Best offbeat unique things to do in Mumbai

As India’s biggest city, it’s unsurprising that there are so many things to do in Mumbai for visitors to enjoy… and this isn’t only a reference to India’s plethora of gastronomic pleasures.

From strolling along Marine Drive to walking through the Gate of India to seeing the Global Vipassana Pagoda, Mumbai has a bucket list as long as one’s arm.

However, frequent visitors to the city – or those just looking for something a little off the beaten path – may enjoy a somewhat more skew-whiff perspective on things to do in Mumbai. Try on these ten size recommendations.

Marvel at Bandra’s street art

things to do in Mumbai - graffiti

Graffiti in Bandra, Mumbai

Bandra is one of Mumbai’s most dynamic districts. It’s teeming with new cafés and eateries, but the city’s remarkable street art culture is the main lure for visitors.

There’s a wide diversity of material and color on display, with graffiti representing anything from Bollywood stars to societal pastiches, making a tour through the zone a gratifying experience in and of itself. Make this one of your things to do in Mumbai if you have even a passing interest in street art. Check out The Wall Project for the greatest places to view works.

Watch a kushti wrestling match

things to do in Mumbia - kushti wrestling

Kushti wrestling in India

The ancient sport of Kushti (from the Iranian Koshti ) is still practiced in certain hotspots (known as akharas throughout India and as talims in Maharashtra) and men still go to the most popular places for a good, old-fashioned mud wrestling.

This is not simply a tourist trap when it comes to things to do in Mumbai. These akharas gyms may be found all throughout the country, but the Shree Laxminarayan Vyayam Shala on Arthur Road is a popular place to witness training or contests.

Go to the movies

things to do in Mumbai - cinema

The big screen in Mumbai

Travel halfway across the globe only to hide out in a gloomy cinema? Absolutely. Nobody handles the silver screen better than Mumbai.

Vintage Mumbai theatres are likely to strike the mark, whether it’s the rickety, ramshackle appeal of Gaiety Galaxy, the art-deco beauty of the Eros Cinema, or the tried and proven formula of Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge (which has aired Maratha Mandir every day since 1955). But, for genuine cinematic enchantment, don’t miss a showing at the art-deco Regal Cinema in the Fort.

This is the birthplace of Bollywood, which produces significantly more films than Hollywood. So, why isn’t it on the list of things to do in Mumbai for tourists?

Take a food tour

things to do in mumbai - food

Pav bhaji cooking along Chowpatty Beach in Mumbai

While there is more to Mumbai than morsels of delectable cuisine, the city’s gastronomy is undeniably one of its most valuable assets, and eating is one of the top things to do in Mumbai.

Take a Mumbai culinary tour and awaken your taste buds as you utilize the extensive public transportation network to flutter from hotspot to hotspot, savoring curries and munching down on snacks. chapatis while eating clean ice cream cones. You’ll also learn about Mumbai’s film history and meet the dabbawalas , the guys who distribute tens of thousands of sandwiches around the city.

Visit a Parsi café

things to do in Mumbai

Smartly dressed waiters at Britannia & Co. in Mumbai

Irani cafés in Mumbai, once a pillar of the city’s culinary scene, have succumbed to rising competition from hipper, trendier venues, but there are still a few of these lovely hotspots strewn about the city.

They not only provide wonderful Parsi food, but they also serve as a melting pot for meeting people from all walks of life in the city. One of the most well-known is Brittannia & Co., which serves a superb berry tart. palov .

Explore the Elephanta Caves

things to do in Mumbai - elephanta caves

The Elephanta Caves near Mumbai

For decades, monks have visited a variety of cave networks in Mumbai. The Mahakali and Kanheri Caves on the outskirts of the city center are likely the most well-known, but the Elephanta Caves (on the appropriately called Elephanta Island) are well worth the additional effort. The ornately carved cave temple is devoted to the Hindu deity Shiva and is thought to originate from the 6th century BC.

You can take a tour of the caverns, but you can also go there on your own. Proceed to the Gateway of India pier and board one of the regular ferry departures, which cost roughly INR 150 for a return ticket.

Wander around the Dhobi Ghat

Dhobi Ghat - things to do in Mumbai

Drying clothes at Mumbai’s Dhobi Ghat

The Dhobi Ghat is one of the world’s biggest open-air laundries. To put that into perspective, the little region that has been washing clothing for almost 140 years cleans an estimated half a million garments per day.

Around 200 families live and work at the Dhobi Ghat, which cleans the garments of Mumbai residents in a labor-intensive yet effective procedure. The majority of the laundry is still done by hand before being hung up to dry, sorted, and ironed. It’s a sight to see and one of the top photographic locations in Mumbai.

A day at the races

Mahalaxmi Racecourse - things to do in Mumbai - blog

A day at the races in Mumbai

If you’re in Mumbai between November and April, you may spend the day at the Mahalaxmi Racecourse watching the horses run. The 2.5-kilometer oval track is one of the most treasured in India, with weekly events.

While you’re there, you may bet on one of the races, have a refreshing beer in the old-school racing clubhouse bar, or sample some of the different Mumbai chaat foods on offer while getting a closer look at the lovely horses.

Walk through Sanjay Gandhi National Park

Sanjay Gandhi - blog

Two bonnet macaque monkeys at the Sanjay Gandhi National Park

Sanjay Gandhi is stunning, especially for a national park so near to Mumbai’s bustling metropolis. In reality, it is the world’s biggest national park inside a city, covering about 90 square kilometers.

Walking is the greatest method to explore the woodland national park. There are a startling amount of flora and wildlife, including 35 animal species, 170 butterfly species, and over 300 bird species. Just make sure you bring your binoculars.

Explore Kotachi Wadi

Khotachi Wadi Mumbai - blog

A colourful home in Kotachi Wadi in Mumbai

Visit Kotachi Wadi in South Mumbai to get away from the city’s turmoil. The little town inside the city is almost two centuries old, with pastel-colored Portuguese buildings lining its streets.

The tranquil area is only a short walk from Charni Road station near Chowpatty Beach, making it accessible from most Mumbai neighborhoods. While you’re there, sample some of the best Goan food prepared in the village’s kitchens.

If you actually want to comprehend Mumbai’s food? Consider attending this Mumbai food tour to sample over a dozen various meals and snacks, ranging from street cuisine to secret eateries, accompanied by an experienced local culinary guide.

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