Hollywood’s Comeback: Unlocking the Timeline Post WGA Deal

Hollywood has been grappling with a strike by the Writers Guild of America (WGA) that has persisted for nearly five months. This strike, initiated on May 2, arose from the writers’ concerns about their livelihoods in the face of industry changes, particularly in streaming and the use of artificial intelligence. While a tentative deal between the WGA and major Hollywood studios has been reached, it doesn’t mean an immediate return to normalcy for the entertainment industry. Here are the key takeaways regarding what comes next.

1. What Does the WGA-AMPTP Deal Entail?

With WGA deal, when will Hollywood finally get back to work? - Los Angeles Times

The WGA-AMPTP deal represents an agreement on a new three-year film and TV contract, addressing several vital demands made by screenwriters. These demands include improved compensation for streaming content and provisions regarding artificial intelligence usage and other protective measures. However, it’s crucial to understand that this agreement is presently a proposal. For it to come into effect, a majority vote from the guild’s 11,500 film and television writer members is required. Given the strong support from WGA leaders and the previous overwhelming authorization vote to initiate the strike, ratification is expected.

2. What’s the Immediate Next Step?

WGA Strike Ends And Writers React – Deadline

In a message to members, guild leaders stated that the WGA staff will meticulously review the contract to ensure all details are in order before sending the comprehensive proposal to members. Subsequently, the union’s negotiating committee will vote on whether to recommend the contract, passing it along to the WGA West board and the council for the WGA East for approval. These critical votes are anticipated to occur on Tuesday.

3. How Soon Can Writers Resume Work?

While the ratification vote is pending, WGA members can return to work once they receive authorization from the guild. The strike, however, remains in effect until the guild gives the green light for writers to pick up their pens again. It’s important to note that picketing will be suspended during this interim period.

4. When Can We Expect Hollywood Production to Resume?

New York Film Commissioner Calls August “Safe Bet” For Production Restart – Deadline

The resumption of scripted productions won’t be immediate, primarily because they also rely on actors, who’ve been on strike since July 14. Furthermore, several TV series have already faced cancellations, and film shoots have been pushed back into 2024. Just as the industry experienced after COVID-19 lockdowns, the process of ramping up production takes time and can’t be achieved with a simple flip of the switch.

5. Will This Tentative Deal Impact the Actors’ Strike?

The tentative WGA deal, while significant for writers, doesn’t directly affect the ongoing actors’ strike. These are separate labor actions with distinct demands and negotiations. The actors’ strike will continue until a resolution is reached on their specific concerns.
In summary, while the tentative deal between the WGA and major Hollywood studios is a promising development, it’s not the immediate solution to getting Hollywood back to work. Several steps, including member ratification, approval from WGA West and WGA East, and the resolution of the actors’ strike, are essential before we can expect a return to pre-strike production levels. Hollywood’s road to recovery is still unfolding.
Keep an eye on further updates as the entertainment industry navigates these critical negotiations. The question remains: "With WGA deal, when will Hollywood finally get back to work?" — an answer that depends on several moving parts in the coming weeks.

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Can WGA members return to work after ratification?

WGA members have the opportunity to resume work before the ratification vote, but they must await the guild’s authorization. While the strike remains in effect, picketing will be temporarily suspended. For more details, read: WGA and the studios reach tentative deal to end writers’ strike.

Is WGA & AMPTP a deal?

Breaking News: The Writers Guild (WGA) and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) have reached a tentative agreement to put an end to the writers’ strike, which has persisted for nearly five months. Read more about the deal here.

Will WGA end 146-day writers strike?

Breaking News: Hollywood’s long-awaited relief as the Writers Guild of America (WGA) and major studios, along with streamers, have achieved a historic contract agreement. This breakthrough promises to put an end to the grueling 146-day writers’ strike that has deeply impacted the entire content industry.

Is the WGA ready to make a fair deal?

"Our committee is fully prepared to negotiate a fair deal, with the unwavering support of the unified WGA membership and the ongoing backing of our union allies." (Disclosure: The Verge’s editorial staff is also unionized with the Writers Guild of America, East.) The WGA and AMPTP have resumed labor contract discussions.

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