Anand Mahindra Praises Vikrant Massey’s Stellar Act in ’12th Fail’: A National Film Award Contender?

In a surprising turn of events, Anand Mahindra, the Chairman of the Mahindra Group, recently took to social media to share his profound admiration for the film ’12th Fail.’ The movie, directed by Vidhu Vinod Chopra, has not only captured the attention of cinephiles but has also earned the endorsement of the business magnate.

Mahindra’s Resounding Praise

Anand Mahindra reviews 12th Fail, says Vikrant Massey

In a detailed review on his social media account, Mahindra lauded the film’s director for impeccable casting and narrative style, emphasizing the authentic storytelling that resonates with the audience. He particularly commended the lead actor, Vikrant Massey, stating that his performance in ’12th Fail’ is deserving of a National Film Award.

"If you see only ONE film this year, make it this one. @VikrantMassey delivers a bravura performance that merits a National Film Award. He was not just acting out the character’s life, he was living it."

Mahindra’s Three Key Takeaways

  1. Compelling Plot:
  • Mahindra highlighted the film’s focus on real-life heroes, the millions of youth striving for success against extraordinary odds in one of the world’s most competitive exams.
  1. Exceptional Casting:
  • Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s casting prowess earned praise, with Mahindra acknowledging the gritty and passionate performances of the entire cast. However, he reserved special acclaim for Vikrant Massey’s portrayal.
  1. Authentic Narrative Style:
  • Mahindra emphasized the director’s reminder that great cinema revolves around great stories, asserting the superiority of simplicity and authenticity over special effects. He singled out the interview scene as a profound moment.

Vikrant Massey’s Gratitude

Vikrant Massey, overwhelmed by Anand Mahindra’s endorsement, expressed his gratitude on social media:

"Thank you Mr. Mahindra. Your appreciation for our efforts and recommendation for the film means the world to me. You’ve been an inspiration to millions through your commitment to excellence and compassion. Guess we did something right. Thank you again."

’12th Fail’ and Its Impact

The film, revolving around UPSC aspirants and drawing from real-life experiences, sheds light on the gritty struggles of millions attempting the UPSC entrance exam. Notably, it has garnered praise from various industry stalwarts, including Kamal Haasan, Sanjay Dutt, Deepika Padukone, and more.

In conclusion, Anand Mahindra’s unexpected review has thrust ’12th Fail’ into the spotlight, with Vikrant Massey’s stellar performance earning acclaim and the possibility of a National Film Award on the horizon.

**Unveiling Anand Mahindra’s Critique

Did ’12th Fail’ Get a National Film Award?

In an extensive review, business tycoon Anand Mahindra not only commended director Vidhu Vinod Chopra for impeccable casting and storytelling but also hailed Vikrant Massey’s performance, deeming it worthy of a National Film Award. Mahindra’s endorsement, emphasizing ’12th FAIL’ as a must-watch film, raises the question: Did Vikrant Massey’s exceptional portrayal secure the coveted National Film Award?

Who is Anand Mahindra?

Anand Mahindra, serving as the Chairman of the Mahindra Group, recently utilized social media to convey his appreciation for Vikrant Massey’s latest film, ’12th Fail.’ As a prominent business figure, Mahindra’s public acknowledgment sheds light on his multifaceted role as a business leader actively engaged in cultural commentary and support for the entertainment industry.

Is Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s ’12th Fail’ Worth Watching?

Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s ’12th Fail’ stands as a refreshing departure, weaving a heartwarming tale of determination and the transformative power of dreams. Vikrant Massey’s stellar performance adds a compelling layer to this inspiring narrative. Labeled a must-watch, ’12th Fail’ appeals to a broad audience, offering a cinematic experience that resonates with the essence of human perseverance and ambition.

Who Plays Manoj in ’12th Fail’?

In ’12th Fail,’ the character Manoj is convincingly portrayed by Vikrant Massey. The narrative unfolds with Manoj navigating through various low-paying jobs, including roles at a tea stall, an aata chakki, and even cleaning toilets. Vikrant Massey’s performance authentically captures the raw and unfiltered essence of Manoj’s journey, presenting a genuine and compelling portrayal in the film.

Who is Vikrant Massey?

Vikrant Massey, the versatile actor celebrated for his consistently remarkable performances, is currently enjoying acclaim for his role in the latest film, ’12th Fail.’ With a reputation for leaving a lasting impression on audiences, Massey’s portrayal in the movie has not only resonated with viewers but has also earned widespread praise from both critics and industry insiders.

Who Plays Vikrant Massey in ’12th Fail’?

Vikrant Massey takes on the titular role in the film ’12th Fail,’ sharing the screen with Medha Shankar, Anant V Joshi, Anshumaan Pushkar, and Priyanshu Chatterjee. The movie, released theatrically on October 27, 2023, garnered critical acclaim and surprised as a sleeper hit, achieving a global gross of over ₹64 crore (US$8.0 million) on a budget of ₹20 crore (US$2.5 million).

What is Vikrant Massey’s Next Film Based On?

Vikrant Massey’s upcoming film, titled ‘The Sabarmati Report,’ draws inspiration from the tragic Godhra train burning incident of 2002. Following the success of Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s ’12th Fail,’ Massey embarks on another project rooted in a real-life incident, showcasing his commitment to diverse and impactful storytelling.

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