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Cherlato: Unveiling the Glitz and Glamour of Cher’s Irresistible Ice Cream Brand

Cherlato: The Sweet Dream Realized
Cher, the iconic Oscar, Grammy, and Emmy-winning superstar, has fulfilled a lifelong dream by launching her very own ice cream brand – Cherlato. But how did this glamorous gelato venture come to be? Let’s take a closer look at the story behind Cherlato and what makes it truly special.

A Chance Encounter in Auckland

Cher has launched her own gelato range, Cherlato - Food Files -

Cher’s journey to creating Cherlato began in 2018 when she stumbled upon a unique gelato shop called Giapo during her tour in Auckland, New Zealand. The shop’s masterminds, Gianpaolo Grazioli (Giapo) and Annarosa Petrucci, showcased their imaginative ice cream creations that left Cher utterly captivated. Even the challenges posed by the pandemic couldn’t deter them from joining forces.

Childhood Memories and a Passion for Ice Cream

Cherlato Ice Cream Truck is Coming to West Hollywood at The Abbey WeHo - WEHO TIMES West Hollywood News, Nightlife and Events

Surprisingly, the roots of Cherlato trace back to Cher’s childhood. She fondly recalls the Good Humor ice cream truck visiting her street, sparking her lifelong love for ice cream. Cher reminisces, "I just loved ice cream—I loved it then and I love it now." Her passion for this frozen delight persisted throughout her illustrious career and global adventures.
What set Giapo’s gelato apart and caught Cher’s attention was his unique, artistic approach to ice cream, exemplified by the dazzling gold cones. Cher couldn’t resist their allure and desired them for herself. Fast forward five years, and she’s now serving her own brand of gelato in those ornate cones. Giapo describes the gold cone as "very Cher; it’s as fabulous as she."

The Cherlato Menu: A Blend of Fabulous and Unique

Cherlato’s debut menu is a delightful fusion of Cher’s favorite "regular stuff" and Giapo’s "strange, bizarre concoctions." For those seeking the classics, there’s "Chocolate XO Cher!" For those craving something out of the ordinary, there’s "Snap Out of It! Kefir & Cardamom," a nod to Cher’s Academy Award-winning film, "Moonstruck." This enchanting creation is crowned with a golden cloud of cotton candy that imparts a gilded shine to the lips – a detail that brings immense delight to Cher herself.

Conclusion: A Match Made in Gelato Heaven

Cher Launches

Cherlato’s collaboration between Cher and Giapo is a match made in gelato heaven. With Cher’s natural vision and Giapo’s immersive, experiential approach to ice cream, it’s a brand that embodies Cher’s fabulous spirit. So, if you’re in Los Angeles, be sure to chase the golden cones and savor the enchanting creations at Cherlato – a brand that’s as glamorous and extraordinary as the superstar herself.
In summary, Cherlato is more than just an ice cream brand; it’s a sweet dream realized, a journey from childhood memories to international stardom, and a harmonious blend of Cher’s classics and Giapo’s artistic wonders. The Inside Scoop on Cherlato, Cher’s Glamorous New Ice Cream Brand invites you to taste the magic that these two remarkable talents have crafted together.
Remember, it all started with a love for ice cream and a chance encounter in Auckland – a tale as sweet as the gelato itself.
For more updates and to find out where the Cherlato truck is headed next, stay tuned to Cher’s official channels. Cherlato is taking the world of ice cream by storm, one golden cone at a time.

Cherlato: The Scoop on Cher’s Gelato Adventure

What is cherlato ice cream?

Cherlato: The Perfect Melody of Gelato and Glamour
Are you ready to indulge in a scoop of stardom? Cherlato, the brainchild of the iconic music sensation Cher, is the ultimate cool-down treat you’ve been waiting for this summer. This glamorous gelato company, aptly named Cherlato, brings the promise of sweet relief in the midst of scorching heat.
Picture this: the legendary Cher, known for her timeless hits, is now serenading your taste buds with her very own ice cream brand. But what exactly is Cherlato, and what makes it the talk of the town?
At its core, Cherlato is an exquisite gelato brand, a delicious symphony of flavors, and a testament to Cher’s lifelong passion for ice cream. This frozen delight embodies the perfect blend of creamy textures and imaginative creations that have captured the hearts of fans worldwide.
But it’s not just the name that sets Cherlato apart; it’s the promise of an unforgettable gelato experience curated by a music icon. With Cherlato, you’re not just enjoying gelato; you’re indulging in a piece of Cher’s remarkable journey and her unwavering love for this frozen confection.
So, as the summer heat continues to sizzle, why not treat yourself to a scoop of Cherlato and experience the harmony of gelato and glamour? Cherlato isn’t just a gelato company; it’s a serenade to your taste buds, a reminder of Cher’s enduring legacy, and the sweet escape you’ve been waiting for. Ready to take a bite of stardom? Cherlato awaits.

Is Cher launching her own ice cream brand?

Cherlato: Cher’s Sweet Dream Come True
Wondering if Cher is taking a leap into the world of ice cream? Well, the signs are as clear as the California sunshine. The sensation recently unveiled her venture, Cherlato, in a truly iconic fashion.
Imagine a gelato truck adorned with miniature Cher decals nestled in ice cream cones, and larger-than-life Cherlato logos gracing each side. It’s a visual feast that leaves no room for doubt. Cher herself confirmed the exciting news with a social media post exclaiming, "Yep, This Is Real…. I’m Launching My Gelato….Watch Out LA‼️"
But this is no impulsive decision; it appears that Cher’s ice cream dreams have been a long time in the making. With Cherlato, the singer is making her sweet dream a reality, and it’s time for Los Angeles to brace itself for a delectable journey into the world of Cherlato.

Is ‘cherlato’ a real brand?

Cherlato: A Delicious Reality
Is "Cherlato" the real deal? The answer is as sweet as the frozen treats it offers. With the brand’s name boldly displayed in vibrant blue letters on the side, there’s no room for doubt. Cher herself left no room for speculation when she declared, "Yep, this is real… I’m launching my gelato." Her playful warning to Los Angeles to "Watch out" only adds to the excitement.
For those seeking confirmation, a representative for Cher has officially confirmed the project to PEOPLE. So, if you’re wondering whether Cherlato is a genuine brand, the answer is a resounding yes. Get ready to savor the magic of Cher’s gelato venture—it’s as real as it gets.

Does Cher have gelato?

Cher’s Gelato: An Innovative Flavor Extravaganza
Curious if Cher indulges in her own gelato creations? The answer is a delightful "yes." Cher’s gelato offerings are a testament to her creative flair and love for this frozen delight.
Her menu boasts an array of inventive flavors, including the whimsically named "Snap Out of It! Kefir and Cardamom" and "Breakfast at Cher’s Coffee & Donuts" – a treat so extravagant it comes topped with an actual glazed donut. And if that’s not enticing enough, there’s "Chocolate XO Cher," a must-try for chocolate aficionados.
So, in case you were wondering, Cher not only has gelato but has taken it to a whole new level of innovation and indulgence. When you savor Cher’s gelato creations, you’re in for a delicious journey that reflects the singer’s unique style and creativity.

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