Exclusive: Hrithik Roshan Gears Up for ‘WAR 2’ Shoot in Mumbai – Behind-the-Scenes Insights!

Less than a week after the release of his action-packed film ‘Fighter,’ Bollywood sensation Hrithik Roshan is ready to dive into his next big project. ETimes has exclusively learned that the actor is all set to commence the shooting for the highly-anticipated sequel, ‘WAR 2.’

Lights, Camera, Action in February

Hrithik Roshan to start shooting for War 2 in Mumbai in February | Filmfare.com

Roshan, who recently showcased his action prowess in ‘Fighter,’ is wasting no time. The actor is scheduled to be back in front of the cameras in the second week of February, marking the beginning of the ‘WAR 2’ journey. Sources reveal that Hrithik has already immersed himself in rigorous preparations for the shoot, transitioning seamlessly from ‘Fighter’ mode to ‘WAR 2.’

Mumbai as the Epicenter

The first schedule of ‘WAR 2’ is poised to be an entirely Mumbai affair. A reliable source disclosed, "Ayan Mukerji captured overseas location plates approximately two months ago. Currently, a set is under construction in the city in preparation for Hrithik’s first shooting schedule."

‘WAR’ Sequel with a New Director

Ayan Mukerji To Direct Hrithik Roshan

The 2019 blockbuster ‘WAR’ is getting a sequel, and this time, director Siddharth Anand has passed the baton to ‘Brahmastra’ director Ayan Mukerji. The film is expected to bring back Hrithik Roshan in his super-spy avatar, with South superstar Jr NTR playing the intriguing role of the antagonist.

Interconnected Bollywood Universes

Pathaan, Brahmastra, Farzi: Universe-isation of Indian Cinema & OTT Here To Stay

Adding to the excitement, ‘WAR 2’ is rumored to have direct connections with Salman Khan’s ‘Tiger 3’ and Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Pathaan.’ This film is speculated to set the stage for the much-anticipated ‘Tiger vs Pathaan,’ a project announced before ‘WAR 2.’

Release Plans

As for the release timeline, ‘WAR 2’ is eyeing a late 2024 launch, paving the way for ‘Tiger vs Pathaan,’ anticipated to hit screens in 2025.

In the words of director Siddharth Anand, "My film speaks against terrorism," addressing recent controversies around ‘Fighter.’ The audience can undoubtedly expect another high-octane cinematic experience as Hrithik Roshan gears up for ‘WAR 2.’

Stay tuned for more exclusive updates on this thrilling Bollywood sequel!


Is Hrithik Roshan Releasing ‘War 2’?

Less than a week after the action-packed release of ‘Fighter,’ Hrithik Roshan is gearing up for his next venture, ‘WAR 2.’ As a pivotal part of the YRF spy universe, the film promises to showcase Jr NTR as the formidable antagonist.

Key Details:

  • Release Anticipation: ‘WAR 2’ is expected to hit screens in late 2024.
  • Franchise Connection: This sequel sets the stage for the highly anticipated ‘Tiger vs Pathaan,’ slated for 2025.

Excitement is building around Hrithik Roshan’s return to the super-spy character, making ‘WAR 2’ a crucial chapter in the YRF spy universe. Stay tuned for the latest updates on this much-awaited Bollywood sequel!

When Does NTR Start Shooting War 2?

According to sources, Jr NTR is set to commence shooting for ‘WAR 2’ in March-April 2024, right after completing his ongoing project, ‘Devara.’ In contrast, Hrithik Roshan is gearing up to initiate the shoot for the film in February. Additionally, Jr NTR has allocated dates for the filming of director Prashant Neel’s upcoming project, tentatively titled ‘NTR 31.’ The actor’s busy schedule suggests an exciting lineup of projects in the pipeline. Stay tuned for more updates on Jr NTR’s cinematic endeavors!

Where is War 2 Filmed?

The initial schedule of ‘War 2’ is set to unfold against the vibrant backdrop of Mumbai. Hrithik Roshan, fresh off the success of India’s first aerial action movie, ‘Fighter,’ is poised to kickstart the shooting of ‘War 2.’ Under the direction of Ayan Mukerji, the film will feature the dynamic duo of Jr NTR and Hrithik Roshan in leading roles. Stay tuned as Mumbai sets the stage for this highly-anticipated sequel, promising an action-packed cinematic experience.

Did Hrithik Roshan Think He Was Dying While Filming for 2019?

Hrithik Roshan, reflecting on his 2019 movie, confessed to experiencing intense challenges during filming. The actor admitted to feeling like he ‘was dying’ as he pursued perfection in his performance, acknowledging that the demanding role took a toll on his mental well-being. Sharing insights into his preparation for the action film, Hrithik revealed that he pushed himself to achieve a level of perfection for which he felt unprepared. The actor candidly disclosed that the experience left him ‘almost on the verge of depression’ and feeling ‘completely lost.’ Stay tuned for more revelations about the actor’s journey in the cinematic world.

Where Does Hrithik Roshan Live in Mumbai?

Hrithik Roshan’s current residence is located on Mumbai’s Juhu-Versova Link Road, a popular area housing many Bollywood stars. Presently, the actor resides in Juhu, where he occupies a rented apartment while awaiting the completion of his new house. Stay tuned for updates on Hrithik Roshan’s Mumbai abode as he makes a transition to his new home.

What is the Age of Hrithik Roshan?

Hrithik Roshan, the renowned Indian actor celebrated for his versatile roles, exceptional dance skills, and captivating looks, was born on 10th January 1974. With a career spanning from his early days as a child actor in the 1980s to making a stellar debut in a leading role with ‘Kaho Naa…’, Hrithik Roshan continues to leave an indelible mark on the Indian film industry. Stay updated on this Bollywood icon’s journey as he adds to his impressive filmography.

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