How to find out if a show is sold out before buying tickets?

Tips for purchasing tickets to the most popular Broadway musicals.

Say you just HAVE to watch a given performance, on a certain day. The box office is completely sold out. What are you going to do?

Because various concerts utilize different ticketing platforms (such as Ticketmaster, Telecharge, OvationTix, and so on), the answer is dependent on the exact show. Here are our top recommendations for navigating the chaos!First, we’ve put up special guidelines for the two most popular sold-out shows:If you’re looking for other shows:

1.  Enter the digital lottery. You may win, but if you do, you must visit the show that day. As a result, for the vast majority of individuals, this is not a viable alternative. [Details about the digital lottery]

2. Check StubHub StubHub operates similarly to eBay (which owns StubHub) in that vendors post their tickets, and you may purchase them using the internet platform. The trick is to ensure that the tickets are not counterfeit and that you get them on time.StubHub has extremely great customer service and consumer safeguards in place, which contributes to its market leadership. Furthermore, StubHub is often less expensive than Ticketmaster resale, since Ticketmaster resale restricts how low the price may go compared to the face value of the ticket.

3. On, seek for “Verified Resale Tickets” if the event is a Ticketmaster event. The term “resale” indicates that someone else purchased these tickets and is now reselling them. “Verified” signifies that Ticketmaster certifies the authenticity of the ticket. This is an important point to make since there are SO MANY SCAMS with Broadway tickets. Purchasing “resale” tickets straight from Ticketmaster is your best chance.

4.  Call a ticket broker. Many localities have local ticket brokers, and if none are available, there are plenty of possibilities online. The benefit of phoning them is that they do the legwork for you, usually by scanning the sites indicated above. In other words, it is very unlikely that a ticket broker will have access to tickets that are not published on the big resale sites. Of course, you’ll pay a substantial service fee for the convenience of having someone do the finding for you.

The bottom line is that tickets for sold-out performances are rather simple to get, providing you are willing to pay a premium for the opportunity of seeing something genuinely spectacular!

Do you have any additional suggestions for getting tickets to sold-out shows? Did we make a mistake? Please assist your other theatergoers by leaving a remark below. We’ll update the article and give you credit!


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