How WGA’s AI Deal Impacts Hollywood: Challenges Ahead for Actors

Concerns Extend Beyond Writers

WGA has an AI deal. Actors could have a harder time - Los Angeles Times

SAG-AFTRA President Fran Drescher aptly summarized the fears, stating, "We are all going to be in jeopardy of being replaced by machines."

SAG-AFTRA had hoped

Navigating the Concerns of Writers and Actors in the Age of AI

How is AI going to affect actors?

Actors have growing concerns regarding the potential impact of AI on their profession. With the emergence of advanced AI technologies, such as machine learning, which continually improve over time, there is a fear that an actor’s performance in one film could be repurposed to create entirely new characters in different productions or even within the realm of video games. This raises urgent questions about the need for actors to assert control over how AI manipulates their image, as they grapple with the evolving landscape of entertainment.

What’s in the WGA deal?

What does the WGA deal entail? The initial WGA request for a minimum of six writers per show underwent negotiation, resulting in the following terms as outlined in the agreement summary:

  • For six-episode series, three writers will be assigned.
  • For shows spanning seven to 12 episodes, five writers will be designated.
  • Productions with 13 or more episodes will have six writers, with certain exceptions.

These terms define the writer-to-show ratios agreed upon by studios and streamers, marking a pivotal aspect of the deal.

Will AI replace actors in movies?

Will AI completely replace actors in movies? Unlikely. Instead, AI is increasingly utilized to enhance the work of actors and actresses. For instance, AI technology is employed to craft lifelike digital replicas of actors, serving purposes like executing stunts or filling in for scenes when the actor is unavailable.

Why are actors so worried about AI?

Why do actors express anxiety regarding AI? A cinema scholar provides insights. The advent of generative AI is transforming the entertainment industry, sparking worries among both writers and actors. Their concerns revolve around the issues of creative authority and potential income reduction, exemplified by recent strikes from the Writers Guild of America and the Screen Actors Guild.

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