Impending Deluge: Hurricane Lee Threatens to Drench Saturated New England

Byline: John Reporter | Published: October 18, 2023

Hurricane Lee is on the move, and New England is bracing for its arrival. As this powerful storm barrels toward the region, the primary concern is the heavy rain it will bring to areas already soaked by a summer of relentless downpours. The potential consequences are a cause for alarm, but let’s break down what we know.

Lee’s Path and Impact

Hurricane Lee will bring heavy rain to already saturated areas of New England : NPR

Lee is currently heading north but is expected to make a northeast turn over the weekend. While it does so, the hurricane’s winds will gradually weaken. The National Hurricane Center (NHC) predicts that Lee will approach the coasts of New England and Atlantic Canada on Friday and Saturday, moving across Atlantic Canada over Saturday night and Sunday.

New England is under close watch as the storm approaches, with various warnings and alerts in effect. Parts of Maine and Canada, from Petit Manan Point, Maine, to the U.S.-Canada border and beyond, are under a hurricane watch. Coastal areas in Massachusetts, such as Westport, Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard, and Cape Cod, are under a tropical storm warning. Additionally, warnings extend to New Brunswick and Nova Scotia in Canada, and even Bermuda.

Immediate Concerns

Residents of Maine are taking preemptive measures as Hurricane Lee nears. Boat owners are placing their vessels in storage earlier than usual to avoid potential damage from the looming tempest. High winds, expected to increase on Friday night and reach gusts of about 45 mph in some areas on Saturday as the hurricane moves inland, could down trees and cause power outages.

One of the most significant concerns is the storm surge. Areas from Flushing, N.Y., to the Canadian border could experience flooding of 1 to 3 feet if the surge coincides with high tide. Long Island Sound, Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket, and Cape Cod are also at risk of 1 to 3 feet of surge. Southeastern Massachusetts, including Cape Cod and Nantucket, may face life-threatening storm surge flooding late Friday and Saturday, according to the hurricane center.

New England’s Saturated Ground

New England has already been pummeled by heavy rainfall this summer. Some areas have seen a staggering 5 to 15 inches more rain than their typical summer averages in the past 90 days. The ground is already saturated, and the arrival of Hurricane Lee only exacerbates the existing problems.

"The last Category 1 hurricane to make landfall in Maine was over half a century ago," NPR’s Tovia Smith reported. While Lee is not expected to maintain Category 1 status, it is unquestionably arriving at an inconvenient time for New Englanders, who are still grappling with the aftermath of flooding and incessant rainfall.

In Conclusion

As Hurricane Lee approaches, the residents of New England are holding their breath. The storm’s path, characterized by weakening winds but the potential for devastating rain and surges, is a significant concern for this region. It’s a reminder of how vulnerable areas can be to natural disasters, particularly when they coincide with pre-existing weather-related issues.

So, the message is clear: New England must prepare for more rain, more flooding, and more challenges. Stay informed, stay safe, and heed the warnings as Hurricane Lee will bring heavy rain to already saturated areas of New England.

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Engaging Insights Worth Exploring

How much rain will Lee’s storm bring to New England?

As Hurricane Lee approaches the U.S. coast, New England is bracing for an influx of heavy rainfall. In the first 24 hours of the storm’s arrival, residents can expect the system to deposit between 1 to 4 inches of rain. This precipitation is predicted to impact parts of eastern New England, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia. The National Hurricane Center (NHC) has issued a warning, emphasizing the potential for localized urban and small stream flooding. New Englanders are urged to prepare for this deluge as Hurricane Lee threatens to exacerbate an already saturated environment.

Keywords: Hurricane Lee, New England, rainfall, NHC, storm impact.

How will Hurricane Lee affect New England & Atlantic Canada?

Impact of Hurricane Lee on New England & Atlantic Canada

Hurricane Lee’s trajectory is set to affect both New England and Atlantic Canada. As it travels northward, the storm is anticipated to shift into a northeast track over the weekend. During this transition, its winds will gradually weaken while it gains speed over the water. According to the National Hurricane Center (NHC), the storm is projected to approach the coasts of New England and Atlantic Canada on Friday and Saturday, then continue its path across Atlantic Canada on Saturday night and into Sunday. This sequence of events underscores the impending impact of Hurricane Lee on these regions.

Keywords: Hurricane Lee, New England, Atlantic Canada, storm impact, NHC, trajectory.

Is Maine prepared for Hurricane Lee?

Maine’s Readiness for Hurricane Lee

The Maine coast is actively preparing for the impending impact of Hurricane Lee. According to the Portland Press Herald, preparations are underway to safeguard the region against the storm’s effects. The National Weather Service Gray/Portland, Maine, has been closely monitoring the situation. This coordinated effort underscores the commitment to ensuring the safety and preparedness of the Maine coast as they brace for the arrival of Hurricane Lee.

Keywords: Maine, Hurricane Lee, preparations, coastal safety, National Weather Service, Portland Press Herald.

How strong is Hurricane Lee?

Strength of Hurricane Lee

Expectations of further strengthening loom on the horizon for Hurricane Lee, with the next 36 to 48 hours holding the potential for increased intensity. Lee is classified as a compact hurricane, with hurricane-force winds radiating outward up to 10 miles (20 km) from the storm’s center. Additionally, tropical-storm-force winds extend up to 35 miles (55 km) from the core. The central pressure, a key indicator of a hurricane’s power, is estimated at 987 millibars (29.15 inches).

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Is Hurricane Lee going to hit Massachusetts?

Hurricane Lee’s Impact on Massachusetts

Hurricane Lee’s trajectory had the storm brushing past Massachusetts during the early hours of Saturday. While the hurricane did not make direct landfall, the region still experienced the significant presence of the storm as it passed by.

Keywords: Hurricane Lee, Massachusetts, storm impact, landfall.

Where in Massachusetts will Hurricane Lee hit?

Areas in Massachusetts Affected by Hurricane Lee

The most significant impact of Hurricane Lee will be concentrated in the Lower and Outer Cape regions, as well as on Nantucket. These areas are expected to experience bands of heavy rain and wind gusts exceeding 50mph during the morning. To the west of this zone, the effects of Lee are anticipated to be less pronounced, with only a few morning showers along the rest of the coastline.

Keywords: Hurricane Lee, Massachusetts impact, Lower Cape, Outer Cape, Nantucket, rainfall, wind gusts.

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