Bad Bunny’s ‘SNL’ Takeover: A Recap of the Epic Episode with Pedro Pascal and Mick Jagger

October 23, 2023

October has been the month of Bad Bunny. The Latin trap sensation, Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, or Bad Bunny, has been making waves everywhere since he surprised his fans with a new album, "Nadie Sabe Lo Que Va a Pasar Mañana," released on October 13. This month’s excitement even extended to the latest episode of "Saturday Night Live" where Bad Bunny not only graced the stage as the musical guest but also took the reins as the guest host.

Bad Bunny’s Multifaceted ‘SNL’ Experience


Hosting ‘SNL’ can be quite a challenge, especially for non-comedy performers. In this episode, it was evident that Bad Bunny shone brightest when he played to his strengths – his captivating stage presence and engaging personality. His sketches thrived, particularly when he spoke in Spanish (with or without subtitles).

Two of the standout sketches of the night included a pre-taped segment where explorers explained their discoveries in the New World, and another featuring a man dealing with disapproving family members regarding his new girlfriend. In these sketches, the Spanish language flowed freely, allowing Benito’s unique sense of humor to shine through.

Missed Opportunity: Bad Bunny’s Rap Battle


Bad Bunny’s first skit was a rap battle with the overly self-deprecating "Walter Whiteboy," portrayed by Mikey Day. While it was funny, it left fans wanting more, as Bad Bunny wasn’t given the opportunity to showcase his musical talents in this segment. This felt like a missed opportunity to fully utilize his skills.

Mick Jagger’s Unexpected Appearances

Mick Jagger makes surprise SNL cameo | The Hill

In a surprising turn of events, the legendary Mick Jagger made appearances in various sketches. It seems he’s still involved in some sort of musical venture with a new album. Jagger brought his star power to a sketch about the filming of a telenovela and another featuring randy nuns trying to uncover a poorly disguised man among them.

A standout moment was Bad Bunny appearing as himself, dressed as Shrek, in a ‘Please Don’t Destroy’ video that was delightfully loopy and weird. Bad Bunny also got a few laughs in a late-episode sketch involving the CEO of Burt’s Bees facing a crisis while his character raved about his future son-in-law. It was an unevenly written, cameo-heavy episode that also showcased featured player Marcello Hernandez.

Bad Bunny’s Musical Brilliance

However, the true highlight of the night was Bad Bunny’s musical performances. He wowed the audience with renditions of "Un Preview" and "Monaco" from his latest album, reminding everyone why he is such a big deal in the music industry.

The show’s cold open poked fun at Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan’s failed attempts to become the speaker of the House, featuring hilarious appearances by former President Trump and other politicians.

‘SNL’ Sequel Sketch Success

One of the evening’s standout sketches was ‘La Era del Descubrimiento’ (‘The Age of Discovery’), an all-Spanish skit with a strong comedic performance by Fred Armisen. The sketch revolved around a pair of explorers who returned to Spain after discovering a new continent en route to China. Rather than taking the straightforward route, they attempted to convince a 16th-century Spanish king and prince to buy items like turkeys, llamas, tomatoes, and tobacco. The turkeys were humorously described as "chickens with testicles on their faces," and the tomatoes were dubbed "disgusting apples." This sketch, rich in humor and impeccable timing, showcased Bad Bunny’s comedic skills at their finest.

A Hilarious Reprise: ‘Protective Mom 2’

Pedro Pascal Returned As SNL

Though it was a sequel to a sketch we saw back in February, Pedro Pascal’s return performance as an overbearing mother, with Bad Bunny portraying his sister, worked its magic again. Pascal’s exaggerated commitment to the role, complemented by Bad Bunny’s willingness to match it, and the subtle moments of recognition, such as swapping store-bought cookies with sewing supplies, made this seemingly broad sketch work surprisingly well. New cast member Chloe Troast also shone in her role as the mocked white girlfriend.

‘Weekend Update’ Winner: Jada Pinkett Smith

In a night filled with memorable moments, ‘Weekend Update’ continued to deliver the laughs, with Jada Pinkett Smith once again stealing the show.

Bad Bunny’s episode of ‘SNL’ was a rollercoaster of comedy, music, and memorable sketches. From his charismatic monologue to unexpected appearances by Mick Jagger and Pedro Pascal, the night had something for everyone. It was an episode that highlighted the multifaceted talents of the Latin trap sensation and the enduring charm of ‘Saturday Night Live.’

Pedro Pascal’s Surprise Cameo: Behind the Scenes of ‘SNL’ with Bad Bunny

Why did Bad Bunny Bring Out Pascal on ‘Saturday Night Live’?

Bad Bunny, in his inaugural hosting role on ‘Saturday Night Live,’ enlisted the assistance of Pedro Pascal, making several appearances together throughout the night. One of the key moments was during Bad Bunny’s monologue, where Pascal played the role of translator, adding a delightful twist to the evening. Bad Bunny, the Latin sensation, showed that even in his first ‘SNL’ hosting gig, he knew how to make the most of a little help from his friends.

How did Bad Bunny get help on ‘SNL’?

During his debut as both host and musical guest on "Saturday Night Live," Bad Bunny received assistance from some familiar faces. On the episode that aired on Saturday, October 21, during Season 49, Bad Bunny, known for his versatility, relied on the support of friends to ensure a memorable show. His double duty as host and musical guest was made even more enjoyable with the help of these familiar collaborators.

Who is ‘SNL’ host Pedro Pascal?

Pedro Pascal, known for his versatile acting career, made a surprise appearance on the recent episode of "Saturday Night Live." While not the official host, Pascal lent his support to first-time host Bad Bunny during the monologue, making it an unforgettable moment for the show’s fans. As ‘SNL’ continues to bring in a diverse array of talents, Pascal’s cameo added an extra layer of excitement to the episode.

Who is Bad Bunny on ‘SNL’ Season 49?

Bad Bunny made a memorable mark on "Saturday Night Live" during Season 49. In a special episode that aired on October 21, he took on the dual roles of host and musical guest, showcasing his versatility. Throughout the evening, he was joined by actor Pedro Pascal, who previously hosted a beloved episode of "SNL" in February 2023. Bad Bunny’s appearance as both host and musical talent brought a unique flavor to ‘SNL’ Season 49, leaving a lasting impression on the show’s fans.

What were the standout sketches in ‘SNL’ with Bad Bunny and Mick Jagger?

In the latest episode of ‘Saturday Night Live,’ Bad Bunny and Mick Jagger shared the stage in some standout sketches. One notable moment occurred in the "Telenovela" sketch, where Bad Bunny played a Spanish soap opera actor receiving multiple slaps from his villainous father, portrayed by the iconic Rolling Stones singer, Mick Jagger. The chemistry between the two stars added to the hilarity of the skit. Jagger also made a memorable cameo in the "Convent Meeting" skit, a humorous parody of "Sister Act 3." These sketches showcased the dynamic collaboration between Bad Bunny and Mick Jagger, leaving fans in stitches.

Why did Pedro Pascal make an appearance on ‘SNL’?

In an unexpected cameo during the latest episode of "Saturday Night Live," Pedro Pascal lent his support to his "friend" Bad Bunny. Pascal was there to provide advice and guidance as Bad Bunny took on the challenge of hosting the show for the first time. This surprise appearance showcased the camaraderie between the two stars and added an extra layer of excitement to the episode, demonstrating Pascal’s willingness to help his fellow performer shine in his hosting debut on the long-running sketch show.

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