Immortality for Sale: ‘Divinity’ Review Unveils a Sci-Fi Masterpiece

In a mesmerizing blend of science fiction and dystopian aesthetics, "Divinity," the latest cinematic creation by writer-director Eddie Alcazar, envisions a world where immortality is a consumer product. The film takes us on a surreal journey through a hedonistic dystopia, where a man-made elixir called Divinity promises to halt the ravages of time, bestowing god-like status upon its consumers.

A Cinematic Masterpiece


"Divinity" is a visually striking masterpiece, shot in rich black-and-white by cinematographer Danny Hiele. The film pays homage to the classics with its set designs, reminiscent of Fritz Lang’s visionary creations. At its core, the movie revolves around Jaxxon Pierce, portrayed with deranged brilliance by Stephen Dorff. Jaxxon is the avaricious son of the scientist responsible for Divinity, and his character adds depth to the narrative.

Extraterrestrial Intrigue

The plot thickens with the introduction of Moises Arias and Jason Genao, who play two extraterrestrial brothers disguising themselves as humans. Their mission is to punish Jaxxon for defying the natural order of the universe by exploiting Divinity. However, their human experiences lead them into the complex realms of desire and violence. The actors’ performances capture the alienness of their characters with both allure and fear.

The Art of Resourcefulness

Eddie Alcazar masterfully constructs this ambitious world within a few key locations: a grand mansion and the vast, desolate desert landscapes. His resourcefulness in extracting exceptional production value from a limited budget reflects a connection to executive producer Steven Soderbergh. Soderbergh’s name is also linked to Alcazar’s 2018 debut feature, "Perfect," known for its remarkable visuals.

A Tale of Rebellion

Bella Thorne graces the screen, dressed in an outfit that echoes Kylie Minogue’s iconic style from the "Can’t Get You Out of My Head" music video. She leads a group of women on a mission to rescue those who, like them, have chosen to resist the allure of Divinity and the artificial extension of life. Fertility becomes a symbol of authenticity in a world obsessed with extending existence.

Style vs. Substance

"Divinity" may prioritize style over substance, a common trait in films destined for cult followings and midnight showings. Yet, there’s enough substance here to keep audiences engrossed. The film offers a mosaic of themes, including nods to biblical tales of brotherly disputes, the perils of vanity, and the significance of human reproduction. As Jaxxon undergoes a monstrous transformation, his physical changes symbolize the consequences of his transgressions.

In the world of "Divinity," immortality is tantalizingly within reach, but the price is high, and the ethical dilemmas are profound. This thought-provoking film challenges our perceptions of mortality, vanity, and the boundaries of human existence. As you embark on this cinematic journey, expect to be captivated by its bold visuals, immersive storytelling, and philosophical musings.

"Divinity" review: Sci-fi movie posits immortality for sale is a work of art that pushes the boundaries of storytelling, leaving an indelible mark on the viewer’s mind.

Unraveling the Concepts: Thematic Inquiries in ‘Divinity’

Does the Future Look More Purgatorial than Paradisiacal in "Divinity"?

In "Divinity," Eddie Alcazar’s second directorial venture, the future takes on a purgatorial rather than paradisiacal hue. Similar to his debut film, 2018’s "Perfect," "Divinity" is a cryptic sci-fi body horror allegory. While the film’s aesthetics are undoubtedly arresting, they serve as a stark reflection of a society driven by shallow lookism-based values, rather than the intended critique of our ideals. "Divinity" prompts us to question whether our quest for immortality may lead us down a path more akin to purgatory than paradise.

Is ‘Divinity’ a Real Thing?

In the narrative of the film, "Divinity," the character Jaxxon (Dorff) uses incomplete information to create and commercialize a product named "Divinity." This elixir, administered through eye drops from a perfume-like bottle, offers a form of immortality that enhances physical perfection. However, it does not yet address the aging of the mind or the expansion of intellect. It prompts us to wonder if such a concept as "Divinity" could exist in reality, where the pursuit of physical perfection and immortality raises questions about the limits of human achievement.

What Does Divinity Think of Tomorrow?

In "Divinity," tomorrow is envisioned as a nostalgic reverie, harking back to a fantasyland filled with remarkable old-school technology. The film’s throwback aesthetic transports us to a world of analog tapes, cathode-ray television sets, and 1950s laboratory equipment, some of which even evoke the imagery of Mayan temples. "Divinity" offers a unique perspective on the future, one that seamlessly intertwines the past with the world of tomorrow, creating a visually captivating retro-futuristic landscape.

Is ‘Divinity’ a Retrograde Anti-Science Message?

In the realm of "Divinity," there is a subtle inclination towards a more retrograde and anti-science message, particularly for those who take the time to delve into the drug’s ingredients. It’s not a strenuous endeavor to recognize the irony within the narrative. The film promotes fertility while, paradoxically, it appears somewhat barren in its capacity to engage with scientific themes. "Divinity" raises questions about its stance on science, leading us to ponder whether it is advocating a more traditional and anti-science perspective.

What Is the Plot of Divinity and How Does It Explore the Concept of Immortality for Sale?

In a surreal, otherworldly setting, "Divinity" unfolds the story of scientist Sterling Pierce, who devoted his life to the pursuit of immortality, ultimately laying the foundation for a groundbreaking serum, "Divinity." Fast forward to the present, and Sterling’s son, Jaxxon Pierce, has taken the reins, now responsible for both controlling and manufacturing his father’s once-noble dream. The film’s narrative delves into the concept of immortality for sale, as it explores the consequences and ethical dimensions of the serum "Divinity" in a world where eternal life comes at a price.

Who Are the Key Characters in the Movie "Divinity," and How Do They Contribute to the Narrative?

In "Divinity," the narrative introduces two enigmatic brothers, portrayed by Moises Arias and Jason Genao. Their arrival marks a pivotal moment as they hatch a plan to abduct the wealthy mogul, Jaxxon Pierce. A seductive woman named Nikita, brought to life by Karrueche Tran, becomes an integral part of their mission. Together, these characters set the stage for a storyline that hurtles toward the pursuit of true immortality. Each character’s unique qualities and motivations contribute to the film’s captivating narrative, adding depth and intrigue to the exploration of immortality within "Divinity."

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