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Alectra Rothschild: A Transcendent Triumph at Copenhagen Fashion Week 2024

Unveiling the History-Making Show

A Star Is Reborn at Copenhagen Fashion Week—Her Name Is Alectra Rothschild | Vogue

In a pre-show conversation, Alectra Rothschild, the visionary force behind Masculina, promised a show to remember—a "banger" of a cast, to be precise. True to her word, Rothschild delivered an unforgettable experience, featuring a live set by DJ g2g and playful moments, including imaginary cat-fights. This event has etched its place in history, with Rothschild quite possibly being the first openly trans woman to showcase her talent at Copenhagen Fashion Week, made possible through the esteemed New Talent program.

Breaking Boundaries: A Transcendent Collection

Transcendent. Acne Studios SS21 – Design & Culture by Ed

Rothschild’s fall 2024 lineup, named the Rebirth Carry, not only showcased her design prowess but also made a bold statement. The collection drew inspiration from the watery womb, symbolizing the completion of the story of transition as a trans woman. Rothschild explained, "Once you start actively transitioning, that’s when the rebirth comes; it’s like you cut all the bad things out and then you continue with what’s good."

Britney Spears Influence and Swashbuckling Aesthetics

Britney Spears

A notable highlight of the show was an ensemble inspired by none other than Britney Spears, who played a role in Rothschild’s previous collection as well. The designer referenced the years "2001 to 2004," channeling Britney’s iconic low-rise, slashed denim pants with a boot cut. The result was a swashbuckling look, staying true to Rothschild’s distinct aesthetic, where pirates always find a place.

The Extravagance and Versatility of Masculina

Masculina, known for skillfully draped zero-waste dresses, showcased a variety of looks that adapt to diverse body types. From thongs to denim looks, including dyed "fishnet" pairs and upcycled low-waist flares, Rothschild’s creations stand out. Noteworthy were the designer’s "bag boots," contributing to the overall extravagant vibe of the show. Michele Lamy, among others, is a known admirer of Masculina’s creations.

A Visual Tale of Transition

The shiny white floor covering, swim caps, and scuba references further emphasized the theme of rebirth. Rothschild seamlessly integrated pieces from her previous collection into this new context, creating a visual narrative of the transition journey. The designer’s keen eye for detail and symbolism was evident throughout the show.

In conclusion, Alectra Rothschild’s showcase at Copenhagen Fashion Week was nothing short of spectacular. Her commitment to inclusivity, artistic expression, and storytelling through fashion has not only left an indelible mark on the fashion world but has also paved the way for a more diverse and progressive industry.

Photo Credits: James Cochrane/ Courtesy of Alectra Rothschild

Inquiry into the Star Rebirth: Unveiling Alectra Rothschild’s Theme at Copenhagen Fashion Week

Who is Alectra Rothschild?

Alectra Rothschild, the mastermind behind MASCULINA, is a skilled tailor with a rich educational background. She honed her craft through fashion studies at Beckmans College of Design and pursued an MA in Fashion under the mentorship of Fabio Piras at Central Saint Martins. Rothschild’s commitment extends to sustainability and fashion, a journey she explored further at The Royal Danish Academy. Her diverse training and dedication to craftsmanship underscore her role as a trailblazer in the fashion industry, bringing a unique blend of skill, innovation, and sustainability to her creations.

Is Copenhagen Fashion Week ready for a new Scandi aesthetic?

COPENHAGEN — Copenhagen Fashion Week stands at a pivotal crossroads. The signature fuzzy Scandi aesthetic that has long characterized the city is in flux, with one foot gently stepping out and the other poised to embrace something fresh. Many designers share a common perspective that a significant shift is on the horizon, marking a notable departure from the established norms. The anticipation within the fashion community suggests an exciting and transformative moment for Copenhagen’s fashion landscape.

Who is Alectra from i-D & Dazed?

Alectra, initially a trained tailor, transitioned into the world of fashion with remarkable success. Renowned for her standout contributions to Copenhagen Fashion Week, Alectra has garnered recognition and accolades from reputable platforms such as i-D and Dazed. Her achievements include a feature on the prestigious Dazed100 List in 2022. Notably, Alectra was the inaugural recipient of the CPHFW NEWTALENT: One to Watch for FW23, solidifying her position as a rising star in the industry. Her impactful presence extended to a captivating performance at CPHFW SS24, presented by Viscose Journal.

Which brands are participating in Copenhagen Fashion Week ‘one to watch’?

Moreover, brands such as Martin Quad, Sloth Rousing, and MLGA have earned distinction as "One To Watch," presenting their collections through diverse formats. The exclusive Copenhagen Fashion Week NEWTALENT Showroom, backed by CIRCULOSE, serves as a platform for industry leaders to preview the offerings from these noteworthy brands. Among the participants are acclaimed alumni like Latimmier and MLGA, contributing to the dynamic and innovative landscape of Copenhagen Fashion Week.

What is Alectra Rothschild’s role in Copenhagen Fashion Week?

Alectra Rothschild has made a groundbreaking impact as possibly the first openly trans woman to showcase her designs at Copenhagen Fashion Week. This significant milestone was achieved with the support of the esteemed New Talent program. Beyond the runway, Rothschild is actively contributing to Ganni’s "Future, Talent, Fabrics" exhibition, where her unique creation for the project graced the Fashion Week runway. Her multi-faceted role not only marks a historic moment for inclusivity in the fashion world but also underscores her presence as a trailblazer in the industry.

Is Copenhagen Fashion Week big?

Considered the fifth major global fashion week, Copenhagen Fashion Week attracts prominent international press, buyers, and industry leaders. Over the course of four days, the event unfolds with a captivating array of shows, presentations, installations, and events, coinciding with the renowned trade show CIFF. The global reach of Copenhagen Fashion Week highlights its significance as a major player in the international fashion calendar, drawing attention from key players across the industry.

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