Boney Kapoor Reveals Shocking Truths About Sridevi’s Death: Lie Detector Tests and Crash Diets

In a candid interview, renowned filmmaker Boney Kapoor has shed light on the tragic demise of his beloved wife, the iconic actress Sridevi, in Dubai in 2018. Kapoor delves into the circumstances surrounding her passing and the revealing details that have emerged.

Unraveling the Mystery

Boney Kapoor talks about going through lie detector tests after Sridevi

Boney Kapoor had remained relatively tight-lipped about the specifics of Sridevi’s untimely death in the years following the tragedy. However, during a recent interview with The New Indian, he disclosed significant insights into the matter. Kapoor emphasized that Sridevi’s death was not a result of natural causes, but rather an accidental occurrence.

> "I had chosen not to discuss it previously because I had already spoken extensively about it during the 24 to 48 hours of [the incident]," Kapoor explained.

Intense Media Scrutiny

Kapoor went on to reveal that the intense media attention surrounding Sridevi’s passing prompted a thorough examination of the case by the authorities. It was at this point that lie detector tests and other investigations were conducted to ascertain the nature of her death.

> "An officer informed me that the intense media scrutiny had compelled them to thoroughly examine the case. Subsequently, after undergoing various tests, including lie detector tests, it was conclusively determined that the death was accidental, with no foul play involved," Kapoor stated.

Sridevi’s Struggles with Crash Diets

Boney Kapoor opens up on Sridevi

The interview also shed light on a lesser-known aspect of Sridevi’s life—her dedication to maintaining a svelte on-screen appearance. Kapoor revealed that she would often resort to crash diets, sometimes even going hungry, to achieve the desired look for her roles.

> "Throughout our marriage, she had experienced a few instances of blackouts," Kapoor said. "Her doctor had consistently attributed them to low blood pressure problems."

A Startling Revelation

Exclusive Video! Boney Kapoor reveals

Kapoor’s revelations also included an incident involving the legendary South Indian actor Nagarjuna. According to Kapoor, Nagarjuna had shared an incident where Sridevi fainted in a bathroom during a shoot, resulting in broken teeth. Unfortunately, this incident wasn’t taken seriously until the tragic events unfolded in Dubai.

Sridevi, a senior star in the Indian film industry, passed away in her hotel room’s bathtub on February 24, 2018, while attending the wedding of a family member. Her last cinematic appearance was in ‘Mom,’ a film for which she received rave reviews.

In conclusion, Boney Kapoor’s recent interview provides valuable insights into the tragic loss of Sridevi and the challenges she faced, including crash diets and blackouts. The lie detector tests ultimately confirmed that her death was accidental, offering some closure to this heartbreaking chapter in Indian cinema history.

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“What prompted Boney Kapoor to discuss lie detector tests after Sridevi’s demise?”

Boney Kapoor’s decision to delve into the topic of lie detector tests in the aftermath of Sridevi’s passing in Dubai was primarily driven by the relentless media scrutiny that engulfed the tragedy. In his recent revelation, Kapoor explained that this intense media attention compelled investigators to embark on a meticulous examination of the case, which notably included the administration of lie detector tests. The outcome of their exhaustive investigation unequivocally affirmed the absence of any foul play. Kapoor, who tragically lost his beloved wife Sridevi in Dubai in 2018, chose this moment to share these crucial insights during a candid interview.

Was Sridevi happy with Boney Kapoor?

Did Sridevi find happiness with Boney Kapoor? She once candidly shared her journey of falling in love with Kapoor, emphasizing that her affection grew as she got to know the real him. In her own words, she revealed, “I fell in love with him when I got to know the real him. It was difficult, traumatic even, and it took me many years to finally accept the fact that I was destined to be with Boney.”

What is the age difference between Sridevi and Boney Kapoor?

What was the age gap between Sridevi and Boney Kapoor? Sridevi, born on August 13, 1963, and Boney Kapoor, born on November 11, 1955, had an age difference of 8 years. This age distinction made Boney Kapoor 8 years senior to Sridevi.

Why did Boney leave Mona?

Why did Boney Kapoor leave Mona, his wife? At the age of 19, Mona had married Boney Kapoor, who was 10 years her senior. Unfortunately, their once-happy married life came to an end due to Boney Kapoor’s affair with Sridevi. This extramarital relationship led him to leave his wife, Mona, and their two children for Sridevi.

“Why did Boney Kapoor undergo lie detector tests after Sridevi’s death?”

Why did Boney Kapoor undergo lie detector tests following Sridevi’s death? Kapoor revealed that her tragic demise in 2018 was accidental, resulting from drowning in a Dubai bathtub. The pivotal factor prompting the lie detector tests was the intense media scrutiny that enveloped the case. Investigative authorities felt compelled to conduct a comprehensive examination, which ultimately absolved any suspicion of foul play.

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