Deol Family Reunion: Sunny and Bobby Skip Hema Malini’s 75th Birthday Bash


Hema Malini REACTS to Ahana, Esha Deol

The Deol family, an iconic Bollywood clan, is known for its illustrious lineage and complex dynamics. Recently, they made headlines when the Deol brothers, Sunny and Bobby Deol, reunited with their half-sister, Esha Deol, at a special screening of ‘Gadar 2.’ However, their absence at Hema Malini’s 75th birthday bash has raised eyebrows. In this article, we delve into the intriguing dynamics of the Deol family and the recent events that have left many inquisitive.

The Deol Family Mosaic

The Deol family is a fascinating blend of relationships. Dharmendra, the patriarch, shares four children with his first wife, Prakash Kaur, including the well-known actors, Sunny and Bobby Deol. He also has two daughters, Esha and Ahana Deol, with his second wife, the legendary actress Hema Malini.

Cordial but Distant

Despite being a close-knit family, the Deols have seldom been seen together at family events or occasions organized by either side of the family. This has led to speculation about the depth of their relationships within the family.

A Rare Gadar 2 Reunion

A significant moment in the Deol family history occurred a few months ago when Esha Deol organized a special screening of ‘Gadar 2’ for her close friends and family. What made this event noteworthy was the presence of Sunny and Bobby Deol, who not only attended but also posed for pictures alongside Esha. This marked the first public appearance where Dharmendra’s four children were seen together.

The Absence at Hema Malini’s Birthday Bash

Inside Hema Malini

However, the recent birthday celebration for Hema Malini, hosted by her daughters Esha and Ahana Deol, saw the Deol brothers conspicuously absent. This seems to continue the family’s tradition of not attending each other’s personal occasions. Notably, Hema, Esha, and Ahana had also skipped Sunny Deol’s son Karan’s wedding earlier this year.

Dharmendra’s Presence

In contrast to the Deol brothers, Dharmendra, a stalwart of Indian cinema, arrived for his wife’s 75th birthday party, adding a touch of poignancy to the evening. He lovingly fed her cake amidst the cheers and support of friends and family.

Star-Studded Birthday Bash

The birthday party was a star-studded affair, graced by renowned Bollywood personalities such as Rekha, Madhuri Dixit, Raveena Tandon, Salman Khan, Shilpa Shetty, Shamita Shetty, and many others. Hema Malini, resplendent in a peach shimmer saree, stole the show, while daughter Esha Deol made a stunning statement in a gold gown.

Jaya Bachchan’s Exception

Jaya Bachchan, a close friend of the Deol family, also attended the party in her stylish kurta set, adorned with a gajra. She initially walked straight into the party but later posed for the paparazzi alongside Padmini Kolhapure, showcasing an unusual willingness to engage with photographers, albeit with her signature charm.

In her own style, when a photographer attempted to direct her pose, Jaya responded with her classic wit: "aap itne directions mat dijiye na" (please don’t give so many directions).


The Deol family’s dynamics continue to be a topic of intrigue in Bollywood circles. While they did come together for a special ‘Gadar 2’ screening, the absence of Sunny and Bobby Deol at Hema Malini’s 75th birthday bash adds another layer of complexity to their familial relationships.

Months after reuniting with Esha Deol at Gadar 2 screening, Sunny and Bobby Deol skip Hema Malini’s 75th birthday bash, underlining the enigmatic interplay within this beloved Bollywood family.

Curious Discoveries That Will Capture Your Attention

Are Esha and Ahana reuniting with Sunny and Bobby Deol?

In a recent interview with News18, Hema Malini was queried about the potential reunion of her daughters, Esha and Ahana, with Bollywood stalwarts Sunny Deol and Bobby Deol. This prospect arose in the context of a special screening of ‘Gadar 2,’ thoughtfully organized by Esha. Hema Malini responded with a reassuring, "I am feeling very happy, I do not feel it is something new because it is very normal." This statement hints at a positive atmosphere surrounding the Deol family gathering for the event.

Did Hema Malini react to ‘Ahana’ & ‘Bobby’ at Gadar 2 screening?

In response to Ahana and Esha Deol’s reunion with Bobby and Sunny Deol at the Gadar 2 screening, Hema Malini shared her sentiments, stating, "We are very…" The screening of ‘Gadar 2,’ featuring Sunny Deol and Ameesha Patel, has marked its place in the annals of Indian cinema as one of the biggest blockbusters.

Who is Esha Deol posing for a special screening of Gadar 2?

At the special screening of ‘Gadar 2,’ Esha Deol was captured on camera alongside Sunny Deol and Bobby Deol, showcasing a rare family moment. The video, shared on Instagram by a prominent paparazzo account, featured Esha, Sunny, and Bobby Deol posing for the media. This exclusive screening, orchestrated by Esha, was an intimate affair, attended by close friends and family.

Who are Esha Deol siblings?

On August 12, 2023, Esha Deol hosted a special screening of her half-brother, Sunny Deol’s upcoming film, Gadar 2. Close friends and family members of the actor attended the event. Moreover, Esha and Sunny’s siblings, Ahana Deol and Bobby Deol also attended the screening.

Why did Sunny and Bobby Deol skip Hema Malini’s birthday bash?

As glimpses of the fun-filled celebration of Hema Malini’s 75th birthday bash are doing rounds on the internet, the absence of Sunny Deol and Bobby Deol from the party grabbed everyone’s eyeballs. Now, the netizens are claiming that all is not well between Hema and Dharmendra’s first family, and thus, she chose not to invite them.

What happened at Esha Deol’s Gadar 2 screening reunion?

In a rare occurrence, Esha Deol, Ahana Deol, Sunny Deol, and Bobby Deol were photographed together at the special screening of ‘Gadar 2,’ instantly igniting a viral buzz. This unexpected reunion triggered discussions about the Deol siblings celebrating Raksha Bandhan together. Esha Deol has since revealed more details about the viral pictures, offering insights into the family’s heartwarming gathering.

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