CARE Impact Awards Gala: Illuminating Humanitarian Leadership Excellence

On a vibrant Wednesday evening, the renowned global humanitarian organization, CARE, took center stage at Manhattan’s Ziegfeld Ballroom for its annual Impact Awards ceremony. The event, a celebration of extraordinary humanitarians, saw an illustrious gathering, including notable figures like activist and former US ambassador to the United Nations, Andrew Young, and his wife Carolyn Young, along with James Quincey, the Chairman and CEO of the Coca-Cola Company, and Radhika Jones, Vice Chair of CARE’s board of directors and Editor-in-Chief of Vanity Fair.

A Night of Elegance and Empowerment

At the CARE Impact Awards, Humanitarian Leadership Takes Center Stage | Vanity Fair

Guests, adorned with sparkling flower-adorned cocktails, filled the ballroom, creating an atmosphere of camaraderie. The thematic heartbeat of the evening was subtly emphasized through rhythmic chandelier dimming, adding an enchanting touch to the proceedings.

The Awardees: Champions of Impact

Made in Britain announces 2023 Impact Award winners

The ceremony, expertly hosted by Al Roker of Today and Deborah Roberts of ABC, commenced with CARE USA’s President and CEO, Michelle Nunn, setting the tone for the night. A special highlight was the surprise appearance of former President Bill Clinton, who shared anecdotes about the first awardees of the night, Andrew and Carolyn Young. The couple was honored with the CARE Impact Award for Lifetime Achievement, recognizing their extensive contributions to humanitarian causes.

A Journey Through Time

President Clinton reminisced on his enduring friendship with the Youngs and drew attention to their significant work with Martin Luther King Jr. and peace initiatives in the Middle East since 1948. The Youngs, in high spirits, accepted the award, with Andrew Young reflecting on his early collaborations with Martin Luther King Jr. and their peace efforts.

Acknowledging Excellence

The CARE Impact Awards Gala stands as a testament to the dedication and impact of individuals like Andrew and Carolyn Young, whose lifelong commitment to humanitarian causes continues to inspire. This event not only recognizes their outstanding contributions but also serves as a platform to highlight CARE’s mission focused on the empowerment of women and girls.

In conclusion, "At the CARE Impact Awards, Humanitarian Leadership Takes Center Stage" echoed throughout the night, symbolizing the collective effort to make the world a better place. The gala not only celebrated achievements but also reinforced the importance of sustained commitment to humanitarian endeavors.

Inquisitive Insights: Unveiling the Theme through Questions at the CARE Impact Awards

Who Hosted the CARE Impact Awards 2023?

The prestigious CARE Impact Awards 2023, held at Manhattan’s Ziegfeld Ballroom, were eloquently hosted by Al Roker from Today and ABC’s Deborah Roberts. The dynamic duo took the stage, setting the tone for the evening’s celebration of humanitarian excellence. Captured in vibrant moments by Rob Kim’s lens, the hosts, Deborah Roberts and Al Roker, brought their charisma to the forefront, guiding the audience through an unforgettable night at The Ziegfeld Ballroom on November 08, 2023.

What is Humanitarian Awards Global?

Humanitarian Awards Global (HAG) is a platform dedicated to acknowledging the outstanding achievements of African women across diverse fields and industries. This initiative, driven by the belief that the time is ripe for recognition, highlights the remarkable contributions of women who have pioneered advancements in humanitarianism, entertainment, politics, business, finance, and science. HAG aims to reshape the narrative by honoring these trailblazing women who have made significant strides in their respective fields.

When are the Leaders in Care Awards?

Presented by HCI in collaboration with our sister publication, Care Home Professional, the esteemed Leaders in Care Awards are scheduled to unfold on the evening preceding the Care Show, specifically on Tuesday, 11 October. The prestigious event will be hosted in the Imperial Suite of the National Conference Centre in Birmingham. Join us as we celebrate excellence in the field and recognize outstanding contributions within the realm of caregiving.

What was the Theme of CARE USA’s ‘Heartbeat’ Ceremony?

The captivating theme of CARE USA’s ceremony was "heartbeat," subtly brought to life through the rhythmic dimming of the chandelier lighting at strategic moments throughout the night. This enchanting ambiance, captured by Rob Kim/CARE/Getty Images, set the stage for an evening filled with significance. Hosting the event were the dynamic duo of Today’s Al Roker and ABC’s Deborah Roberts, who commenced the proceedings by introducing CARE USA’s President and CEO, Michelle Nunn.

Why were James Quincey and Bea Perez Honored at the Event?

James Quincey and Bea Perez were honored at the event for their remarkable contributions, receiving the prestigious CARE Impact Award for Corporate Leadership. Despite the evening concluding, animal rights activists made a late appearance to protest Quincey’s recognition. The duo’s acknowledgment speaks to their outstanding corporate leadership, celebrated by CARE for their significant impact in their respective roles.

What is the Mission of CARE Focused on at the Impact Awards?

"The Impact Awards is an evening to celebrate the hope we see in our work every day and will continue to see as we help families seek a better life for themselves and their communities." This profound statement encapsulates the mission of CARE at the Impact Awards—a mission dedicated to celebrating and fostering hope in their ongoing humanitarian and development endeavors globally. The event serves as a crucial platform to raise awareness and funds, further supporting CARE’s impactful work around the world.

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