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Elle Fanning’s Timeless Elegance: Following the Old-School Fashion Rule

In the ever-evolving world of fashion, we often hear that rules are meant to be broken. Whether it’s wearing black and navy together or donning white after Labor Day, fashion is about self-expression and pushing boundaries. However, Elle Fanning, the renowned actor, has recently reminded us that some timeless sartorial commandments stand the test of time.

Classic Elegance on the Streets of New York

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Elle Fanning showcased her fashion prowess during a leisurely stroll through the bustling streets of New York City. While we admire her for breaking fashion norms when necessary, this time, she decided to embrace an age-old fashion rule that added a touch of classic elegance to her look.

She effortlessly combined a pair of relaxed, cropped blue jeans with a light khaki button-up shirt and a cozy oatmeal-colored sweater draped over her shoulders. To complete her ensemble, she even matched her nude socks with her outfit. But what truly highlighted her commitment to the old-school fashion rule was her attention to accessory coordination.

The Rule of Matching Bags to Shoes

Matching Shoes and Bags for Wedding or Special Occasions

One of the fundamental fashion rules that Elle Fanning followed is the age-old practice of matching your handbag to your shoes. In this case, Fanning proudly toted The Row’s Margaux bag, a mahogany top-handle purse with a belted closure. She paired this with her stylish Prada shopping bag, creating a harmonious blend of colors and styles.

Her choice of footwear, a pair of shiny, tasseled burgundy-brown loafers from Santoni, echoed the warm tones of her bag. This meticulous attention to detail underscored her commitment to adhering to the traditional fashion guideline.

While not part of the old-school rule, Fanning also matched the tinted lenses of her oversized aviator sunglasses to her accessories, demonstrating her unwavering commitment to a polished and sophisticated look.

Elle Fanning’s Timeless Style

Elle Fanning is widely recognized for her classic, minimal, and chic personal style. Her fashion choices consistently exude a sense of sophistication and elegance, evident in her top-notch suiting, her affection for French fashion, and her impeccable track record of Met Gala appearances. Therefore, her recent embrace of the age-old fashion rule comes as no surprise to her followers.

Elle Fanning’s commitment to this timeless fashion rule reminds us that classic elegance never goes out of style. In a world where trends come and go, some sartorial guidelines are here to stay. By matching her handbag to her shoes, Elle Fanning adds a touch of classic refinement to her already impeccable fashion sense.

So, the next time you’re in doubt about your fashion choices, remember Elle Fanning and the enduring wisdom of the old-school rule: Match your bag to your shoes, and you’ll never go out of style.

For more fashion inspiration, you can explore the curated list of rule-following items below:

  • ATM Anthony Thomas Melillo poplin oversized shirt
  • The Row Margaux 17 grained-leather handbag
  • Vince wool and cashmere-blend turtleneck sweater
  • Bottega Veneta aviator sunglasses
  • The Row Margaret leather loafers
  • Mother Ditcher high-rise wide-leg jeans
  • The Frankie Shop The Georgia twill shirt
  • Lisa Yang Aletta cashmere sweater
  • Objets Daso Josephine leather handbag
  • Gucci Horsebit Interlocking loafer
  • Tom Ford wide high bridge sunglasses
  • Gap Better Made denim low-rise stride jeans
  • Giuliva Heritage Mary Poppins suede weekend bag
  • Tory Burch flat suede ballet loafers

Elle Fanning Follows an Old-School Fashion Rule, and her timeless style serves as a reminder that certain fashion traditions are worth keeping alive.

The Enduring Appeal of Old-School Fashion Rules

Who is Elle Fanning’s Stylist?

Elle Fanning’s impeccable style is no secret, and behind her stunning red carpet appearances and everyday looks is her talented stylist, Samantha McMillen.

  • Samantha McMillen is the creative force responsible for curating Elle Fanning’s timeless and fashion-forward ensembles. With her expert eye for design and an impressive portfolio, McMillen has become a sought-after stylist in the entertainment industry.

Elle Fanning’s partnership with Samantha McMillen has resulted in a string of unforgettable fashion moments, showcasing the perfect synergy between a gifted actress and a stylist who understands how to elevate her client’s elegance. Together, they have created a fashion legacy that continues to capture the hearts of fashion enthusiasts worldwide.

Do Elle and Dakota Fanning Get Along?

Dakota Fanning and Elle Fanning, both acclaimed actresses, share a strong sibling bond that extends beyond their individual successes in the entertainment industry. Their relationship is characterized by unwavering support, and this camaraderie shines through, particularly on the red carpet.

  • The Fanning sisters prioritize their family connection, and their shared career paths have only strengthened their relationship. Elle Fanning expressed, "We’re very supportive of each other. I’m very lucky to have a family member who’s in the business."

Elle and Dakota Fanning’s close-knit bond is a testament to the enduring strength of their sisterhood, fostering a supportive atmosphere that transcends the glitz and glamour of Hollywood.

Who Owns Elle Clothing?

The Elle brand extends far beyond its iconic magazine, encompassing a vast digital presence with 46 global websites that collectively attract an impressive 100 million unique visitors each month. This widely recognized brand is owned by the Lagardère Group based in France.

  • The Lagardère Group, a prominent media and publishing company, holds the reins of the Elle brand, contributing to its worldwide influence and success.

The Lagardère Group’s ownership of Elle underscores the brand’s international reach and its continued prominence in the world of fashion and lifestyle.

Who Is Older: Dakota or Elle?

Dakota Fanning holds the distinction of being the elder sister in the Fanning family. She is the older sister of actress Elle Fanning. In keeping with family tradition, both sisters use their middle names as their given names. Their upbringing was deeply rooted in the Southern Baptist tradition, reflecting their close-knit family values.

  • Dakota Fanning’s seniority in the family is evident, and her career as an actress has paved the way for her younger sister, Elle, who has also made her mark in the entertainment industry.

Dakota Fanning’s status as the older sister is a key aspect of their family dynamic and has played a role in shaping their individual journeys in the world of film and fashion.

Why Do Dakota and Elle Fanning Go by Their Middle Names?

The Fanning sisters, Elle and Dakota, embrace a unique naming tradition in their family by using their middle names as their given names. This practice is rooted in their family’s long-standing tradition, which both sisters honor. Raised within the Southern Baptist denomination, the Fanning sisters’ upbringing played a significant role in shaping their choice of names.

  • Dakota and Elle Fanning’s decision to go by their middle names reflects their family’s strong values and traditions. This distinctive naming practice has become a notable aspect of their identity in the entertainment industry.

The use of middle names as given names is a tribute to their family’s heritage and an interesting facet of the Fanning sisters’ personal and professional lives.

Is Dakota Older Than Elle?

While Elle Fanning may be widely recognized as the younger sister of Dakota Fanning, she has established herself as a prominent American actress in her own right. Notably, Elle made her breakthrough in the entertainment industry with her role in the 2011 film "Super 8." She further solidified her acting career with roles like portraying Princess Aurora in "Maleficent" (2014) and her latest endeavor on Hulu, "The Girl from Plainville."

  • Despite the fact that Elle Fanning is Dakota Fanning’s younger sister, she has carved her own path to success as a talented actress, building a strong reputation in the industry.

The question of their age difference highlights the impressive careers of both siblings, each making their mark in the world of film and entertainment.

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