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Fashion Unveiled: Davide Renne Takes the Helm as Creative Director at Moschino

Davide Renne, the esteemed Tuscan-born designer, has been appointed as the new Creative Director at Moschino. His tenure is set to commence on 1 November, according to a statement issued by Moschino’s parent group, Aeffe. This appointment follows the departure of Jeremy Scott, who served as the brand’s creative captain for a decade, leaving the role in March this year.

The New Creative Visionary

Moschino names Davide Renne as new creative director

With this new role, Davide Renne steps into the shoes of a fashion icon, becoming the fourth lead designer in Moschino’s illustrious history, following in the footsteps of Jeremy Scott, Rossella Jardini, and the brand’s founder, Franco Moschino. Massimo Ferretti, Aeffe’s executive chairman, expressed confidence in Renne’s abilities, stating, "We are confident that he will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of Moschino, a global house with an Italian heart."

Renne’s Fashion Journey

Davide Renne’s journey to Moschino’s creative helm is marked by a remarkable career in the fashion industry. Renne previously held the position of Head of Womenswear Design at Gucci, where he worked for almost two decades. During his tenure at the renowned Italian fashion house, he witnessed the transformative eras of both Alessandro Michele and Frida Giannini. Renne attributes his growth as a designer to Michele, saying, "He taught me to dream bigger and pushed me further ahead." Before joining Gucci, Renne worked alongside Alessandro Dell’Acqua, whom he fondly describes as his "first teacher and mentor in fashion." His educational background includes graduating from the Polimoda fashion school in Florence.

A Glimpse into Moschino’s Legacy

Moschino, founded by Franco Moschino in 1983 at the encouragement of his then-boss Gianni Versace, has long been a symbol of irreverence and subversion in the world of fashion. Aeffe, established by Massimo and Alberta Ferretti in 1980, has been producing Moschino collections from the outset. Franco Moschino, known for his disregard for conventional fashion, left a legacy of unconventional and thought-provoking design codes. His influence on the brand’s DNA is evident even today.

Moschino’s 40th-anniversary celebration during this September’s Milan Fashion Week featured four stylist-designed capsules, marking a significant milestone in the brand’s history.

The appointment of Davide Renne as Creative Director at Moschino signifies an exciting new chapter for the iconic Italian fashion house. With his extensive experience and a background that includes Gucci and the mentorship of industry luminaries, Renne is poised to continue Moschino’s legacy of breaking boundaries and challenging traditional fashion norms.

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Noteworthy Moments in the History of Moschino and its Creative Directors

Davide Renne Enters Moschino as Creative Director | Hypebeast

Davide Renne’s Arrival at Moschino | A New Era in Fashion

Tuscan-born designer Davide Renne is set to make his official debut as the Creative Director of Moschino in November 2023. This significant transition follows the conclusion of Jeremy Scott’s decade-long tenure at the helm of the renowned Italian fashion house. In the absence of a creative captain, Moschino’s in-house team recently marked the brand’s 40th anniversary with a captivating fashion spectacle during Milan Fashion Week in September. As Renne takes the reins, the fashion world anticipates a fresh wave of creativity and innovation that will redefine Moschino’s future.

Who is Moschino’s new creative director Davide Renne?

Meet Davide Renne: Moschino’s New Creative Director

October 16, Milan – In an exciting development, Italian fashion powerhouse Aeffe (AEF.MI) has announced that Davide Renne, former head designer of womenswear at Gucci, will assume the role of Creative Director at its iconic brand, Moschino, starting November 1. Renne steps into the shoes of Jeremy Scott, who led Moschino’s creative vision for a remarkable decade. This appointment marks a pivotal moment in Moschino’s journey, as Renne’s vision is set to shape the brand’s future.

Who is Davide Renne?

Meet Davide Renne: The Creative Mind Behind Moschino’s Future

In an exciting announcement on Monday, the renowned Italian fashion conglomerate Aeffe introduced Davide Renne as the incoming Creative Director for its Moschino brand. A former head designer of womenswear at Gucci, Renne’s appointment brings a breath of fresh air to the fashion world. His creative journey will officially commence on November 1, setting the stage for a new chapter in Moschino’s history.

Who is Franco Moschino?

Franco Moschino: The Visionary Behind MOSCHINO’s Legacy

Since its inception in 1983, the brand established by Franco Moschino has captivated daring fashion enthusiasts. Today, MOSCHINO continues to intrigue the fashion world with its bold and unapologetic statements. Following the passing of the talented designer and founder in 1994, the role of lead designer was first assumed by Rosella Jardini. Then, in 2003, Jeremy Scott took the reins, carrying on Franco Moschino’s legacy of unorthodox and thought-provoking fashion.

Who drew inspiration for Moschino?

Franco Moschino: The Magical Muse Behind Moschino’s Inception

In an interview, Franco Moschino shared his profound affection for fairies, which served as the wellspring of inspiration for Moschino’s debut collection. The veteran designer, in the midst of fashion shows, humorously remarked, "I have to rush to Milan for the fashion show, and I don’t even speak Italian, but I speak Moschino." Franco Moschino’s whimsical love for fairies and his distinctive sense of style left an indelible mark on the brand’s identity.

Who was the creative director of Moschino before Jeremy Scott?

Rossella Jardini

Rossella Jardini: The Creative Force Preceding Jeremy Scott at Moschino

Rossella Jardini, who held the role from 1994 to 2013, was the Creative Director of Moschino before Jeremy Scott. During Jardini’s tenure, Moschino crafted distinctive outfits and accessories for global music icons like Madonna and Lady Gaga, contributing to their world tours. Additionally, the brand had the honor of designing the opening ceremony attire for the 2006 Winter Olympics, showcasing Jardini’s creative prowess during her leadership.

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