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Athena Calderone’s TriBeCa Elegance: A Candlelit Welcome to Her Stylish Haven

A Remarkable Move to TriBeCa

Inside Chanel and Tribeca

When Athena Calderone, the founder of EyeSwoon, made the bold decision to transition from her Brooklyn townhouse to a TriBeCa apartment, the city took notice. The move, previously owned by Thierry Despont, gained such attention that it even graced the pages of The New York Times.

The Inaugural Saratoga Supper Club

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To inaugurate her new downtown haven, Calderone hosted the inaugural Saratoga Supper Club, and the elite guest list was nothing short of impressive. Lily Allen, Martha Hunt, and Derek Blasberg were among the luminaries who gathered in Calderone’s stylish sitting rooms, where a candle-lit caviar bar, carved out of ice, set the tone for an unforgettable evening.

A Feast for the Senses

Architectural Digest editor-in-chief engaged in lively conversation with interior stylist Colin King, surrounded by brutalist ice sculptures adorning the dining table. The aesthetic ethos for the evening, as shared by Calderone, centered on water as a design material. This unconventional approach aimed to capture the elusive beauty of water in all its forms, creating an interactive space that immersed guests in the art of water.

Culinary Delights by Chef Buddha Lo

Chef Buddha Lo curated a four-course meal that reflected the theme of the evening. From scallops and caviar presented amid dry ice to a sophisticated twist on the classic club sandwich with chicken en-croute, the culinary experience was nothing short of exceptional. The inspiration drawn from Saratoga Springs added a unique touch to the meal.

Emotional Highlights

The night reached an emotional pinnacle when writer Cleo Wade, inspired by her new book "Remember Love," shared a poignant poem titled "That Sounds Great." The piece, partly inspired by Wade’s young daughter, added a heartfelt dimension to the evening.

Melting Ice and Lasting Memories

Army of Melting Ice Sculptures – Fubiz Media

As the dinner progressed and the ice sculptures slowly melted into the tablecloth, guests continued to socialize. The evening concluded with a thoughtful parting gift—a custom Saratoga bottle for each guest, encouraging them to "test the waters" even after leaving Calderone’s captivating TriBeCa apartment.

In essence, "With a Candlelit Dinner, Athena Calderone Welcomed Guests to Her New TriBeCa Apartment" became more than an event; it was a celebration of design, culinary artistry, and meaningful connections.

Culinary Alchemy and Emotional Peaks: Unveiling the Saratoga Supper Club at Athena Calderone’s TriBeCa Abode

Where is Athena Calderone now?

In her quest for a design refresh, Athena Calderone, renowned for her understated Brooklyn interiors, has made a significant move to Manhattan. Despite the financial challenges faced during the renovation of her iconic townhouse, Calderone has successfully established herself in the world of interiors. Now, her creative journey unfolds in her new residence in TriBeCa, as captured by Clement Pascal for The New York Times.

Did a Calderone townhouse become the centerpiece of EyeSwoon’s ‘Live Beautiful’ book?

In a viral 2018 Architectural Digest article, a Calderone townhouse took center stage, becoming the focal point of EyeSwoon and Ms. Calderone’s second book, "Live Beautiful." This visually rich publication showcases decadent photographs of 16 homes, including two owned by the Calderones.

Is TriBeCa a New Challenge for Jennifer Calderone?

Embarking on a new chapter, the TriBeCa apartment poses a fresh challenge for Ms. Calderone. Her adult life, a self-made embodiment of the New York dream, is now refracted through the lens of contemporary Brooklyn’s real estate fervor in the era of the multi-hyphenate lifestyle guru.

How Much Did Jennifer Calderone Sell Her Home For?

In March, Ms. Calderone finalized the sale of the residence that solidified her reputation as a tastemaker in the realm of marble-lined, neutral-toned aesthetics for modern American luxury homes. The buyer acquired the property for nearly $12 million. Originally purchased with her husband, Victor Calderone, a DJ and music producer, the townhouse had been bought for close to $4 million in 2015.

What Does Athena Calderone’s Brooklyn Townhouse Look Like?

Athena Calderone’s Brooklyn townhouse is a captivating blend of contrasting elements. The bulbous sofa stands in deliberate contrast to an angular coffee table, while the ornate details of an antique mirror harmonize with the sleek simplicity of a contemporary chandelier. Throughout the space, Calderone has curated a collection of diverse sculptural shapes, ranging from classical busts and organic carvings to furniture pieces that exude a similar sense of balanced design.

Did a Mystery Buyer Buy Athena Calderone’s Cobble Hill House?

Athena Calderone recently concluded the sale of her exquisite Cobble Hill, Brooklyn townhouse. According to reports, a mystery buyer secured the stunning property for a sum exceeding AUD$17 million. Calderone expressed the sentimental value of the home, stating, "This home held so much. Offered so much."

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