Can you upgrade a VIP pass to platinum at Coachella?

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APR 14-16 & 21-23

During the specified sales period, passes are available to all American Express Card Members. While supplies last, see Terms below.

Simply use your American Express Card to make your payment. The regulations, terms and conditions, and fees specified by the ticket seller, promoter, and/or venue, as applicable, apply to passes. The offer is fulfilled by the ticket vendor, is subject to availability, and is subject to modification or revocation at any moment. Some seats are not available, and ban periods may apply. Every sale is final. There will be no refunds. There will be no trades. You understand that you are responsible for knowing and adhering to any government and venue laws governing admission to and attendance at the Festival. While attending Coachella, American Express cannot guarantee that you or your visitors will not be exposed to or contract COVID-19. By participating in the Festival, you agree to accept this risk.

When you use your qualifying Personal American Express Card to buy Coachella passes, you may utilize Plan It® to buy now and pay later, converting your Festival purchase(s) of $100 or more into monthly payments with a flat charge. Plan It is pre-installed on your qualified Personal American Express Card and is ready to use; no activation or enrollment is necessary. Furthermore, you will continue to collect points on your Card. More adventure, on your terms. Another way Amex makes things easier. Find out more about Plan It® here.

Maximum purchase of four passes per person.

Purchase Weekend 1 | Purchase Weekend 2

Plan It® Terms & Conditions:

Plan It® allows you to establish up to ten active payment plans, each with its own plan price. The plan fee is a monthly financial charge that will be levied as long as the associated plan is valid. For the qualifying purchase, you will be given 1-3 plan duration choices. The plan length choices might vary depending on a number of criteria, including the amount purchased, your Account history, and your creditworthiness. When you utilize Plan It on your Account while enrolled in an intro or promotional APR, you may see restricted plan length choices during the intro or promotional period. If you start a plan during an introductory or promotional APR period, your plan price will be based on the introductory or promotional APR as long as you start the plan before 11:59pm MST on the final day of the introductory or promotional period.

To establish a plan, choose a plan period and qualifying purchases of $100 or more. If you have a Credit Limit Card, you may be able to choose a qualifying amount of $100 or more as well as a plan term. When making a purchase plan in your American Express online Account, you may choose up to ten qualified items for each plan. However, any plan that you create in the American Express App can only have one qualified purchase. Purchases that qualify will be detected in your American Express online account and the American Express App. transactions of cash or cash equivalents, balance transfers (if provided), transactions subject to Foreign Transaction Fees, or any cost owing to us, including Annual Membership fees, are not considered qualified purchases (or a qualifying amount if you have a Card with a Credit Limit). Please wait 2-3 days for your purchase to post to your Account unless you create a plan at checkout. You may establish a plan for your purchase after it has posted and is no longer pending.

Your capacity to construct plans will be determined by a number of criteria, including your creditworthiness and, if applicable, your Credit Limit or Pay Over Time Limit. The Pay Over Time Limit applies to your Pay Over Time, Cash Advance, and Plan amounts combined. You may be unable to establish a plan if it would lead you to surpass your Pay Over Time Limit or for your Plan balance to exceed 95% of your latest billing statement’s Account Total New Balance. If your Pay Over Time feature is stopped or your Account is terminated, you will be unable to make plans. You will also be unable to establish plans if one or more of your American Express Accounts is engaged in a payment program, has an overdue payment, or is past due. The number and length of plan duration options available to you, the number of active plans you can have at the same time, and your ability to include multiple qualifying purchases in a single plan will be determined at our discretion and will be based on a number of factors including your creditworthiness, the purchase amount(s), and your Account history. When a plan is paid in full, it is deleted from your Account in the next payment cycle.

Plan It is accessible on Card Accounts issued by an American Express banking subsidiary in the United States, except Accounts that do not have a Credit Limit or the Pay Over Time feature. A plan may only be created by the Account’s Basic Card Member or Authorized Account Managers. American Express Corporate Cards, American Express Small Business Cards, and American Express-branded Cards or Account numbers issued by other financial institutions are not eligible.

Related Questions

  • Can you upgrade Coachella tickets?

    Re: How to upgrade Coachella tickets
    There is no direct option to upgrade the chairs. You may exchange your tickets for fresh ones.

  • Are VIP tickets worth it for Coachella?

    It’s a fantastic value that is well worth the money. How much do VIP Coachella tickets cost and how do they work? Access to the event, day parking lots (Preferred Parking paid separately), and venue VIP zones is granted. Visit the Car and Tent Camping Sites.

  • What does a VIP ticket get you at Coachella?

    Specialty food and beverage vendors, air-conditioned facilities, shaded lounging spaces, and complete cash bars are available in VIP sections. VIP areas are situated in the Rose Garden and the Five Peaks tents next to the Main Stage. Registration for a wristband is necessary.

  • Does Coachella VIP include shuttle?

    A: All travel packages include daily shuttle tickets to and from the event. Coachella shuttles will operate from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m

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