Bad Bunny Takes ‘Saturday Night Live’ by Storm with Star-Studded Cameo Extravaganza

A Star-Studded SNL: Bad Bunny’s Night to Shine

With Bad Bunny at the Helm, Saturday Night Live Leans Hard on Cameos | Bad Bunny | Trending News - YouTube

In a whirlwind episode of Saturday Night Live, hosted by none other than the chart-topping Puerto Rican rapper and singer, Bad Bunny, the show took an unexpected turn. The evening was marked by a cascade of surprise celebrity cameos, turning the spotlight on the host’s ability to draw in big names and create memorable moments.

A Multitude of A-List Appearances

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During Bad Bunny’s monologue, the charismatic Pedro Pascal made an entrance, wearing an electric blue blazer without a shirt underneath. This dynamic duo’s interaction had fans in stitches and showcased Pascal’s willingness to lend a hand to the host with his English. Mick Jagger, of Rolling Stones fame, made an appearance in a telenovela sketch, adding a touch of classic rock glamour with a black curlicue mustache painted on his iconic face. The rock legend gleefully smacked Bad Bunny and Marcello Hernandez, further elevating the comedic vibes of the night.

The surprises didn’t end there. Lady Gaga joined the fray, speaking Spanish to introduce Bad Bunny’s performance, hinting at a possible future collaboration. It was an unexpected and exciting moment for fans of both artists.

A Pleasant Departure from Expectations

Saturday Night Live

With last week’s Travis Scott and Taylor Swift cameos fresh in viewers’ minds, expectations were high for another star-studded surprise. Fans were bracing themselves for the appearance of a Kardashian or two, keeping the "Are-they?, Aren’t-they?" excitement alive. What they got was a series of random beloved celebrities who graced the SNL stage.

The desire for more continued to grow, with hopes for Beyoncé, Tilda Swinton, and Roger Federer cameos in the coming weeks. SNL, it seemed, was determined to make up for any lack of star power from the previous season.

Mixed Reactions to the Cold Open

The episode quickly dispensed with its cold open, a satirical take on the House of Representatives’ search for leadership. Mikey Day’s portrayal of Jim Jordan was a highlight, capturing the character’s fiery intensity. The sketch held promise when Bowen Yang, as George Santos, entered the office with a mysterious swaddled baby from a previous scene.

However, the sketch took a turn when Chloe Fineman’s Lauren Boebert called in from a theater performing Aladdin, leading to a bizarre interruption. James Austin Johnson’s portrayal of Donald Trump, though, failed to generate the expected applause from the audience. His energy seemed to fall flat, prompting calls for new material and a break from the Trump act.

Bad Bunny’s Charismatic Hosting

SNL: Pedro Pascal Crashes Bad Bunny Monologue

Beyond his ability to draw in star-studded cameos, Bad Bunny proved to be an excellent host. His charismatic presence was evident right from the start. The rapper and singer, who was recently featured on the cover of Vanity Fair, exuded confidence throughout the night.

"People are wondering if I could host this show because English is not my first language," Bad Bunny quipped during his monologue. "I don’t know if they know, but I do whatever I want." This assertion of self-assuredness drew laughter from the audience and set the tone for the night.

The Future of SNL with Bad Bunny


With Bad Bunny at the helm, ‘Saturday Night Live’ has taken an unexpected turn, leaning heavily on celebrity cameos. The surprise appearances of A-listers like Pedro Pascal, Mick Jagger, and Lady Gaga have elevated the show’s entertainment quotient. It remains to be seen what future episodes will bring, but for now, fans can revel in the unexpected and embrace the humor and charm that Bad Bunny brings to the SNL stage.

The rapper’s comedic timing and willingness to be the butt of a joke indicate a promising future as a host and entertainer. If this episode is any indication, ‘Saturday Night Live’ is in good hands with Bad Bunny leading the charge.

Bad Bunny’s Unique Influence on SNL

Who is Bad Bunny on ‘Saturday Night Live’?

Bad Bunny, the multifaceted singer and rapper, took the reins as the host in a recent episode of Saturday Night Live. This eventful night featured an interesting blend of humor and celebrity appearances. While some may have found Bad Bunny’s hosting style a bit awkward, the episode received a boost from the unexpected cameos of renowned stars like Pedro Pascal, Lady Gaga, and Mick Jagger. As the chaos within the United States House of Representatives unraveled in the opening sketch, Bad Bunny stepped into the world of live comedy and entertainment.

Is Bad Bunny a Good VF Cover Star?

Recent Vanity Fair cover star Bad Bunny has not only proven his ability to attract celebrity cameos but has also showcased his charisma as a host. His monologue exudes a relaxed charm that captivated viewers even before special guest Pedro Pascal joined the stage. Bad Bunny’s assurance shines through as he addresses the language barrier, saying, “People are wondering if I could host this show because English is not my first language.” This episode underlines that Bad Bunny’s star power extends beyond his musical talents, making him a compelling choice for a Vanity Fair cover feature.

Where Can I Watch SNL Without Cable?

If you’re looking to watch "Saturday Night Live" without a cable subscription, the broadcast is available for streaming on Peacock. To access the show, you can sign up for a Peacock account, which provides you with the ability to enjoy both live SNL broadcasts and access to past episodes. This is particularly useful for catching memorable moments like Pedro Pascal and Bad Bunny’s appearance during the "Saturday Night Live" monologue on October 21, 2023.

Where Does Bad Bunny’s Final Sketch Take Place?

Bad Bunny’s final sketch unfolds at the corporate headquarters of Burt’s Bees. In this comedic setting, a small group of employees grapple with job insecurities in the wake of a merger. However, their concerns are consistently overshadowed by the constant interruptions from Bad Bunny’s co-worker. His colleague, rather than focusing on work-related matters, is more interested in sharing the news of his daughter’s recent engagement and her impressive new fiancé, Jeff.

Who Was with Bad Bunny on SNL?

In the Bad Bunny-hosted episode of ‘Saturday Night Live’ on October 21, 2023, the Puerto Rican sensation was joined by a lineup of surprise guest stars. The episode featured appearances by the iconic Lady Gaga, rock legend Mick Jagger, and the charismatic Pedro Pascal. Bad Bunny not only took on the role of the host but also served as the musical guest, making it a star-studded and unforgettable night on SNL.

Did Lady Gaga Introduce Bad Bunny on SNL?

During Bad Bunny’s ‘Saturday Night Live’ appearance, Lady Gaga played a notable role in introducing the Puerto Rican superstar. Prior to Bad Bunny’s first performance of “Un Preview,” Lady Gaga delivered a surprise introduction with the enthusiastic exclamation, “Nueva York!" The unexpected collaboration between the two artists added an exciting element to the SNL episode, making it a memorable moment for fans and viewers.

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