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strawberry shortcake ice cream cake

Andrew bui

Make biscuits, cake, cupcakes, or ice cream to help mom rejoice in the most delectable manner imaginable. Don’t fret if you haven’t already pampered her with the greatest present of all, handmade Mother’s Day breakfast. You still have time to make a beloved treat to show Mom how much you appreciate her.

Whatever her favorite treat is, we have plenty of simple, remarkable dishes to really brighten up her day. If the microwave isn’t your closest friend, we’ve got loads of no-bake sweets that are perfect for any cook. When you get creative, a store-bought pound cake can be transformed into a cheesecake-stuffed pound cake overflowing with fresh strawberries. We also can’t get over how gorgeous these no-bake blackberry cheesecake cakes are every time.

Dessert is one of our best Mother’s Day presents. There are always extras, no congested eateries to contend with, and, best of all, it is handmade and truly reflects the affection. You can’t go wrong with any of these recipes, whether you go for sophisticated crème brûlée and French macarons or more fundamental fudgy handmade brownies.

Are you in a hurry? We’ve got plenty of last-minute Mother’s Day presents, simple treats, and fast meals ideal for an impromptu Mother’s Day party.

Need more Mother’s Day ideas? To start the day, try our Mother’s Day brunch suggestions, Mother’s Day dessert recipes, and even our best mimosas.

three cups of chocolate pudding on a blue background

Emily Hlavac Green

Chocolate Pudding

Making your own pudding is a remarkably easy and rewarding process. You’ll have a thick helping of indulgence right in your own house with little effort—and butter…and chocolate. After these, you won’t even consider store-bought custard.

easy fruit tart


Easy Fruit Tart

Are you envious of the pastry pastries displayed in the window? This fruit dessert will astound you with how simple it is to make. Because the shortbread topping reduces as it bakes, make careful to push it to the top of your pie plate.

slice of lemon blueberry cake

key lime pie mousse

Joel goldberg

Key Lime Pie Mousse

Nothing quite screams summer like a tangy key lime pie. This mousse is just as light, with an airy mouthfeel and crunchy wheat crumbs that you’ll want to consume on its own. Key limes are tarter than regular limes and are worth seeking out for this dessert.

marshmallow cake

amanda gryphon

Marshmallow Cake

Classic frosting is delicious, but have you ever tried Italian meringue? The slightly sugary icing complements the rich chocolate cake and is ideal for baking the outside.

eclair cake

Andrew bui

Eclair Cake

While eclairs can be challenging to prepare (particularly with the pate a choux of profiteroles renown), we use graham biscuits in this cheating variation.

Get the Eclair Cake recipe.

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Ethan Calabrese

Margarita Cupcakes

These are so vibrant and tasty, with a daring touch of tequila and a dash of sea salt in the icing to make you feel like you’re drinking a cool margarita.

crème brûlée

erik bernstein

Crème Brûlée

We raised the game by adding Earl Grey tea and citrus zests to the original, adding significant complexity and a fragrant sharpness. And breaking through that crystalline sugar top just before your first bite? It’s a lot of joy.

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