summary, Robert De Niro’s ongoing legal battle with his former assistant, Graham Chase Robinson, continues to unravel with unexpected revelations and colorful descriptions. Tiffany Chen’s testimony, including her "Single White Female" reference, offers an intriguing perspective on the case. As the trial proceeds, the drama surrounding the accusations of harassment, gender discrimination, and personal resource misuse keeps the public’s attention.

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Perceptions and Accusations: Tiffany Chen in the De Niro Lawsuit

Does Robert De Niro have gender discrimination?

  • Actor Robert De Niro is currently facing a civil trial over allegations of gender discrimination. These claims were filed by his former assistant, Graham Chase Robinson. The actor vehemently denies these accusations. The trial proceedings, which commenced this week, have sparked significant interest. Please note that access to the full article may require a Forbes account.

Robert De Niro, departing the court on Monday in New York, is at the center of a legal battle that has brought the issue of gender discrimination to the forefront.

Is Robert De Niro suing his former assistant for return of wages?

  • Actor Robert De Niro has taken legal action against his former assistant, seeking the return of wages. This countersuit is a noteworthy development in the ongoing legal battle. The actor’s exclamation, "Shame on you!" adds a dramatic element to the proceedings.

In a 2022 photograph, Robert De Niro, the acclaimed actor, finds himself in a legal dispute over the return of wages from his former assistant, adding intrigue to the case.

Did Robert De Niro shout ‘shame on You’ in a New York courtroom?

  • In a dramatic courtroom moment, actor Robert De Niro directed a fiery exclamation of "Shame on you!" at his former executive assistant and vice-president. This intense outburst occurred during proceedings in a New York courtroom. The assistant is seeking millions of dollars in her legal action, alleging abusive behavior by her former boss.

During a New York courtroom session, Robert De Niro’s impassioned exclamation of "Shame on you!" captivated observers as it was aimed at his former executive assistant, who has filed a lawsuit seeking substantial compensation while accusing her ex-boss of mistreatment.

Why did Robert De Niro Sue Graham Chase Robinson?

  • In a legal move that raised eyebrows, Robert De Niro filed a lawsuit against his former assistant, Graham Chase Robinson, in August 2019. The actor’s primary claims were based on allegations of Robinson binge-watching "Friends" during work hours and appropriating millions of frequent-flyer miles. This unusual preemptive legal action was seen as a strategic step taken by De Niro, possibly anticipating more contentious accusations on the horizon.

In August 2019, Robert De Niro initiated a lawsuit against his former assistant, Graham Chase Robinson. His claims centered on Robinson’s supposed actions of watching "Friends" during work hours and misusing a substantial number of frequent-flyer miles. De Niro’s legal move was unconventional, hinting at a strategic anticipation of potentially unfavorable allegations.

What is the ‘Single White Female’ reference in De Niro’s trial?

  • In the midst of Robert De Niro’s ongoing trial, a notable reference to "Single White Female" emerged. De Niro’s girlfriend, Ms. Chen, used this term to describe the situation. When pressed to elaborate, Ms. Chen clarified that she was alluding to a woman who is "obsessive, crazy, and dangerous." Her testimony also revealed her belief that Ms. Robinson harbored fantasies about being in a romantic relationship with the actor.

Amid the proceedings of Robert De Niro’s trial, an intriguing reference to "Single White Female" surfaced. This reference, used by De Niro’s girlfriend, Ms. Chen, characterizes the situation as one involving a woman who displays traits of obsession, eccentricity, and danger. Ms. Chen’s testimony further unveiled her belief that Ms. Robinson had romantic fantasies involving the actor.

How does Tiffany Chen perceive Graham Chase Robinson in the lawsuit?

  • Robert De Niro’s girlfriend, Tiffany Chen, holds a critical view of the relationship between her partner and his former assistant, Graham Chase Robinson. In the courtroom on October 30, De Niro, 80, provided testimony against Robinson, 41, relating to allegations of him being an abusive boss during her employment from 2008 to 2019.

Tiffany Chen, the girlfriend of Robert De Niro, has expressed a negative perspective on the connection between her partner and his former assistant, Graham Chase Robinson. During the court proceedings on October 30, De Niro, aged 80, gave his testimony regarding accusations of being an abusive employer throughout Robinson’s tenure from 2008 to 2019.

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