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Anya Taylor-Joy’s Vintage Shopping Destinations: From Portobello Market to Tokyo

Actress Anya Taylor-Joy’s love for vintage fashion is no secret. Just like the rest of us, she enjoys the thrill of finding unique treasures with stories to tell. From bustling London markets to the streets of Tokyo and her hometown of Los Angeles, Anya shares her passion for vintage fashion and the places she frequents. In this article, we dive into where Anya Taylor-Joy shops for vintage and how she styles these timeless pieces.

Portobello Market: A Vintage Treasure Trove

Anya Taylor-Joy

Anya’s vintage adventures often start at London’s famous Portobello Market. She weaves through its packed booths, discovering hidden gems like an incredible Victorian mourning bracelet with a lock of hair inside. She appreciates the history and karmic energy behind such pieces. As she puts it, "Everything has a story."

A Global Quest: Tokyo and Los Angeles

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Anya’s vintage escapades extend across the globe. While traveling for work in cities like Tokyo, she manages to find exceptional pieces. In Los Angeles, her hometown, she spends time combing the racks of Aralda Vintage. Known for its well-curated collection, it’s become a go-to destination for her.

Jarmusch in Japan: Unique Finds

During her time in Japan, Anya stumbled upon a remarkable boiler suit at Jarmusch. She was particularly impressed by how well it fit her. Vintage shopping for her is about the serendipity of finding pieces that resonate, even when you’re not looking for something specific.

Wearability Is Key

What sets a "maybe" apart from a "must-buy" for Anya is wearability. If a piece can instantly elevate any outfit, it’s coming home with her. She even shares an example of recently purchasing white go-go boots that she’s worn extensively because they instantly spruce up any ensemble.

The Quirkier Side

Even style icons like Anya Taylor-Joy have their quirkier moments. She admits to making some unusual vintage purchases, such as velvet vampire capes. She jokes about thinking that "today is the day for this cape," only to find it never quite fits the occasion.

Vintage Style Inspiration

Anya’s love for vintage isn’t just about acquiring unique pieces. It’s also evident in her fashion choices. She often rocks vintage Dior, Courrèges, and more. Her vintage-inspired fashion choices perfectly complement her roles, such as those in "The Queen’s Gambit" and "One Night in Soho."

Jaeger-LeCoultre: A Love for History

The Vintage Jaeger-LeCoultre Reference 2983: It

Anya Taylor-Joy’s appreciation for history extends beyond fashion. She recently partnered with Jaeger-LeCoultre, a 190-year-old watch maison, because of its rich history and the stories behind its timepieces. One of her favorites is the Calibre 101 watch, famously worn by Queen Elizabeth II at her coronation. She describes it as "both a watch and stunningly beautiful jewelry."

Vintage Finds Find You

Anya Taylor-Joy sums up her vintage shopping philosophy perfectly: "If I can put it on, and it will elevate any outfit, it’s coming home with me." It’s a reminder that the magic of vintage lies in the unexpected treasures that find their way to you.

In conclusion, Anya Taylor-Joy’s approach to vintage shopping and styling is a testament to the allure of fashion with history and character. She seamlessly blends classic vintage pieces with her own unique style, creating a fashion narrative that captivates and inspires. So, next time you’re hunting for vintage treasures, remember that it’s not just about the pieces; it’s about the stories they tell.

Remember, "Where Anya Taylor-Joy Shops For Vintage and How She Styles It" is a journey filled with history, serendipity, and a touch of quirkiness.

Anya’s Vintage Styling Secrets

Is Anya Taylor-Joy a Fashionista?

Anya Taylor-Joy, renowned for her critically acclaimed role as the stylish chess prodigy Beth Harmon in "The Queen’s Gambit," proves herself to be a fashion icon both on and off the screen. Her numerous red carpet appearances are a testament to her fashion prowess. From dazzling Met Gala gowns to bold fashion statements with vibrant hues like pink and green at events worldwide, Taylor-Joy consistently showcases her innate flair for style.

Who is Anya Josephine Taylor-Joy?

Anya Josephine Taylor-Joy, born on April 16, 1996, is a versatile actress and model. While she was born in the United States, she is well-recognized as an English actress. Her notable film roles include Thomasin in the 2015 period horror film "The Witch," Casey Cooke in the horror-thriller films "Split" (2016) and "Glass" (2019), and Lily in the 2017 black comedy thriller film "Thoroughbreds."

Is Anya Taylor-Joy in ‘The Miniaturist’?

Anya Taylor-Joy’s performance in ‘The Miniaturist’ is a treat for fans. This talented actress’s role in the series is worth watching. For more details, you can refer to ‘The Miniaturist,’ as mentioned in The Boston Globe. It’s a performance that showcases her acting prowess and is sure to captivate the audience.

Is Anya Taylor-Joy in Edgar Wright’s ‘Last Night in Soho’?

Yes, Anya Taylor-Joy is set to star in Edgar Wright’s thrilling horror film ‘Last Night in Soho.’ This exciting project was reported by The Hollywood Reporter, and filming began in London, England, on May 20. Fans of both the actress and the director can anticipate a captivating cinematic experience with Taylor-Joy’s involvement in this Edgar Wright production.

Is Anya’s Hair Real?

Anya Taylor-Joy’s hair has seen various shades, from dark brown to caramel blond and auburn. While she occasionally sports colorful wigs, she does have real hair. Despite the temporary changes in color, she consistently returns to her natural blond hair.

How did Anya Taylor-Joy Lose Weight?

Anya Taylor-Joy achieved her weight loss goals through enjoyable activities such as dancing, walking, and kickboxing. She emphasizes the significance of staying active in her daily routine, making her journey towards a healthier lifestyle both effective and enjoyable.

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