Celebrating a Century of Magic: Disney Turns 100 – A Timeline of Key Events

The Early Years

Disney turns 100. A timeline of key events - Los Angeles Times

  • Dec. 5, 1901: Walter Elias Disney is born in Chicago.
  • Oct. 16, 1923: Walt and his brother Roy sign an agreement to produce an animated film series called the "Alice Comedies," establishing Disney Brothers Studio.

The Birth of Mickey Mouse

  • 1926: The company’s name is changed to Walt Disney Studio.
  • 1928: Disney introduces the iconic character Mickey Mouse with the release of "Steamboat Willie."

Disney’s First Feature Film

  • 1937: Disney breaks new ground in animated storytelling with the release of its first feature-length film, "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs."

Studio Relocation and Struggles

  • 1940: Disney completes its move to a new studio location in Burbank.
  • 1941: A bitter four-month strike by Disney animators leaves Walt Disney disheartened.

Disney’s Renaissance

  • 1950: "Cinderella" becomes a critical and commercial success, revitalizing the studio.

The Birth of Disneyland

  • 1955: Disneyland opens in Anaheim, setting the stage for the Disney theme park empire.

The Legacy Continues

  • 1964: "Mary Poppins" premieres, marking Julie Andrews’ first film.
  • Dec. 15, 1966: Walt Disney passes away at the age of 65.

Expanding the Magic

  • 1971: Walt Disney World opens in Orlando.
  • 1984: Michael Eisner becomes the Disney CEO.

European Expansion

  • 1992: Euro Disney opens (later renamed Disneyland Paris in 1994).
  • 1995: Disney acquires Capital Cities/ABC and releases Pixar’s "Toy Story."

Disney and Pixar Collaboration

  • 1997: Disney and Pixar announce a deal to create five additional films together.
  • 1999: Disney fully purchases the Anaheim Angels baseball team.

New Millennium Ventures

  • 2001: Disney opens California Adventure adjacent to Disneyland.
  • 2003: Disney sells the Anaheim Angels to Arte Moreno.
  • 2003: Roy Disney calls for changes in the company’s leadership.

New Leadership

  • 2005: Robert Iger succeeds Eisner as Disney’s president.
  • 2009: Disney acquires Marvel Entertainment Inc. for $4 billion.

Expanding the Disney Empire

  • 2019: Disney acquires 21st Century Fox’s entertainment assets for $71.3 billion.
  • 2020: Bob Chapek takes over as Disney CEO.
  • 2022: Iger returns as CEO due to concerns over the company’s performance.

Disney turns 100. A timeline of key events showcases a century of creativity, innovation, and expansion that has made Disney a household name worldwide. From the birth of Mickey Mouse to the acquisition of Marvel and 21st Century Fox, Disney’s journey is a remarkable tale of entertainment, perseverance, and vision.

Disney’s Hidden Gems: Unearth the Intriguing

When did Disney turn 100?

Disney Turns 100: A Timeline of Key Events

As of the latest milestone in Disney’s illustrious history, the company officially turns 100. On this extraordinary journey, Disney has charted a century of innovation, entertainment, and magic. From the humble beginnings in 1923 when Walt and Roy Disney signed an agreement to produce animated films to the acquisition of 21st Century Fox in 2019, Disney’s evolution is a testament to creativity and enduring legacy. Celebrate a century of enchantment as we explore the remarkable timeline of key events that have shaped the world of Disney.

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Is Disney celebrating its 100th anniversary?

Disney’s 100th Anniversary Celebration

Indeed, this year marks Disney’s grand centennial celebration, a testament to a century of unparalleled storytelling and entertainment. Prepare to relive the company’s most iconic moments, which have left an indelible mark on history. Join us in commemorating this remarkable milestone in Disney’s legacy.

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When did Disneyland start?

Inaugural Day at Disneyland: A Journey Begins

On July 17, 1955, Walt Disney embarked on a groundbreaking venture by welcoming the world to Disneyland, the very first theme park established under the Disney banner and personally overseen by Walt himself. This historic day saw the birth of a park brimming with "attractions" designed not just to thrill but to educate and enchant both young and old with captivating stories. The magic of Disneyland started here, creating a legacy that continues to enchant visitors to this day.

How has Disney changed the world?

Disney’s Enduring Global Impact

Over the past century, Disney has pioneered the art of transforming iconic stories and characters into new, innovative experiences, leaving an indelible mark on global culture. Billions of people have forged lasting memories, spanning generations, through Disney’s creative and imaginative contributions.

Disney’s influence has shaped the world by introducing timeless tales and beloved characters that continue to resonate with audiences, fostering a sense of connection and shared wonder.

What are the milestones of Walt Disney?

Walt Disney’s Milestones: 1923–1950

In 1923, the journey of Walt Disney began as he sold his first live-action cartoon reel titled "Alice’s Wonderland," produced by Laugh-O-Gram, in Los Angeles. This landmark event set the stage for a series of milestones. Shortly thereafter, Walt and his brother Roy inked a contract to produce six more films known as the "Alice Comedies," which would be distributed by New York-based Margaret J. Winkler at $1,500 per reel.

This period marked the genesis of Disney’s extraordinary career, and it was the first step toward creating the Disney legacy known today.

How has Disney developed over the years?

Disney’s Evolution: Beyond Animation

Disney’s transformation over the years is a testament to relentless innovation and pushing the boundaries. From its origins as a moderately successful animation studio, Disney expanded into a multifaceted entertainment powerhouse. This evolution included the creation of theme parks, extensive merchandising, cruise ships, and various other ventures.

Disney’s journey demonstrates how a commitment to creativity and a willingness to explore new horizons have turned it into a comprehensive entertainment experience, shaping the company’s global influence and captivating audiences worldwide.

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