Fascinating Places to Explore near Bangalore within 200 kms

Being the high- tech city of the country, Bangalore is also known for hosting chunks of tourists every year. To be particular, the nightlife in various places located near Bangalore is the best ever thing you will ask for. There are a number of Royal residences that depict the glory of India’s past in a beautiful manner. Tourist places near Bangalore within 200 kms are a matter of discussion, for sure. The reason for this discussion is the splendour ambience in their atmosphere.

Let’s have a look at the places to visit near Bangalore within 200 km and find out what special these places hold in them!!

1. Bidadi


Cycle around Bidadi’s gorgeous greenery near Bangalore. Bidadi offers travelers a pleasant weekend escape. The location is small, but the atmosphere is perfect after a long week. On a Saturday morning, bring your family to this place for fresh air.

  • Distance from Bangalore – 40 km

2. Ramanagaram


This place near Bangalore is thronged by almost every visitor, owing to its unique structure. This place is very famous for its silk and invites a number of thrilling rock climbers. The tall granite hills on all its sides are known as the ‘Sholay Hills’, and is also a place for conserving the flora and fauna in the form of wildlife sanctuaries.

  • Distance from Bangalore – 50 km

3. Kanakpura

undefined Kanakpura

Kanakpura, a popular tourist destination in Bangalore, offers a quiet getaway. It offers hiking, history, wildlife, and more. Foreign visitors flock here to purchase silk garments. Majestic green forests surround this site.

  • Distance from Bangalore – 55 km

4. Nandi Hills

Nandi Hills near Bangalore Nandi Hills near Bangalore

The most highly rated place to visit near Bangalore is the Nandi Hill. This place is basically a hill fort at an elevation of 1479 metre above sea level. The mesmeric sunrise and sunset allures number of patrons to visit this place. The attractions at this place include Tipu Sultan’s Palace, Nehru House and the Amrita Sarovar.

  • Distance from Bangalore – 60 km

5. Anthargange

Anthargange Anthargange

Anthargange, a granite-stoned hilltop near Bangalore, is a popular tourist destination. The temple here attracts tourists. Rappelling and rock climbing are excellent here.

  • Distance from Bangalore – 60 km

6. Mekedatu Falls

Mekedatu Falls Mekedatu Falls

If you want to witness the scenic beauty of nature at its best, visit the famous Mekedatu Falls. The name is meant ‘Goat Leap’ and the falls are formed when the Kaveri and Arkavati rivers join together. This is not a far place from Bangalore and one can enjoy the majestic waterfalls on almost all the weekends with the family.

  • Distance from Bangalore – 93 km

7. Savandurga Hills

undefined Savandurga Hills

Savandurga, Asia’s largest rock formation, with a stunning temple in its foothills. The lake enhances this location. Trekking, camping, and climbing are popular here.

  • Distance from Bangalore – 60 km

8. Sivanasamudra Falls

undefined Sivanasamudra Falls

Asia’s first hydroelectric power plant was at this waterfall’s village on the Kaveri River. This island settlement offers stunning views of various waterfalls. The gentle air and pure spirituality make this spot beautiful.

  • Distance from Bangalore – 110 km

9. Bheemeshwari

undefined Bheemeshwari

Bheemeshwari is a great weekend picnic spot. This is a nature refuge with amazing plants and animals. Bheemeshwari Wildlife Sanctuary provides nature camp accommodations on the Kaveri River.

  • Distance from Bangalore – 120 km

10. Lepakshi

Lepakshi Lepakshi

A little town near Bangalore’s International Airport attracts less tourists. Though unknown, the architecture speaks for itself. This location combines history and spirituality with its three main Shiva, Vishnu, and Virabhadra temples.

  • Distance from Bangalore – 123 km

11. Sri Rangapatna Fort

undefined Sri Rangapatna Fort

Sri Rangapatna Fort, bordered by the Kaveri River, has a long Indian history. Since Tipu Sultan made it the capital of Mysore, history buffs love to come. This fort has several military, ecclesiastical, and municipal buildings.

  • Distance from Bangalore – 124 km

12. Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary

Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary

After a long week, seeing a variety of birds on the weekend is the greatest. Migratory birds may be seen in this 67-square-kilometer bird sanctuary. Tourist boat cruises are relaxing and reveal migrating bird nests.

13. Kunti Betta Trek

Kunti Betta Trek Kunti Betta Trek

The Kunti Betta Trek is a 2882-foot-high path in Bangalore. Moonlight on the two rocky hills creates a fascinating vista. Leaving here is closer to nature.

  • Distance from Bangalore – 130 km

14. Balmuri and Edumuri Waterfalls

Balmuri Edmuri Waterfalls Balmuri Edmuri Waterfalls

Balmuri and Edumuri Waterfalls in Mysore provide stunning scenery. Locals love picnicking here and visiting the Ganesh Temple. Water activities may help fight the summer heat.

  • Distance from Bangalore – 138 km

15. Mysore

undefined Mysore, Karnataka

Serving as the most visited places near Bangalore, Mysore is known to be a hub for the tourists. The highlight of this place is the famous Dasara festival celebrated here annually wherein you will find a tourist movement scenario. The Amba Vilas Palace, Jaganmohan Palace, The Lalitha Mahal and so forth are some of the key attractions at this place.

  • Distance from Bangalore – 143 km

16. Jakkur

Jakkur Jakkur

If you are a chocolate lover and love to engage in it all the time, don’t miss out to visit Jakkur. An airfield near the heart of Bangalore, Jakkur is famous due to the existence of a well-known delectable chocolate factory. Get down here and enjoy the mesmerising taste in a unique way.

  • Distance from Bangalore – 150 km

17. Hogenakkal

undefined Hogenakkal

This site is perfect for adventurous tourists near Bangalore. The rushing waterfall and River Kaveri will brighten your day. This waterfall produces Stanley Reservoir and has several nearby attractions.

  • Distance from Bangalore – 150 km

18. Yelagiri Hills

undefined Yelagiri

A magnificent hill station in the state of Tamil Nadu, Yelagiri Hills is located at an elevation of 1410 metre above sea level. The uneven hillocks offer an apt opportunity for the trekkers to experience the thrill in this nature’s place. This attractive waterfall offers a superb retreat of a number of small lakes and their crystal blue water.

  • Distance from Bangalore – 158 km

19. Hassan

Hassan Hassan

Hassan, 934 meters above sea level, has great weather year-round. The Goddess Hassan Amba temple here is renowned. The architecture showcases Indian culture and workmanship.

  • Distance from Bangalore – 185 km

20. Horsley Hills

tourist places near bangalore within 200 kms Horsley Hills

Horsley hills’ stunning scenery will captivate you. The beautiful atmosphere and panoramic vistas attract many people. 4312 feet above sea level.

  • Distance from Bangalore – 180 km

Indian IT city is a dream destination. What do you think of these places? Comment below. We welcome any input.

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