Breaking Boundaries: Snoop Dogg and Son Launch ‘Death Row Games’ – A Dive into the Why

In a significant move for California’s gaming landscape, Snoop Dogg and his son, Cordell Broadus, are gearing up to launch their own game company named Death Row Games. The company’s focus is on fostering diversity among creators, enabling them to publish content on the widely popular online game, "Fortnite," using Epic Games’ Fortnite Creative tool set and Unreal Editor for Fortnite.

Aiming for Diversity and Financial Inclusion

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Broadus emphasizes Death Row Games’ mission to create a platform for underserved creators, providing both inclusion in the narrative and financial benefits. The choice of "Fortnite" is strategic, given its Creator Economy 2.0, allowing eligible island creators to earn money based on engagement with their published content.

Snoop and Broadus express their commitment to ownership, highlighting the unprecedented opportunity for creators to get a share of the revenue. The move aligns with Epic Games’ CEO Tim Sweeney’s visionary approach to revenue sharing within the Fortnite Creators world.

Why "Fortnite" Specifically?

Fortnite User and Growth Stats 2023

"Fortnite" serves as the chosen battleground for Death Row Games due to its immense popularity, accessibility, and a visionary like Tim Sweeney at the helm. Broadus applauds the game’s ability to appeal to a wide audience, including children and teenagers, creating a healthy ecosystem that has birthed successful gaming careers.

The allure of "Fortnite" lies not only in its popularity but also in its kid-friendly and family-friendly environment, setting it apart from other, more mature gaming options. Broadus sees this as an opportunity to introduce unique users, particularly those from inner cities, to the game and its revolutionary revenue-sharing model.

Supporting Creators in the Fortnite Creators World

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Death Row Games aims to support creators by facilitating collaborations between influencers and studios within the Fortnite Creators world. By bridging different worlds, they intend to create authentic gaming experiences that resonate with both the influencer’s audience and the Fortnite ecosystem.

Creating Opportunities for Diverse Creators

The Dos and Don

The focus on diverse creators is a key aspect of Death Row Games’ mission. Broadus emphasizes their dedication to bringing individuals who represent the culture, including hip-hop artists, athletes, and fashion icons, into the gaming space. The goal is to break down barriers and provide a platform for individuals to monetize and build their brands within the gaming industry.

A Dream Realized: Snoop Dogg and Cordell Broadus’ Collaboration

Working alongside his father, Broadus reflects on the powerful intersection of hip-hop and gaming. He shares childhood memories of watching his father play "Madden" and witnessing the excitement of influential figures engaging in video games. The duo’s venture into the gaming industry is a realization of Broadus’ childhood dream, fueled by a desire to connect various cultural elements seamlessly.

Slow Growth and Expanding Influence

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Broadus acknowledges the slow but deliberate growth of Death Row Games. He expresses a desire to utilize their resources to bridge the gap between hip-hop, culture, sports, and fashion, seamlessly integrating them into the gaming space. Snoop Dogg, with his experience in diversifying brands, becomes the bridge connecting different sectors to the gaming world.

The launch of Death Row Games by Snoop Dogg and Cordell Broadus marks a significant step in the intersection of entertainment, culture, and gaming. Their mission to create a diverse and inclusive space within "Fortnite" demonstrates a commitment to providing opportunities for underrepresented creators. As the gaming industry welcomes this dynamic duo, the landscape is set to evolve, bringing forth new narratives and opportunities for creators from various cultural backgrounds.

Unveiling the Purpose: Why Snoop Dogg and Cordell Broadus Enter the Gaming Realm

Does Snoop Dogg Own Death Row Games?

California’s flourishing video game landscape is welcoming a new player — Snoop Dogg and his son, Cordell Broadus. They’ve introduced Death Row Games, a company with a mission to assist diverse creators in publishing content on Epic Games’ popular online platform, "Fortnite." Leveraging Fortnite Creative and Unreal Editor for Fortnite, Death Row Games seeks to provide a platform for unique voices within the gaming community.

Who Are Snoop Dogg & Cordell Broadus?

Snoop Dogg and his son, Cordell Broadus, are the driving force behind Death Row Games, a studio specifically crafted to empower minority creators in developing and publishing content within Fortnite, utilizing the powerful Unreal Editor. This venture builds upon the collaborative business history of the father-son duo, showcasing their commitment to diversity and innovation within the gaming industry.

Is Snoop a Gangsta Rap Artist?

Snoop Dogg’s recent venture into the gaming realm adds another layer to his diverse career. Known for growing a substantial following as a streamer and collaborating on titles such as "Call of Duty," Snoop’s involvement in the gaming industry is notable. Notably, in 2022, he acquired the notorious gangsta rap brand, Death Row Records. Additionally, he held a position on the board of directors for the esports group FaZe Clan until earlier this year, showcasing his multifaceted presence in both music and gaming.

What Inspired Snoop Dogg and His Son to Launch a Game Company?

Snoop Dogg and his son, Cordell Broadus, embark on their latest business endeavor with the launch of Death Row Games. This startup is a dedicated effort to empower minority creatives within the Fortnite ecosystem, offering them the tools and support needed to design, develop, and publish their unique content.

How Does Death Row Games Aim to Support Diverse Creators in the Gaming Industry?

In their bid to make a mark in the gaming business, Death Row Games strategically enters the Fortnite ecosystem. Their primary objective is to break barriers and offer access and opportunities to creatives in under-served communities. The overarching goal is to redefine the narrative around gaming, showcasing its potential beyond traditional boundaries.

Snoop Dogg And Son, Cordell Broadus, Launch Death Row Games…

Snoop Dogg and his son, Cordell Broadus, introduce their latest entrepreneurial venture with the establishment of Death Row Games. This startup is purpose-built to empower minority creatives within the Fortnite ecosystem, offering comprehensive support for the design, development, and publication of their distinctive content.

Why is Snoop Dogg Gaining Popularity in the Gaming Industry?

Snoop Dogg’s ascent in the gaming industry is notable, propelled by collaborations with Call of Duty and active participation in game streaming. With the launch of Death Row Games, he further solidifies his presence, striving to offer access and opportunities to diverse creators while contributing to the evolving narrative around gaming and its increased representation in the industry.

What Will Snoop Dogg & Son Bring to the Gaming World?

The gaming community and industry insiders express anticipation for the contributions of the father-son team as they embark on this new venture. Fans eagerly await to witness the impact Snoop Dogg and his son will make in the gaming world, with positive feedback circulating. Originally published on rhymejunkie.com, the article highlights the launch of their new gaming venture, emphasizing its mission to empower diverse creators.

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