Controversial Allegations: Mike Johnson’s Wife’s Company Equates Being Gay With Bestiality and Incest

An Unveiling of Controversial Beliefs

Mike Johnson

In the wake of Mike Johnson’s election as the Speaker of the House, significant revelations about the Louisiana representative have sparked controversy. Mike Johnson, a climate-skeptic who has been vocal in his attempts to overturn the 2020 election and is known for his strong anti-abortion stance, has drawn attention for his controversial views on various issues, including homosexuality. Johnson has previously stated that "homosexual relationships are inherently unnatural and…harmful and costly for everyone." However, the scrutiny doesn’t end with the Speaker himself.

The Revelation about Kelly Johnson

Clarence Leonard (Kelly) Johnson | Biographical Memoirs: Volume 67 | The National Academies Press

It has come to light that Kelly Johnson, Mike Johnson’s wife, runs a counseling business that holds equally controversial views towards the LGBTQ+ community. According to a report by HuffPost, Kelly Johnson’s counseling business, Onward Christian Counseling Services, once compared being gay to a range of other behaviors, including bestiality and incest, in its 2017 operating agreement. The agreement stated that the company believed that "any form of sexual immorality, such as adultery, fornication, homosexuality, bisexual conduct, bestiality, incest, pornography, or any attempt to change one’s sex, or disagreement with one’s biological sex, is sinful and offensive to God."

A Connection to the Speaker

What makes this revelation more significant is the fact that Mike Johnson, who previously practiced law, notarized this operating agreement, with his signature appearing on the last page. This connection raises questions about whether the Speaker himself held similar views back in 2017 or currently. While it is not certain what his current beliefs are, the association with this document suggests a level of alignment between the Speaker and his wife in their views.

Political and Business Ties

The Johnsons have a history of intertwining their political and business lives. They became known in the late 1990s for their involvement in promoting Louisiana’s new marriage covenant law, which aimed to make divorce harder to obtain. Presently, they cohost a podcast, "Truth Be Told," where they discuss political and social issues from a conservative Christian perspective. Their podcast has run for 69 episodes, demonstrating the depth of their engagement with these issues.

The controversy surrounding Mike Johnson’s wife’s counseling business and its association with views equating homosexuality with bestiality and incest has brought the couple’s beliefs into the public eye. While it remains unclear if Mike Johnson currently shares these views, the revelation underscores the couple’s alignment in their conservative perspectives, both in their public and business lives. The issue raises questions about the intersection of personal beliefs and political representation.

Mike Johnson’s Connection to the Allegations: Unraveling the Facts

What is the Controversy Surrounding Mike Johnson’s Wife’s Company?

  • House Speaker Mike Johnson’s wife, Kelly Johnson, recently removed the website of her company, Onward Christian Counseling Services.
  • This action came swiftly after HuffPost highlighted documents on the website that made disturbing comparisons, equating homosexuality to bestiality and incest.
  • The controversy centers on the offensive and divisive views expressed in the company’s operating documents.
  • These documents suggest a connection between the Johnsons’ personal beliefs and their public lives.

What Are Mike Johnson’s Views on Homosexuality and LGBTQ+ Issues?

  • Mike Johnson has expressed strong opinions on homosexuality, stating, "Homosexual relationships are inherently unnatural and, the studies clearly show, are ultimately harmful and costly for everyone."
  • He believes that endorsing such relationships is dangerous for society, and he opposes changing the definition of marriage to accommodate what he considers a minority.
  • Johnson’s views raise concerns about his stance on LGBTQ+ rights and inclusivity in modern society.

Is Mike Johnson Married?

  • Mike Johnson is indeed married to Kelly Johnson, and their personal and professional lives have been closely intertwined for many years.
  • The couple gained recognition in the late 1990s when they became public figures advocating for Louisiana’s new marriage covenant law, which aimed to make it more challenging to obtain a divorce.
  • Their marriage and shared interests have played a prominent role in their public lives and advocacy.

How Much is Michael Johnson Worth?

  • Michael Johnson’s estimated net worth in 2018 was -$32,501, indicating a negative financial status.
  • It is important to note that this figure suggests that he had a net debt rather than a positive net worth during that specific year.
  • His financial situation may have changed since then, but in 2018, it reflected a negative value.

How Many Ex-Wives Does Don Johnson Have?

  • Don Johnson has been married five times, but these marriages were to four different women.
  • Notably, three of his marriages were quite brief, with the first two being annulled within a matter of days.
  • This diverse marital history adds an intriguing aspect to his relationships and family life.

Who is Mike from The Bachelorette?

  • Mike Johnson appeared as a contestant on the 15th season of the popular reality show, The Bachelorette.
  • During his time on the show, he made it to week 7 before being eliminated from the competition.
  • Subsequently, he returned for the 6th season of Bachelor in Paradise, where his journey ended in week 4.
  • Mike Johnson’s participation in these reality TV series has made him a recognizable figure in the world of reality dating shows.
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