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CLOT’s Edison Chen Collaborates with Adidas: A Game-Changer for Chinese Designers

CLOT, the iconic Hong Kong-based streetwear label founded by Edison Chen, celebrated its 20th anniversary with a groundbreaking show at Shanghai’s C-Park. The event marked not only two decades of success but also a significant shift in CLOT’s approach to fashion and collaboration.

A Shift Towards Inclusivity


Edison Chen, known for his roles as an actor, rapper, and fashion designer, emphasized the importance of inclusivity in the fashion world. Gone are the days of exclusivity, where only a select few could access certain styles or brands. Chen highlighted the shift, explaining that they were no longer about being exclusive. Instead, they were opening their doors to collaboration with young designers and publications.

"In the past we were exclusive: ‘you can’t buy this,’ ‘you can’t see us,’ but that’s changing now," said Chen.

A New Partner: Adidas

CLOT’s journey over the last two decades has been nothing short of remarkable, involving collaborations with the likes of Nike and Supreme. Their latest partner is global sportswear giant Adidas. This partnership, named "adidas Originals by Edison Chen," is set to redefine the brand’s aesthetic. It introduces a new chapter for CLOT, one that is "less street and more chic."

The Collection

The "adidas Originals by Edison Chen" collection offers a relaxed interpretation of sportswear classics. It features loose crochet separates, loungy pajama-like sets, tailoring, and unique re-imaginings of favorite sneakers. Chen’s vision for the partnership was clear: he wanted to create not just sneakers but also dressier interpretations of adidas Originals’s top hits. For example, the collection includes cool beaded espadrille Gazelles, highlighting the shift in mentality.

A Cultural Force and Mentorship

The 80-look show, a blowout extravaganza, aimed to establish CLOT as a cultural force. Edison Chen, reflecting on his journey, expressed his desire to use CLOT’s platform to support the next generation of Chinese designers.

"Twenty years is a long time, it’s almost like having a kid, but I’ve been reflecting, and I think that CLOT can be like an older brother and support the next generation of Chinese designers. We have a great platform, so we want to use it to shine on other people," Chen commented.

Inspirations and Similarities

Edison Chen’s new approach draws parallels with other pop culture icons like Pharrell Williams and Virgil Abloh, who have leveraged their stardom to make a mark in the fashion world and mentor emerging talent. This move positions CLOT not only as a fashion label but also as a platform for nurturing future design talent.

In conclusion, "CLOT’s Edison Chen Partners With Adidas and Supports China’s Next Gen Designers" marks a significant turning point in the brand’s history. The partnership with Adidas is a symbol of a more inclusive approach, moving away from exclusivity and embracing the next generation of designers. Edison Chen’s vision and commitment to supporting emerging talent signify an exciting future for CLOT and Chinese fashion.

CLOT’s Edison Chen Partners With Adidas and Supports China’s Next Gen Designers – a fusion of fashion and mentorship.

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In an exciting venture aimed at nurturing cultural exchange between East and West, adidas has joined forces with Edison Chen to unveil a series of collections that challenge conventions and stretch the boundaries of fashion with his innovative designs. This dynamic partnership is poised to cultivate a fresh generation of creators, each possessing multifaceted talents, a profound understanding of the industry, and a visionary outlook for the brand’s future.

Who is the owner of clot?

Edison Chen

CLOT: Unveiling the Founder

CLOT, the renowned lifestyle brand, was founded in 2003 by none other than Edison Chen. Since its inception, this company has been on a journey to establish itself as a leader in lifestyle goods and introduced its unique line of products in 2004. CLOT’s notable legacy also includes successful collaborations with various international brands, such as Disney, Converse, and Nike, to name just a few.

When was clot founded?


CLOT®: A Pioneering Start

CLOT®, the celebrated Hong Kong-based streetwear label, made its debut in the fashion scene back in 2003. Founded with a vision of uniting the East and the West through meticulously crafted clothing and merchandise, CLOT® quickly emerged as a significant player in the industry.

What is clot in fashion?

CLOT in Fashion: Beyond Clothing

CLOT transcends the realm of mere clothing; it embodies a creative movement that exalts individuality and infuses vitality and character into local culture. It is more than fashion; it’s a celebration of self-expression and a vibrant cultural force.

Where is clot from?

The Origin of CLOT

CLOT hails from Hong Kong and has emerged as a prominent force in the world of fashion. Established in this vibrant city, it represents a fusion of East and West, celebrating diversity and creativity.

Is clot a Chinese brand?

CLOT: A Hong Kong-Based Brand

Edison Chen, the visionary behind CLOT, leaves no room for doubt – this streetwear brand, originating from Hong Kong, has global ambitions and aspires to stand shoulder to shoulder with the industry’s giants.

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