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A Decade of Glamour: Chelsea Clinton, Wes Gordon, and Emmy Rossum Celebrate Tanya Taylor’s Legacy

On Thursday evening, fashion insiders and enthusiasts gathered at Dowling’s at The Carlyle for a memorable celebration – the ten-year anniversary of Tanya Taylor’s namesake label. The event was nothing short of a fashion extravaganza, marked by high spirits, stylish attire, and nostalgic tunes.

A Swanky Affair

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The chic dining scene was transformed into a swanky lounge, where an endless flow of champagne and dirty martinis set the stage for a night to remember. DJ Nikki Kynard provided the musical backdrop, spinning hits from the ’90s and early 2000s, adding an extra layer of nostalgia to the evening.

Metallic balloons in silver and pink hues hung from the ceiling, creating a playful atmosphere. Tanya Taylor’s unique touch was a claw machine tucked in the far corner, bringing out everyone’s inner arcade enthusiast. Guests tried their luck at grabbing teddy bears, Barbie dolls, and delightful surprises from Dr. Barbara Sturm, Edie Parker, and Larroude.

A Milestone Reflection

Tanya Taylor, the creative mind behind the brand, couldn’t help but reminisce about the past ten years since she launched her label. "I’ve been getting all the feels since this morning," Taylor shared with Vogue. "Looking back at that time I first moved to New York from Toronto, and now seeing friends in the industry who are here to support and celebrate with me tonight, is just amazing."

Flagship Transformation

Across the street from the iconic hotel, Tanya Taylor recently opened her first Madison Avenue flagship store. To mark a decade of playful prints and vibrant colorways, the retail space was transformed into a museum-like showroom. It showcased archive pieces from the past ten years, taking guests on a journey through the brand’s evolution.

Stylish Guests

The attire of the evening was a testament to Tanya Taylor’s influence on the fashion world. Guests arrived at 8 pm, donning their best Tanya Taylor looks. From fringe and feathers to bold prints and autumnal hues, the fashion choices were as diverse as they were stunning.

Notable figures such as Chelsea Clinton graced the occasion, dancing the night away, while designers Wes Gordon, Brandon Maxwell, and Christopher John Rogers showed their unwavering support and mingled with industry friends. Emmy Rossum and Lameka Fox added a fun twist to the celebration by trying their hand at the claw machine.

Huma Abedin and Samantha Barry, prominent names in their respective fields, were also present and shared endless laughs, embodying the camaraderie of the evening.

A Grateful Host

Tanya Taylor’s generosity as a host was evident, as she ensured no guest left empty-handed. She gifted 240 goodie bags, each containing a hand-painted thank-you card personally crafted by Taylor. She said, "It’s such a full-circle moment. I hand-painted every single invite to my first show, and today I decided to hand-paint thank-you cards to all the people who came to support after ten years."


The celebration of a decade of Tanya Taylor’s namesake label brought together an eclectic mix of fashion enthusiasts and industry icons. Chelsea Clinton, Wes Gordon, Emmy Rossum, and others danced the night away, commemorating the brand’s remarkable journey. Tanya Taylor’s personal touch and gratitude towards her supporters added a special touch to the evening.

In a world of rapidly changing fashion trends, Tanya Taylor’s decade-long journey is a testament to her enduring creativity and the enduring appeal of her brand.

Don’t miss out on the magic that Tanya Taylor has woven over the years; the celebration was just the beginning of what promises to be a long and stylish journey.

Celebrities and Style: A Night to Remember at Tanya Taylor’s Milestone Celebration

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Who were the notable guests at the Tanya Taylor anniversary event?

The Tanya Taylor anniversary event saw a star-studded guest list, including prominent figures in the fashion industry.

Chelsea Clinton, renowned for her social and political activism, was among the distinguished attendees who danced the night away. Fashion designers Wes Gordon, Brandon Maxwell, and Christopher John Rogers were also present, showing their support and mingling with industry friends. Emmy Rossum, an accomplished actress, graced the event with her presence. The celebration was truly a gathering of influential figures celebrating a decade of Tanya Taylor’s namesake brand.

How did Chelsea Clinton, Wes Gordon, and Emmy Rossum contribute to the celebration?

Chelsea Clinton, Wes Gordon, and Emmy Rossum played a key role in making the Tanya Taylor anniversary celebration a memorable and vibrant event.

Chelsea Clinton was spotted dancing the night away, adding to the lively atmosphere of the celebration. Fashion designers Wes Gordon, Brandon Maxwell, and Christopher John Rogers actively participated in the event, showing their support and engaging with fellow industry insiders. Emmy Rossum, an accomplished actress, brought her star power to the celebration, making it an even more glamorous and star-studded affair. Their presence and active involvement contributed to the overall success of the celebration, which marked a decade of Tanya Taylor’s namesake brand.

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