26 Places To Visit In July In The World

We survive because we need an escape sometimes. When all you need to do is pack and leave, a planned getaway may elevate our spirits and refresh our thoughts. After May and June, when tourism is lower, July is simpler to travel with reasonable costs and easy booking. While not everyone can make last-minute preparations, researching about and making a list of locations to visit is helpful.

26 Places To Visit In July In The World

If you are wondering that where to go in July then this list has the best places to visit in July in the world in 2023  details the places that you surely cannot miss to beat the July heat and take home more than just memories! Check out the best places to visit in the world in the month of July.

  • Seychelles: A Refreshing Escapade
  • Germany: Beers And More Beers
  • Mexico: Put On The Mexican Fervour
  • France: A Mix Of Everything Jolly
  • Indonesia:  You Cannot Ignore Bali
  • Spain:  Imbibe Spanish Culture
  • Canada:  A Visit To Wonderland
  • Greece:  Head To Beach Bars
  • Greenland:  The Other Side Of Green
  • Iceland:  Get Cozy In A Unique Way
  • Switzerland:  Beauty Of Swiss Alps
  • Turkey:  Do It Like Turkish
  • Denver: For The Best Summer Break
  • Delft: For The Most Positive Vibes
  • Atlantic City: For The Love Of Beaches
  • Bar Harbor: For Cozy Nights
  • Copenhagen: A Glittery Experience
  • Devon: For Adventurous Activities
  • Dublin: An Irish Escapade
  • Florence: The Home Of Artists
  • Ghent: From Belgium With Love
  • Nairobi: The Best Of Kenya
  • Burlington: For Sweet Lovers
  • Jackson Hole: Natural Wonderland
  • Minneapolis: Aquatennial Festival
  • Nags Head: Gorgeous Landscapes

1. Seychelles: A Refreshing Escapade


Why Seychelles? Well, why not? Despite being one of the best honeymoon places in the world, this country in East Africa is an archipelago of more than 100 islands! If you wish to spend your holiday in tree houses viewing the ocean, North Island in Seychelles is the place to be! Also having a renowned World Heritage Site like Vallée de Mai Nature Reserve, you’ll know why this one tops the list of best places to visit in July in the world once you visit!

Places to eat: Le Repaire, La Goulue, Traders Vic’s
Where to stay: Carana Hilltop Villa, Hilton, Four Seasons
How to reach: Seychelles international airport
Tourist attractions: La Digue, Anse Lazio, Curieuse, Vallee De Mai
Things to do: Seychelles in July offers breathtaking scenery, national parks, and tranquil beaches.
Languages spoken: French, Seselwa, English
Currencies used:  Seychellois rupee

2. Germany: Beers And More Beers


One of the famous things that Germany is known for is its beer and while you may visit any time of the year, July will give you more reasons due to its lit beer gardens. Be sure to check out their flea markets when you’re in Berlin and the charming festivals happening around the country are surely hard to miss during this time of the year. Be it hiking in the forests or exploring the Disney castle in what is surely one of the best places to visit during summer in the world , you’ll keep coming back for more!

Places to eat: Marjellchen, Atelier Gourmet, Zur Haxe
Where to stay: Holiday Inn, Radisson Blu, Mercure hotel
How to reach: Berlin airport is the nearest airport
Tourist attractions: Munich, Berlin, Frankfurt, Cologne
Things to do:  You can also spot the locals relaxing in the parks on a nice sunny day for picnics with their friends and family.
Languages spoken:  German
Currencies used:  Euro

3. Mexico: Put On The Mexican Fervour


If you are wondering where to go in July then visit here. Certainly one of the best places to visit in July around the world because Mexico has many areas and places to discover beyond its beautiful beaches. The Whale Shark Festival and Mayan ruins on the Yucatan Peninsula are popular with history enthusiasts. Mexico City features museums and active volcanoes.

Places to eat: Mexique, Punto MX, Casa Enrique
Where to stay: Hotel Aguila, Hotel Marmil, Hotel Xcaret
How to reach: Benito Juarez International Airport is closest.
Tourist attractions: Coba, El Castillo, Xcaret park
Things to do:  Experiencing the most exotic salsa dance performances in the capital and drinking with your fellas is one of the things you must try in Mexico.
Languages spoken:  Spanish
Currencies used:  Mexican peso

4. France: A Mix Of Everything Jolly

Sunset City At Night

The Eiffel Tower is a must-see on any trip to France, but reserving early is advised owing to rising airfares and accommodation rates. Water babies can relax in Corsica and Sardinia. best places to visit in July around the world .

Places to eat: Patchanka, Mudito, Comice
Where to stay: The Negresco, Radisson Blu, Novotel
How to reach: Charles De Gaulle is the nearest airport
Tourist attractions: Paris, Nice, French Riviera
Things to do:  You can spend your day soaking in the blissful cheese ambiance and wineries in Provence or simply enjoy the parade if you’re visiting around mid-July as the independence day parade in France is a must-watch for all its fireworks and chirpy crowd!
Languages spoken:  French
Currencies used:  Euro, CFP Franc

5. Indonesia: You Cannot Ignore Bali


Any amount of time spent in Indonesia doesn’t feel enough to the tourists traveling to this popular destination every year. Be it Bali or any other place in this country, reasonable rates of hotels and all services around the place makes it one of the best places to visit in July around the world for your budget holiday. With thousands of islands here, it becomes really tough to choose but Bali, of all these places, is surely not to be missed! A visit to explore the renowned art and kite festivals along with other activities like scuba diving, jet skiing, surfing and boat cruises are one of the top things you can enjoy here! You’ll never run out of reasons to tell you why Indonesia is among the best places to travel in July on a budget .

Places to eat: Potato Head Beach Club, Flapjaks, Warung Laota Tuban
Where to stay: Senetan villas & spa, Halaman Depan hotel,
How to reach: Ngurah Rai is the nearest airport
Tourist attractions: Bali, Kuta, Ubud
Things to do:  You can swim or sightsee.
Languages spoken:  Indonesian
Currencies used:  Indonesian rupiah

6. Spain: Imbibe Spanish Culture

Beautiful place

As compared to other countries in Europe, Spain can have less strain on your pocket and with so many cities like Ibiza, Barcelona, Madrid, and the Canaries, you’ll be spoilt for choice! Be it shopping for the exclusive curios or dancing your night away with their famous nightclubs, you’ll have to keep up with the vibrant energy of the locals. A place that never lets you down, it is one of the best places to visit in July in Europe even if its just about trying their cuisines to strike that off your list! This is certainly one of the best places to visit in July in the world .

Places to eat: El Celler De Can Roca, RAO restaurant, Azurmendi
Where to stay: Casa Gracia, Soho Boutique, La Puerta De Palacio
How to reach: Valencia airport is the nearest airport
Tourist attractions: Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, Granada
Things to do: Spain will provide you the finest holiday, whether you want to buy, sightsee, or party.
Languages spoken:  Spanish
Currencies used:  Euro

7. Canada: A Visit To Wonderland


The best time to visit Canada is surely around July since winters in Canada are not something everyone can handle. Mesmerizing mountain peaks and enchanting forests display the nature’s truest and raw form to capture some of the amazing moments on your trip here. Vancouver Island and Newfoundland in Canada are some of the islands that you must visit in Canada for soaking in the best of kayaking vibes around the place. You can also indulge in exciting things to do in Vancouver. The reason you must visit this place around July is mainly because of the Niagara falls which are an absolute beauty to watch! You decide whether it is one of the best countries to visit in July .

Places to eat: Five sails, Raymonds restaurant, George restaurant
Where to stay: Delta hotels, Marriott, Riviera plaza
How to reach: Toronto Pearson is the nearest airport
Tourist attractions: Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal
Things to do:  Visit Canada’s most beautiful and quiet spots.
Languages spoken:  French, English
Currencies used:  Canadian dollar

8. Greece: Head To Beach Bars


If you wish to learn about Greek mythology and soak in the most scenic beaches at the same time, this is the place of your dreams. Planning a vacation here is not going to burn a hole in your pocket and surely provide with an experience of a lifetime with so many beach bars to choose from. Be it Naxos or Athens city, stay assured that wine tasting and exploring the brilliant architecture here is surely something you wouldn’t have experienced before. Riding horses amid the majestic dunes or cool breeze splashing across your face on a kiteboard will create memories of a lifetime on your next dreamy vacay! Are you ready?

Places to eat: Tudor hall, Lithos, Funky Gourmet
Where to stay: Alexander beach, Santorini princess, Dorian inn
How to reach: Athens International Airport is closest.
Tourist attractions: Athens, Santorini, Mykonos
Things to do:  Greece offers everything from horseback riding to kiteboarding.
Languages spoken:  Greek
Currencies used:  Euro

9. Greenland: The Other Side Of Green

Snow and Dogs

Ever visited the Arctic circle? Well, Greenland is just the perfect place for a boat trip crossing various icebergs and having a refreshing encounter with the whales, walruses, and the like. While you’re still thinking about places to visit in July in the world, soaking in the summer months when Greenland has longer days, your holiday will have a unique charm to it. Dog sledding, backpacking, hiking, and kayaking are some of the popular things to do in Greenland which you can try with your family. But, if you’re in the mood for just relaxing with your partner in this enchanting snow-covered land, visiting the island around like Disko Island can be a good option for quiet time as well. This is one of the best countries to visit in July .

Places to eat: Restaurant Roklubben, Inuit cafe
Where to stay: Hotel Arctic, Inuk hostels, Nuka hostel
How to reach: Mittarfik Nuuk is the nearest airport
Tourist attractions: Ilulissat, Nuuk, Disko Bugt
Things to do: The place is known for its adventurous expeditions
Languages spoken:  Greenlandic
Currencies used:  Danish krone

10. Iceland: Get Cozy In A Unique Way


A warm Iceland with vast lush greenery and scintillating northern lights is what many have only dreamt of. So, if the travel bug in you feels enticed with just the thought of it, we recommend you must give this a try! The glacier lagoons and gigantic volcanoes will let you unwind and have a blissful retreat like you haven’t experienced before. Though it will be costlier to travel and explore this place, it still feels worth every single penny to stay amidst nature’s paradise. The capital city of Reykjavik has some good news for all the foodies and while you visit Iceland, savoring some of the cuisines with fresh fish and lamb is a must-try for all! Still not sure  where to go in July?  Read on, there are many more places in the list.

Places to eat: Fiskfelagid, Grillid, Tapas Barinn
Where to stay: Frost & Fire boutique hotel, Reykjavik residence
How to reach: Keflavik International Airport is closest.
Tourist attractions: Blue lagoon, Pingvellir, Jokulsarlon
Things to do:  Iceland has many intriguing attractions, from glacier lakes to volcanoes.
Languages spoken:  Icelandic
Currencies used:  Icelandic króna

11. Switzerland: Beauty Of Swiss Alps

Public wifi in Switzerland

Switzerland balances nature, adventure, love, and calm with spectacular snowy Alps, tumbling waterfalls, dazzling glaciers, picturesque valleys, and cattle-strewn green pastures. Hiking in Switzerland is one of several exciting activities visitors may enjoy in Switzerland. Switzerland, one of Europe’s most attractive countries, best places to visit in June & July in the world due to its natural beauty, year-round good weather, and nice people. It provides everything for a memorable summer holiday.

Places to eat: Cheval Blanc, Hotel De Ville, Haus Hiltl
Where to stay: Swiss-Chalet lodge, Hotel Dell’Angelo, Davos Inn
How to reach: Zurich airport is the nearest airport
Tourist attractions: Zurich, Lucerne, Zermatt, Geneva
Things to do:  There are numerous interesting things to do in Switzerland. Whether you are interested in adventurous expeditions or seeking a refreshing break, Switzerland won’t disappoint you
Languages spoken:  French, German, Italian
Currencies used:  Swiss franc

12. Turkey: Do It Like Turkish

things to do in turkey

Turkey is a popular tourist destination due to its unusual European-Islamic culture. The best. best countries to visit in July . This area has everything to make you want to stay forever: souks and marketplaces, lovely natural features, tiny rivers, balloon-studded skies of Cappadocia, labyrinthine subterranean towns, caverns, and ravines, and majestic Islamic grandeur like the Hagia Sofia. one of best places to visit in July around the world , Turkey has something for every kind of traveler, be it an adventure enthusiast, a honeymoon couple, or a peace seeker. There’s no way you won’t be smitten by Turkey’s rugged yet graceful landscapes.

Places to eat: Sans, Seasons, Gurkan Sef Steakhouse
Where to stay: Arka hotels, Artemis Princess hotel, Side Premium
How to reach: Istanbul airport is the nearest airport
Tourist attractions: Istanbul, Antalya, Pamukkale, Cappadocia
Things to do:  Tour Turkey’s stunning splendor.
Languages spoken:  Turkish
Currencies used:  Turkish lira

13. Denver: For The Best Summer Break

Denver, Colorado, is one of those best places to travel in July where summers don’t feel like summers but in fact it is a good time to explore it. The reason being lack of any humidity in the air. So, take a plunge into the beauty of the city and have the most refreshing experience. This is undoubtedly one of the top places to visit in July in the world . Craft beer, paddle boating in Washington park, and hiking in the Rocky Mountains are great activities there.

Places to eat: India’s restaurant, The Capital Grille, Denver biscuit company
Where to stay: Courtyard by Marriott, Hyatt house, Crowne plaza
How to reach: Denver International Airport is closest.
Tourist attractions: Denver zoo, art museum, botanic gardens
Things to do:  Capture a city’s revitalizing mood in gorgeous settings.
Languages spoken:  English and Spanish
Currencies used:  US Dollar

14. Delft: For The Most Positive Vibes

This is one of the great places to visit in July in the world for an artist. Johannes Vermeer lived in the Netherlands city. Sunbathe at its park. July in the city is full with pleasure.

Places to eat: Stads-Koffyhuis, Restaurant Het Vermeertje Delft, Le Vieux Jean
Where to stay: Campanile, Hotel Leeuwenbrug, Hotel Royal Bridges
How to reach: Rotterdam the Hague airport is the nearest airport
Tourist attractions: Vermeer Centrum, Nieuwe Church, Museum Prinsenhof Delft
Things to do:  As the place is known for its art, you can take a tour to witness the master pieces of eminent artists.
Languages spoken:  English and German
Currencies used:  Euro

15. Atlantic City: For The Love Of Beaches

Atlantic City

In July, its large beach is a great spot to fly. Sports in the Atlantic are exhilarating. The beach has vendors, restaurants, and walking spaces. Catch a game and enjoy the best vacation ever. Among the best places to visit in July in world .

Places to eat: Carmine’s Italian restaurant, Kelsey’s, Dock’s Oyster house
Where to stay: Hard Rock hotel, Caesars hotel, Harrah’s resort
How to reach: Atlantic City International Airport is closest.
Tourist attractions: Borgata, Steel Pier, Atlantic city boardwalk
Things to do: You can indulge in water sports adventures here
Languages spoken:  English, Spanish, French
Currencies used:  US Dollar

16. Bar Harbor: For Cozy Nights

Bar Harbor

Summers at Bar Harbor are cozy. One of the best places to visit in July outside India . Fresh waterways, magical woods, and vegetation make it enjoyable. Swim or stroll in the woods. Acadia National Park is notable for showing city animals. The city’s historic lighthouses are also notable. Consider this for your best list places to visit in July in the world .

Places to eat: 2 Cats bar Harbor, Havana, Side Street Cafe
Where to stay: Downtown Acadia hotel, Mount Desert Inn, Bar Harbor Inn & Spa
How to reach: Bangor International Airport is closest.
Tourist attractions: Jordan Pond, Acadia, Cadillac Mountain
Things to do:  Besides Bar Harbor’s famous attractions, you may hike here.
Languages spoken:  English
Currencies used:  US Dollar

17. Copenhagen: A Glittery Experience


Thinking where to travel in July ? Copenhagen is ideal for nirvana-seekers. Street activity, festivals, and glittering nightlife define the city. Get a bike and explore this beautiful town’s flamboyance. Relax with a drink at a café. One of the best places to travel in July in the world.

Places to eat: Geranium, Trattoria, Restaurant Marv & Ben
Where to stay: Copenhagen Marriott, Radisson Blu, Copenhagen Admiral airport
How to reach: Kastrup airport is the nearest airport
Tourist attractions: Tivoli Gardens, The Little Mermaid, Amalienborg
Things to do:  Indulge in scrumptious delicacies while capturing the true vibe of this beautiful city on your sightseeing tour
Languages spoken:  Danish
Currencies used:  Danish Krone

18. Devon: For Adventurous Activities


Let’s turn the map a little and focus on England for places to visit in July in the world . Devon is a little town in England that is known for its beaches and typical countryside British lifestyle. You can enjoy kayaking, canoeing and more in the county. Also known for its cliffs, it will give you a refreshing holiday experience. You can go for activities like horse-riding. For those wondering  where to go in July?  this place in England is absolutely gorgeous.

Places to eat: Memories Bistro, Old Vienna, Masons Arms
Where to stay: The Devon, Bovey castle, Langstone Cliffs hotel
How to reach: Exeter airport is the nearest airport
Tourist attractions: Dartmoor national park, Jurassic Coast, Exeter
Things to do:  Adventurers will enjoy water sports here.
Languages spoken:  Polish, Arabic
Currencies used:  Totnes pound

19. Dublin: An Irish Escapade

Powesrcourt house and gardens

Dublin enhances Ireland’s attractiveness. City magic begins in July. Dubliners go to Gaelic games, street music, and verdant gardens. Pub hopping and Irish culture await thereafter. One of the best places to travel in July in the world.

Places to eat: Chapter One, Dax, Etto restaurants
Where to stay: Dublin Central Inn, Dublin Skylon, Royal Marine hotel
How to reach: Dublin airport is the nearest airport
Tourist attractions: Dublin Castle, Temple Bar, Phoenix park
Things to do:  If you don’t want to miss out the scenic beauty of Dublin then you must surely head to the popular sites here. You can also indulge in numerous adventures and games offered at various locations
Languages spoken:  English
Currencies used:  British Pound

20. Florence: The Home Of Artists

Florence city view

Florence has played a very important role in the English literature. It is home to some of the most classic writers of all time and a great place to explore. Especially for those who have an interest in history and literature. You will find structures that speak of Dante’s theories, and some of them have been used in famous hollywood movies. It also offers scenic beauty that will allure you more. This is certainly among the best places to visit in July outside India .

Places to eat: La Buchetta wine and cuisine, La Bottega Del Buon café, Ristorante II Ricettario
Where to stay: Florence, Grand Hotel Cavour, Machiavelli Palace.
How to reach: Peretola is the nearest airport
Tourist attractions: Palazzo Vecchio, Uffizi Gallery, Ponte Vecchio
Things to do:  Take a sightseeing tour and don’t forget to add the iconic churches
Languages spoken:  Italian
Currencies used:  Euro

21. Ghent: From Belgium With Love


Still confused about places to visit in July in the world ? Belgium’s Ghent is beautiful in July. Amazing historical structures are here. Ghent is for those who prefer bustling streets and verdant gardens. You’ll also adore the town’s atmosphere, particularly the restaurant patios.

Places to eat: Maison Elza, Vrijmoed, ‘T Klaverblad
Where to stay: Ghent Marriott, Ghent river hotel, Hotel Del Flandre
How to reach : Brussels national airport is the nearest airport
Tourist attractions: Gravensteen, Saint Bavo’s Cathedral, Het Belfort Van Gent
Things to do:  Ghent has many stunning sites, so take a tour.
Languages spoken:  Dutch
Currencies used:  Euro

22. Nairobi: The Best Of Kenya


One of the best countries to visit in July Nairobi’s charm. The weather is ideal for a trip. Its remoteness adds to its attractiveness. Its national parks will teach you adventure. Hiking, trekking, and safari rides may boost your adrenaline like never before. No doubt best countries to visit in July 2023 .

Places to eat: About Thyme, Carnivore Kenya, Talisman
Where to stay: Hilton Nairobi, transit lounge, Hill park hotels
How to reach: Jomo Kenyatta is the nearest airport
Tourist attractions: Giraffe center, Karen Blixen museum, Nairobi national park
Things to do:  Take a wild safari, visit museums
Languages spoken:  Swahili, English
Currencies used:  Kenyan Shilling

23. Burlington: For Sweet Lovers

couple shopping in london

Burlington is another beautiful destination to be explored in the month of July. The place is known for its delicious ice creams giving you a refreshing break from the scorching heat on your vacation. You can also take an ice cream factory tour and check out how the iconic ice creams of the world are made.

Places to eat: American Flatbread Burlington Hearth, Hen of the Wood, Penny Cluse Cafe
Where to stay: Quality Inn Colchester, Hilton Burlington Lake Champlain. Lang Home
How to reach: 191 meters, 3 minutes to Burlington Go Station. 334 meters, 5 minutes to Fairview At De Pauls Lane.
Tourist attractions: ECHO, Waterfront Park, Ethan Allen Homestead Museum, Lake Champlain Chocolates Factory
Things To Do: Visit gardens, art galleries, and piers.
Languages Spoken: French
Currencies Used: US Dollar

24. Jackson Hole: Natural Wonderland 

wyoming in USA

Jackson Hole in Wyoming is believed to be a natural wonderland offering the best summer break. The weather is sunny during day time when you can plan your sightseeing tours followed by an evening at interesting cafes and clubs. The place is known to be an exciting hub of trekkers and adventurers and you can take any of the popular trails for the best experience.

Places to eat: The Restaurant At White Buffalo Club, Bubba’s Bar-B-Que Restaurant, Liberty Burger
Where to stay: Snow King Resort, Hotel Jackson, Jackson Hole Lodge
How to reach: Getting to Jackson Hole by air is easy. Teton Village is a quick shuttle from Jackson Hole’s large commercial airport. Jackson Hole airport is served from most major U.S. airports.
Tourist attractions: Snow King Mountain Resort, Jackson Town Square, Jackson Hole & Greater
Things To Do: Stay at Snow King Mountain’s picturesque resort, take excursions, and visit famous museums.
Languages Spoken: English
Currencies Used: US dollar

25. Minneapolis: Aquatennial Festival


Minneapolis gives you a double dose of entertainment in the month of July. The month is known for the Aquatennial Festival and a massive celebration is organized throughout the city. The festival includes music, international films, stunning fireworks, energetic parades, and much more. You can also plan a visit to Sculpture Garden to glance at the rare collections.

Places to eat: Spoon and Stable, Alma, The Bachelor Farmer
Where to stay: 300 Clifton, Minneapolis International Hostel, Holiday Inn Express And Suites
How to reach: Light-rail transit (LRT) connects downtown Minneapolis with the airport, you can board it.
Tourist attractions: Minnehaha Falls, Nickelodeon Universe, Minneapolis Sculpture Garden
Things To Do: Visit art museums, swim in waterfalls, and browse the sculpture garden.
Languages Spoken: English
Currencies Used: US dollar

26. Nags Head: Gorgeous Landscapes


Nags Head is a popular beach town that is located on the Outer Banks of North Carolina and is a perfect getaway for people looking for a refreshing break. It is home to gorgeous landscapes where you can plan a stay with your friends by paying a very nominal price.

Places to eat: Miller’s Waterfront Restaurant, The Dunes Restaurant, Owen’s Restaurant
Where to stay: Holiday Inn Express, Ramada Plaza, Colonial Inn
How to reach: US 158—the Beach Bypass—connects Nags Head to the north.
Tourist attractions: Jockey’s Ridge State Park, Bodie Island, Nags Head Woods, Dowdy Park
Things To Do: Walk in Ridge State Park, Dowdy Park, or Bodie Island.
Languages Spoken: English
Currencies Used: USD

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    In July, visit Ladakh, Uttarakhand, Spiti, Dharamshala, Amarnath, Rajasthan, Kerala, Kodaikanal, Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh, Lonavala, Panchgani, Shillong, Kashmir, Goa, Coorg, Ooty, Meghalaya, Madhya Pradesh, Shimoga, Darjeeling, Diu, Assam, Pahalgam, and Lakshadweep.

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  • Is Goa good to visit in July?

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  • Is July a good time to travel?

    The US travels most in July. The weather is warm and pleasant in most places, giving it a great time to explore beaches, national parks, and other outdoor attractions.

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