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Exploring Tension in Style: Campillo Mexico Spring 2024 Collection Unveiled

In a bold move for the upcoming spring season, renowned designer Patricio Campillo has rebranded his fashion label from The Pack to simply "Campillo." With this transition, he introduces the Campillo Mexico Spring 2024 Collection, a line of apparel that ingeniously encapsulates the concept of tension in multiple facets.

A Word on Tension

CAMPILLO Spring/Summer 2024 - Fucking Young!

At the heart of the Campillo Mexico Spring 2024 Collection lies one overarching theme: tension. Patricio Campillo himself explains that this tension manifests in various ways – from the space between our expectations and reality to the conflict between desires and actions. Furthermore, he delves into tension as an essential force within the universe, both as a philosophical concept and as a product of personal experiences.

Draping as a Language

Campillo utilizes draping as the primary language to convey this complex concept. Through skillful manipulation of fabric, he creates garments that embody the interplay of opposing forces. Notably, river stones are used as buttons, strategically placed to introduce distinct points of tension within the clothing.

A Glimpse into the Future

This collection marks an important step in Campillo’s journey towards couture. As he explores tension in clothing, he showcases a keen eye for detail and creativity. It’s a testament to his dedication to pushing the boundaries of fashion.

Humor Meets Style

Amid the thematic intensity, Campillo manages to infuse humor in his designs. Take, for example, the blazer and pants adorned with buttons in the shape of fighting roosters. This quirky yet effective choice serves as a metaphor for the tensions that can arise between individuals, highlighting the unique beauty in such moments.


The Campillo Mexico Spring 2024 Collection is an artistic masterpiece that goes beyond the realm of fashion. It embodies the multifaceted nature of tension and presents it in a visually stunning and thought-provoking manner. As you explore this collection, you’ll find yourself in the midst of a creative journey that weaves together art, philosophy, and style, all under the skilled guidance of Patricio Campillo.

Discover the elegance and eccentricity of Campillo’s vision in the Campillo Mexico Spring 2024 Collection – where tension is transformed into an exquisite form of expression.

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