Changing Tides: Jim Jordan Withdraws from House Speaker Race as New Republican Contenders Emerge

Ohio Representative Jim Jordan has officially ended his campaign for the House speaker, marking the conclusion of a long and arduous journey that saw him fall short of securing a majority vote on the House floor not once or twice, but thrice.

The Exit of Jim Jordan

Jim Jordan out of race for House speaker as new Republicans jump in - Los Angeles Times

Jim Jordan’s decision to bow out came after his Republican colleagues voted against his continuing bid by secret ballot. This development marks a significant shift in the race for the House speaker position and paves the way for new Republican contenders.

A Fresh Lineup of Republican Contenders

Here are 4 of the likely contenders to replace McCarthy as speaker | Fox News

Five Republican representatives wasted no time announcing their intentions to vie for the coveted speaker’s role following Jordan’s withdrawal. Representatives Austin Scott of Georgia, Kevin Hern of Oklahoma, Pete Sessions of Texas, Byron Donalds of Florida, and Jack Bergman of Michigan have all thrown their hats into the ring. The House speaker position has remained vacant since a group of eight rebel Republicans, joined by Democrats, ousted then-Speaker Kevin McCarthy on October 3.

House Majority Whip Tom Emmer of Minnesota, who has not formally declared his candidacy for speaker, received an unexpected endorsement from Kevin McCarthy himself. McCarthy, who had nominated Jordan for speaker earlier, praised Emmer’s ability to unite the Republican conference and his understanding of the party’s dynamics.

Urgent Need for Leadership

Lawmakers from both sides of the aisle have expressed the urgency of selecting a new House speaker to address pressing matters. These include providing aid to U.S. allies Israel and Ukraine and approving government funding, which is set to run out in the middle of the next month.

However, the House enters its fourth week without a leader, and none of the new Republican candidates seem to have a straightforward path to securing the gavel. Even Emmer, who McCarthy endorsed, faces a challenging road ahead.

The Profile Challenge

One of the main challenges facing the new Republican candidates is their lack of the high-profile status or fundraising prowess held by Jordan and former President Trump’s pick for speaker, Steve Scalise. McCarthy, who faced his own turbulent journey to party leadership, only solidified his position after 15 votes on the House floor in January.

GOP’s Internal Struggles

The removal of Kevin McCarthy and the ongoing internal conflicts have placed the Republican Party in a precarious position. McCarthy expressed his concern about the damage caused to the party and the country by the group that joined with Democrats to defeat him over two weeks ago.

"I’m concerned about where we go from here," McCarthy remarked.

The Path Ahead

Republicans are scheduled to hold a candidate forum, their second in as many weeks, on Monday at 6:30 p.m. EDT. Lawmakers have until noon on Sunday to declare their candidacy, ensuring that the race for the House speaker’s position remains highly competitive.

Jim Jordan, who had argued that he offered the best chance for Republicans to break the impasse triggered by McCarthy’s removal, will no longer be a part of this complex and evolving race. The race for the House speaker is far from over, and with a new lineup of Republican contenders, it remains a topic of intense interest in Washington.

Stay tuned for more updates on the evolving House speaker race.

The Changing Landscape of the Republican Speaker Race

Can Jim Jordan Win a GOP Majority?

Recent Developments: Republicans have decided to drop Jim Jordan as their nominee for House speaker during a private meeting. This significant decision follows Jordan’s third unsuccessful bid for the speaker’s gavel.

The Challenge Ahead: It seems that, at this juncture, the question on everyone’s mind is whether any candidate can secure a GOP majority.

Date of Update: October 20, 2023

What Happens if Jordan is not a Speaker of the House?

Latest Update: On Friday, in the third vote, Jim Jordan faced a further loss of support, with 25 House Republicans voting against his bid for the House Speaker position.

The Implications: As long as the House continues to operate without a Speaker, this situation has significant consequences. The chamber is unable to make progress on essential legislation, which means members are unable to pass critical bills, including measures such as a stopgap government funding resolution or aid packages for countries like Israel and Ukraine.

Who is Jim Jordan?

Profile Overview: Jim Jordan, pictured at the US Capitol in Washington DC on October 19, is a Republican representative from Ohio.

Recent Development: On Friday, he faced a significant setback as his fellow Republicans voted against his ongoing campaign for the House speakership. This decision was reached through a secret ballot following his third unsuccessful attempt to secure the necessary support for the coveted position.

Who are Jim Jordan & Russ Fulcher?

Introduction: Representatives Jim Jordan of Ohio and Russ Fulcher of Idaho, seen on the right, were in attendance at a House GOP conference meeting on Friday morning.

Their Role: House Republicans aimed to select a candidate for the position of Speaker, as their initial nominee, Majority Leader Steve Scalise, encountered difficulties in consolidating party support.

Will Jim Jordan be the next Speaker of the House?

Current Situation: House Republicans are taking action to put an end to weeks of internal turmoil by scheduling a public vote on the nomination of Jim Jordan, a Republican from Ohio, for the position of Speaker of the House.

Jordan’s Efforts: In the run-up to the vote, Jordan has been actively engaged in an extensive campaign, striving to secure the backing of 217 Republicans, as he vies for this significant role.

Will Jim Jordan force a third vote?

Recent Development: Representative Jim Jordan, known for his hard-line Republican stance and hailing from Ohio, has made the decision not to push for a third vote on Thursday in his quest to secure the position of Speaker. This choice comes after encountering significant opposition from a group of mainstream GOP holdouts, as indicated by two individuals familiar with his decision.

Is Jordan the right person to lead the Republican Party?

Doubts Persist: Despite mounting pressure on members to select a leader and make progress, many remain unconvinced that Jim Jordan is the suitable choice to lead the Republican Party. Jordan’s challenge is to secure enough support, and any loss of Republican votes could be detrimental to his bid. Jordan’s aides anticipate that he might fall short in the initial vote and will need to proceed to a second ballot.

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